Fresh Nomad – A Weekend in London

London, a beautiful destination known to be the heart of the British Empire as well as home of one of the most promising cityscapes, historical collection and bewitching range of architectural marvels on earth is somewhat most people found a great place to enjoy a weekend with their families and friends. Despite being rumored of being an expensive destination, people always find a way to get cheap flights to London and explore the breathtaking range of historical, cultural, artistic and contemporary elements this wonderful conurbation has to offer. A prominent weekend getaway option these days, London has been attracting thousands of tourists every month lately, those who wish to have a cozy time of 3 days during the weekend in the British capital. So, if you too have been feeling the urge of being there in near future, here we are with an ideal itinerary that will give you the best experience of spending a weekend in London:


Day 1

The first day of your weekend is the most likely to be a crucial day as you step out of from your flights to London, as there is a lot catch up in a short period. Once you dump your luggage at the room you are staying, you can either chose to sit and relax, or go out and discover the utmost beauty of this spectacular British capital. If you have some energy left after long transatlantic flights to London, you can explore the key attractions starting from London Eye and advancing to Westminster Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Mall, Oxford Street, Admiralty Arch, Buckingham Palace and more whilst stopping by at Chinatown London to enjoy a soothing spell of shopping and conclude your day with a picturesque sight of London’s skyline from the Tower Bridge which is a prominent attraction to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere whilst standing above the Thames River.

When it comes to go and feed yourself, you will come across a bundle of restaurants and food joints around this part of London that serve the finest international and British cuisines available as both dine-in and as a take away. As far as the nightlife is concerned, there are a big number of bars and restaurants at Westminster Road and around that will give you a memorable experience of the nightlife scene in London and serve the finest quality of gourmet as well as potations to the guests. If you have been thinking to keep your budget within your limits, it is advised to select a less fancy restaurant; as this part of London is considered to be a high-profile district and can cost you a fortune for a ravishing dining experience in London. Once you are done with the food and partying in London, head back to your hotel room and sleep tight to get reenergized and catching up as much as possible in the fascinating city of London.

Day 2

The second day of the weekend in London is the finest experience of your life as you are super charged and well-versed with the weather conditions as well as local transportation of London. Draw a chart of exploring a particular region and prepare yourself to explore the second batch of London’s most promising attractions like Tower of London, The Monument of Great Fire of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Golden Hinde, The Shard, Paternoster Square, Ben’s City, National Firefighter Memorial, Duke and Duchess, City of London Distillery, College of Arms, Museum of London, Postman’s Park and many more sites that have been covering this part of the London and offering an enigmatic experience of discovering the rich heritage and lifestyle of London.

As you probably be concluding your second day in London, there will be a wide range of things that you might miss while strolling down the Bohemian streets of London. Things like outdoor cinemas, Secret Cinemas, skyline views from observatory deck, picnic at Hyde Park and many more activities will be a refreshing experience to feel the lifestyle scene of London up close and understand the daily affairs of locals that have been keeping them charged. While you are in this region of London, finding a budget restaurant or pocket-friendly shopping can be a hassle as there are a limited number of fine dining places and markets across the city. Visit to the New Change region that is one of the finest and indulging places in this part of London to have a gourmet and nightlife enjoyment.

Day 3

As you can guess, the third day of your weekend trip is the most important day of your trip as you need to be précised on everything and keep up with a tight schedule to visit as many places as possible, collect your luggage from the hotel and head to the airport in time to check-in and fly back home. In case, you have a flight that depart from London in the night, then you might have a lot of time to explore many more places and explore a completely different region of London and pay a visit to British Museum, Cutty Sark, Covent Garden, Greenwich Meridian Lines, National Maritime Museum, Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, Bloomsbury Walks, Old Bloomsbury Region, Pompeii & Herculaneum Exhibition, Russell Square, The Cartoon Museum and many more places depending on the time lift to check-out from the hotel and catch your flight.

If you still find some more time that you feel like utilizing the time to collect some souvenirs for the people waiting for you back at home or like to get some memories for your own, then you can find an abundant number of shops and markets around Shaftesbury Avenue including books, souvenirs and more. If you are done with the sightseeing and wish to have some quality time admiring the beauty of the city, then you can visit to the Bloomsbury Square Gardens where you can sit tight and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of surroundings and have a nice picnic in the city of London.

So, if you have been thinking to visit London during any forthcoming weekend, then all you need now is to consider Travelation for your next getaway and you are all set to avail some of the finest offers on flights to London and start saving big on your voyage to the beautiful conurbation of London.

Top Five Library Bars in London

London, every time we hear this name, we all picture the giant structures of London Bridge, Big Ben and the London Eye with red buses strolling around and black taxis honking on the streets. However, if you are planning to visit this bustling British capital, you must be preparing to visit more than just the iconic landmarks in and around the city. Recently, a culture of library with spirits have hit the literature trend of the city. Hence, you will find many thriving library bars in London. To experience such a fascinating experience of flipping leaves of your favorite book while sipping on the finest quality of sipping, here are the top five library bars in London you must visit on your trip to the British Capital:

Bar Library in London

  1. Electric House, Notting Hill

Notting Hill is among the most renowned and exhilarating neighborhoods of the England’s capital. Although, the neighborhood is filled with myriad attractions along with great quality of restaurants and attractions, if you are strolling around the Notting Hill, you must visit to the Electric House which is considered as one of the best library bars of the United Kingdom. The fascinating range of books and spirits offered here is simply superb and makes the atmosphere nothing can beat. With an elite gentry following the bar and settings, you can experience up close what it feels like sipping some British spirits while reading one of your favorite novels.

  1. Malt Whisky Library, Bloomsbury

Spectacular settings to go cozy with your literature is all what it takes to indulge a bookworm in a city like London and if you gain the access to the Malt Whisky Library, you can actually feel the difference of reading the same book back at home and at this spellbinding place. It may seem a bit awkward of reading a book while traveling, yet if you are planning to experience European lifestyle, you must try this place once. Sip some well-aged whiskeys while reading the intense books you love and feel the characters like never before.

  1. The Library Lounge, Bayswater

Wedged between the Kensington and Chelsea of Central London, the exquisite neighborhood of Bayswater is renowned for a quality range of rental apartments as well as budget accommodation. With a close proximity to the biggest attractions of the city, you can access not only refreshing parks and lawns of the town, but also visit the bewitching the Library Lounge. Settled next to the Hyde Park, this stunning place is a great place to keep on going after the sunset whilst sipping some of your favorite potations. Despite being nestled next to the lounge in Hilton Hotel, the place is extremely quiet and sets the mood of reading the most intense books ever.

  1. The Phene, Chelsea

Among the most prominent and renowned neighborhoods of the London as well as the United Kingdom, Chelsea is the home of not only local habitants and football clubs, it is also a place where you can find one of the most decent library bar of London. Pay a visit to the Phene and experience what it feels like to be surrounded by the most expensive, tastiest and renowned spirits of the world while concentrating on the book you are about to begin or finish. Sit inside the hall or ask for a seat in the lawn and keep on rolling the pages of your book while setting up the mood with each sip of the finest quality of drinks.

  1. The Society Club, Soho

Nestled at the western end of the London, the beautiful neighborhood of Soho have always been the first choice for tourists who are frequent on cheap flights to London and visiting the British capital every now and then. The district is full of attractions and places to visit. However, if you are new to the place and looking for some quite place to finish a bunch of pages from your book, The Society Club is the place to visit. Gain an access to the club and you are all good to go to beat the chilling winters through the crowd of your favorite book available for not only reading, but to buy as well. Taste some of the quality snacks, good to go with your books while reading the most splendid stories from your novel.

Since the concept of library bar is a big hit in the streets of United Kingdom, you will stumble upon a number of similar places. However, many of the places have made it closed for club members only and charge a lot for a short period membership. So, next time whenever you take cheap flights to London for business or leisure purpose, do visit once of these library bars that are an extremely delightful experience to have in the heart of the United Kingdom.

5 Reasons to Visit London

The capital city of England, London is a leading global city that has been famous in the world since ages. Vibrant culture, colorful ambiance and friendly people of the country make it a well-known city in the world. There are a large number of sights to explore and activities to do that you just can’t get enough of it.  No matter for which purpose you are traveling to this amazing city, you’ll definitely be attracted to something or the other which will make you fall in love with the city. But if you still haven’t visited it and still looking for a reason, then here are some of the reasons that will make you plan a trip to London soon.

  1. Shopping: Being the most popular city in the world, London has a large number of shopping stores, boutiques, retail outlets, fashion brands, etc. Westfield London, Westfield Stratford, Museum of London Shop and Oxford Street are the famous landmarks where you can shop till you drop. From street shopping to elegant and classy designer clothes, accessories and anything which is on your list can be found here. So, switch on the shopping mood and head straight to get the best shopping experience of your life.

  2. Exotic Food: London is a foodie’s paradise. The multicultural cuisines will make you relish your taste buds with some phenomenal dishes. There are many restaurants that serve all types of foods including Indian, Chinese, Italian and Cantonese, which is most popular and special type of food found in the city. You can find dynamic variety of mouthwatering dishes that are nothing less than a heavenly experience. Ethnic cuisine is yet another reason that will urge you to take a trip soon.

  3. London

  4. Large number of tourist attractions: London is a multicultural city that has number of historical and tourist attractions that are a pleasure to watch. No wonder you’ll be taken away with the charm of the miraculous sights that will make you spell bound. There are a large number of museums, art and architectures, historical figures, etc. which are quite popular in the city. The amazing skyline and the skyscraper buildings are enough to make your trip worthwhile. Need to know more? Pay a visit soon and explore them all.

  5. Theatres: Art is the soul of the capital city of England. You’ll find a number of artists playing different instruments, doing plays and much more. If nothing else inspires you to be here, then your love for art will surely do. There are many theatres around the city that keep hosting many events and activities which shall not be missed at all. Lose yourself to the harmony of music, dance, paly or any form of art while being in London. Satiate all your art desires by planning a trip soon.

  6. Something is happening all the time: The best part about the city is that never stays monotonous. You’ll find it moving, changing and something or the other will be happening here in this wonderful city. You need to be here to get lucky and witness the most amazing and unique activities, places and people that add charm to its grace. The event calendar of England is always busy and you need to mark the dates according to your choice and desire. You’ll definitely not like to miss the other, if you attend one.

Still confused? Leave everything aside and look forward to visit this vibrant city by booking a cheap flight to London with Travelation. Good times are waiting for you!