Top 5 Things about Italy to Know Before You Go

Italy, the land of dreams, a treasure of alluring landscapes and plenty of eye-catching attractions is a lively and exotic tourist destination that has been stealing the hearts of the people from last many decades. Situated in the southern region of Europe, Italy boasts a serene culture and ancient civilization that makes it a wonderful destination to be at. Home to a large number of iconic landmarks and wonderful sights, it has always been a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world.

With a plenty of things to see, places to visit and spots to explore; Italy is a bundle of joy that entertains all its visitors. Though the warm culture and friendly people make the stay in Italy a memorable experience, but a few things and aspects even affect the vacation. There are certain things that need to be taken care while being in Italy, below is the list that shall be referred to, before planning a trip.

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  1. Tipping is prohibited: Italian cuisine is known to be one of the most amazing and unique experiences in the world. While dining or having a meal at any of the restaurants in Italy, it is advised not to tip the waiters or the bartenders as it is considered to be offensive. The rule shall be followed in each and every restaurant so as to save oneself from going behind the bars.

  2. Be careful with the gestures: Each nation has its own language and culture and thus the meaning of the gestures and actions are also different. Knowing about them is important as using wrong gestures and imitating them publicly could put one in trouble. A local guide can be hired to help exploring the places and understand the language of the people so that a high amount of fine is not paid in lieu of the offense.

  3. Cover shoulders and knees before going to a church: Italy has a treasure of a large number of churches and a major part of the itinerary of the tourists visiting it. A visit to the churches with open shoulders, dresses above the knees and midriffs is not advisable at all. These places are meant for worship and are high in religious importance, so following some guidelines is a must. There are strict dress codes in certain parts of the country.

  4. Never touch a product without permission: The markets of Italy serve various things and items that are attractive and unique. A visit to them makes one witness and delve into the culture of the country. While taking a stroll through the markets, the visitors are not allowed to touch the products without any permission of the seller. Special care shall be given to the grocery items, which can only be touched by wearing the plastic gloves.

  5. Avoid plastic money, Use cash: Many shops, restaurants and places do not accept payments through credit cards and debit cards. Keeping cash is a necessity during a visit to Italy as the shortage of ATMs and extra charges on withdrawal are the drawbacks that have to be faced. Showing extra notes for a cup of coffee, can put one in trouble and charged for tipping. Cash should be kept handy for avoiding uncertain situations.

Though these are the basic things, more can be learned, found and known by booking a cheap flight to Italy.

Top 5 Mistakes Tourists Make in Italy

Italy, a beautiful country in the Europe with a long Mediterranean coastline happens to be one of the most diverse and wonderful tourist destinations in the world. Known for its western influenced civilizations, iconic architectures and exotic cuisines, it is a wonderful place that has been on the list of many frequent travelers. Home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy is one of the ancient countries with a wide range of eye-catching attractions and spots that captivate the eyes of all its visitors.

Every year, many travelers take a trip to this wonderland to explore its hidden vistas and make magical memories, but most of them are unaware about the basic things/rules to be followed during the trip and commit mistakes instead. If you too are planning to visit Italy now or in the near future, take a look at the mistakes that the tourists make here.

  1. Over packing:

    Streets in Italy

    Flying to Italy for an excursion is interesting activity and most people take a lot of luggage along with this excitement. Walking on the cobblestone streets with the over packed luggage is a difficult task unless you get an accommodation at a good place. Visitors usually search for stays after reaching the place instead of booking in advance, for which they have to face a lot of troubles. So, pack carefully to avoid any kind of hassle.

  2. Not carrying cash:

    Carry Cash

    Credit cards and Debit cards might be a boon many times, but hard cash has its own importance as well. Another mistake that the tourists in Italy make is not carrying cash and relying on the cards and cheques instead. Most places in Italy do not accept cards and withdrawing cash from the ATM can incur extra charges. Taking cash with yourself can save you from getting into some awkward situation.

  3. Negligence for tickets while traveling in local transport:

    Buses in Italy

    It is observed that the excitement of sightseeing and traveling in the local trains often makes the visitors forget to the buy the ticket. Unlike other countries, a ticket has to be bought before boarding the bus, not from the driver or the tram conductor after hopping on the bus. Keep this thing in always mind or else get ready to pay the fine. Once you buy the ticket, it is valid till you use them.

  4. Wasting time in long queues:

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    Nobody likes standing in long queues for the ticket of a museum, concert hall or any attractive spot. But tourists in Italy usually spend their time in the long queues, despite knowing the fact that they can actually book the tickets online in advance. Half of the fun of the trip goes down when the time gets wasted and thus the joy of exploring that spot also gets spoiled. So, the next time you go to Italy, don’t commit the same mistake.

  5. Tipping Unnecessarily:

    No Tip

    Giving a tip to the serving person in a restaurant, bar or café might be a sign of courtesy for you, but doing so in Italy can put in some real trouble. While dining or having a coffee at a restaurant, never ever tip the bartender or the waiter for you may be put in the jail as well. It is taken offensively and is highly avoided so keep your hands under control or get behind the bars.

No matter how strict or weird the laws may be, a trip to Italy is always a wonderful experience. Book a flight to Italy and make the most of your vacation.

The Hidden Gems of Italy

Italy has been among the famous and on the top list of destinations of travelers, especially in Europe. The long Mediterranean coastline, Italian culture, existence of the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 3,000 museums make it an amazing place to be at. It is being addressed as Bel Paese, which means a beautiful country in the Italian language. There are many more reasons that make Italy a different and remarkable country in the world. One of those is, the hidden gems that add shine to the grace of this place. You may have visited the popular spots in Italy, such as The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. But do you know there are some hidden spots too, that aren’t much famous but play a special role in making Italy all the more beautiful. Here is the list of the spots that you should visit the next time you are in Italy:

  1. Aeolian Islands: The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily, which has been named after the demigod of the winds Aeolus. Located at a place away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, the island happens to be a perfect spot for spending a relaxing and laid-back vacation. You could even enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling while being here.
  2. Aeolian Islands

  3. Bologna: Bologna is the lively, historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy, which is also known as the “Food Capital” of the country. Home of many medieval age structures, cafes and food places; it is a wonderful spot to spend a joyful vacation. This historical city has a treasure of places and things to do that will make you wonder in joy.
  4. Bologna

  5. Cinque Terre: Located in the Liguria region of Italy, Cinque Terre means five lands. It is a series of centuries-old villages on the coast side that looks like an artist’s amazing scenery. These coastal villages are surrounded by a sea with turquoise waters. The colorful houses, ancient vineyards and steep terraces are a view that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
  6. Cinque Terre

  7. Lake District: The Lake District in Italy is one such destination that can only be imagined by a painter and a writer. Garda, Como and Maggiore are the lakes that combine together to form this Lake District. The breathtaking views of this place is going to steal your heart away and leave you awestruck. Do visit this astonishing spot while you are on a trip to Italy.
  8. Lake District

  9. Perugia: Perugia is the capital city of Umbria in Central Italy, which is made up of hilltops and valleys, spread all over the region. It is famous majorly for its chocolate production plant which provides delicious Baci chocolates. This hidden destination has a lot of things to explore and enjoy. Perugia Cathedral, Topino, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria are the top places that shall be visited while being here.
  10. Perugia

The common sights of Italy are usually discovered by almost all the tourists from the world. So, what about taking a cheap flight to Italy and visiting these unexplored places? Plan a trip to Italy soon by booking a flight to Italy with Travelation and grab some amazing offers.