The Tranquilizing Towns of Thailand

Thailand have always been among the most highly rated getaway destinations with a global fame. And when a destination is renowned across the world, the chances of witnessing high airfares, expensive accommodations and bustling attractions is quite obvious. However, if you have been starving to have a vacation in this Southeast Asian country and seeking some great destinations to witness the similar beauty and more charm, then you have reached to the right place as Travelation has brought a list of best towns of Thailand that are tranquilizing enough to give you a spellbinding and laid-back getaway experience. So, just have a look at the cities below and plan your trip to Thailand to enjoy the remarkable range of attributes that have transformed this part of the world into one of the most desired getaway destinations of the globe:

  1. Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai

A landlocked city located far away from the coastal line of Thailand and with a close proximity from the borders of Myanmar and Laos, Chiang Rai is among the most astounding and spiritual getaway destinations of the country, known for its iconic Royal Temples and spellbinding natural bliss in the surroundings. Home to a number of Buddhist temples and historical monuments, Chiang Rai has been a serene and delighting place to enjoy the awesome culture of Thailand whilst exploring the heritage and religious values of Southeast Asia with a bonus of incredible natural bliss. When you are in Chiang Rai, do not miss to visit the remarkable Wat Rong Khun campus which is one of the most reputed temples of the country and have many bewitching attributes to amaze you.

  1. Krabi


If you are interested to having a vacation in Thailand that comprises less crowd, more luxury, extreme comfort and spellbinding experience of beach escapes, Krabi is among the most spellbinding place to be. Nestled on the Shores of the Andaman Sea and featured with ample of small islands and gorgeous beaches, Krabi is the answer of Thailand to the spellbinding coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Featuring an abundant variety of sandy, rocky, mountainous and plain beaches, Krabi also has this glittering cityscape that features a remarkable range of historical sites and cultural attractions. While you are Krabi, do not miss to visit some of the most prominent attractions including Railay Beach, Khao Panom National Park, Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp, Emerald Pool and dozens of incredible beaches, famous for its crystal clear waters that are ideal for many water adventure sports.

  1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Among the most tranquilizing, spiritually rich and naturally blissful mountainous city of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is among the most spellbinding and reputed getaway destinations of the country, witnessing thousands of travelers taking flights to Thailand every year and showcasing the everlasting bliss of superlative temples, religious places, Buddhist Monasteries, historical sites, natural landscapes and much more. Visit Chiang Mai and have a refreshing getaway experience whilst exploring some of the key attractions of the city including Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Umong, What Chiang Man, Elephant Nature Park, Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai Zoo, National Museum and plethora of other spellbinding places.

  1. Pai


Not so far away from the tranquilizing and bustling city of Chiang Mai, Pai is among the most thriving local hotspots in the country, known for its outstanding green plains and mountains of outskirts and the fact of featuring an incredible wealth of cultural sites and religious beliefs. The natural beauty of Pai have always attract tourists taking flights to Thailand from around the world and showcased an incredible variety of natural attributes including jungles, waterfalls, plains, mountains, rocks and much more. Although when we speak of prominent landmarks and attractions, number of names may disappoint you as most of the attractions are basically unnamed, yet if you are willing to scratch the surface of Pai, you will come across a wide variety of places that are really incredible, serene and photogenic.

  1. Kanchanaburi


The crown jewel of Western Thailand that have become a prominent getaway lately, Kanchanaburi is among the most awesome and incredible getaway destinations of the nation, featuring remote villages, off-road natural bliss and outstanding down-to-earth lifestyle. A cute and charming village nestled across the River Kwai, this thriving city have become a great piece of attraction among voyagers these days. Visiting Kanchanaburi can be a tricky thing as the frequent and prominent public transport connecting this city with the rest of the Thailand is the Burma Railway connection which was named as Death Railway because of death toll of war prisoners during Japanese occupation. The surroundings of Kanchanaburi are filled with a wide range of natural landscapes including waterfalls, natural bridges, national parks, caves and much more.

Thailand is a big nation and lush with loads of tropical beaches, scenic landscapes, tranquilizing religious places, diversity of lifestyle and much more which can be witnessed in the key destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. However, once you overlook these signature cities of Thailand, you will come across a wide range of other towns filled with similar or even more attributes. So, if you are inspired by the charisma of these offbeat getaway destinations of Thailand and looking forward to have a gateway in near future, then all you need now is to consider the services of Travelation to avail some great discounts and offers on flights to Thailand in order to save a fortune on your travel expenses.