Best Winter Getaways in the Europe

Europe is arguably a pleasant continent and is absolutely gorgeous to visit throughout the year, but for people who are looking for the best delights of the Europe can never resist the charm and exquisite wonders the continent possesses in the winter season. Many of the tremendous events, festivals and natural bliss blooms during the winters in the Europe and if you too like to be amazed by the outstanding charisma of the regions of this vastly spread continent, then you should probably consider visiting the following places that are known to be the best winter getaways in the Europe:

  1. Rome


The Italian capital has always been among the most pleasant and captivating places in the entire Europe for history and culture lovers and if you are planning to visit Rome during the winter season, the excitement and experiences level-up manifolds. The spectacular beauty of the attractions like Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon and many more becomes more charming and enjoyable during the winter season. Additionally, the soothing weather conditions in winter makes it really nice to explore the outdoors. Though the rains are really occasional, but if you are planning to visit here during the winter season, be prepared for the precipitation.

  1. Paris


The charming city of the Paris is really stunning and famous to explore during the winter season as the city becomes really gorgeous and able to stroll at the  bustling boulevards of the French capital. Exploring the cafes, bakeries and strolling across the Eiffel Tower becomes even more delightful for couples during the winter season. Winters in Paris are also quite enjoyable as the city becomes wide available for tourists except for the festive season such as Christmas, New Year and the Valentine’s Week. The winters in Paris are really moderate and the mercury hovers around 35 degrees to 45 degree Fahrenheit. The snowfall is really rare in the Paris, but you can see the dusty snowfall on occasions. So, it is recommended to bring your coats while exploring Paris in winters.

  1. Budapest


The Hungarian capital Budapest is known to be among the most tranquilizing and bewitching getaway destinations in the European continent for winter season. The winter season in Budapest brings snow and less sunny hours which makes it even more delightful when the Gothic architectures covered with some layers of snow and give it a majestic look the way we used to see in the movies like Harry Potter. For people who find Paris expensive and wish to witness the similar sort of experience with a bit extra snow and more history, Budapest can be a great choice. Additionally, winter season is the perfect time to make a budget getaway for couples and enjoy not just the weather and attractions, but the outstanding nightlife of the Hungarian capital.

  1. Barcelona


For those who don’t want to be caught around the snow and looking for some warm terrains will find the enthralling city of Barcelona quite amazing and stunning. The exquisite conurbation of Spain, Barcelona has been leading the travel world with its bizarre yet beautiful architectures, surreal yet energetic lifestyle and deep yet engaging heritage. The fascinating city of Barcelona really astounding for tourists want to soak up some sun and enjoy the day light more than anything. Though, many people find Barcelona explorable during the spring and fall, winters become really astonishing and joyful whilst being budget for everyone.

  1. Amsterdam


If you wish to make your winter getaway in the Europe a little more energetic, enjoyable and fun will find the Dutch capital Amsterdam a great deal. The charming city that has been the home of the exquisite Gothic architecture, magnificent canals, delightful nightlife and extraordinary culture, Amsterdam has always been a fantastic place for tourists regardless of the season. However, the winters bring a more delightful charisma to the Amsterdam when the Canals froze and tourists can e njoy some great time strolling around in cold climate conditions. Bicycle riding becomes even more delightful as it keeps you warm and give a better view of the surroundings which is eventually a thriving experience for everyone.

European cities have some special aura and magnetism during the winters and if you too like to witness the same at the very best, then the places mentioned above are known to be the best. European cities are known to be inspiring its visitors and the winter season is quite optimum to experience the same whilst saving a good fortune provided you time it right. So, if you are really want to get going to the Europe and wish to experience the tempting delights and outstanding attributes this continent has to offer, then you will be amazed by the array of winter travel deals available at Travelation that are not just great for a picturesque getaway, but also affordable to give you a splendid experience whilst spending less. So, stop holding your horses and fly your way to the enigmatic continent of the Europe.

Top 5 Skiing Destinations in the USA

Most of us wait for the winter season as it brings the beautiful snow which is used in many ways since the time of our childhood. Be it the playing with the snow balls in the backyard or having some adventure sport activities at the best resorts across the nation, the winters are really amazing for some fun and adventure. In case you are thinking to bring back the ritual of having a winter vacation where you can explore the beautiful and stunning slopes of the nation, then you should probably consider visiting the best skiing destinations of the USA that will surely give you the much needed delight. So, here we are with the top 5 skiing destinations in the USA that will prove to be your next winter vacation destination if you are looking forward for a thrilling and enjoyable winter season:

Winter Travel Deals

  1. Park City

The mesmerizing city of Utah, Park City is now one of the most emerging skiing resort destinations in the entire American continent, ideally famous for its exotic landscapes and tremendous range of slopes. Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City has been a vital place for leisure and adventure lovers that like to be around the snowy slopes. Enjoy snowboarding, skiing, snow surfing and much more at the exotic resorts of Park City. Additionally, the hotel accommodation here may cost you huge, but if you are able to get your hands on some exquisite and pocket-friendly airfares, you can bring your travel budget back down to the reasonable cost.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Known to be one of the most picturesque and astonishing vintage natural landscapes in the USA, Lake Tahoe is one of the most charming and desired places, nestled on the borders of Nevada and the State of California. The naturally blessed region of the Lake Tahoe have been a great catch for tourists seeking some quality skiing and adventurous slopes to try their skills and get drenched in the freshness of nature. The resorts and accommodation here in Lake Tahoe remain pricey at times, but if you can get your hands on some amazing winter travel deals, you can make your travel expenses even.

  1. Jackson Hole

The spectacular town of the state of Wyoming, Jackson Hole is among the most tranquilizing and naturally rich places in this part of the USA, primarily popular for its marvelous backdrops that are filled with impeccable snow-capped mountains and extraordinary beauty of national park. The northwestern Wyoming is featured with ample of skiing resorts and if you are looking for the best ones for some adventure snow sports, then Jackson Hole will prove to be among the finest options you can find. Additionally, the accommodation prices here are really moderate and you can easily plan your vacation within your budget.

  1. Aspen

Among the leading skiing destinations in the entire USA, Aspen is one of the most bewitching and enthralling skiing resort municipality in the state of Colorado. Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, this ski resort town is a perfect place for some winter activities and enjoy great vacations with your near and dear ones. Being a year-round destination, planning a skiing vacation in Aspen will be really astonishing for you as you can witness the utmost and outstanding skking activities here by both professionals and rookies. Additionally, being a year-round destination, the accommodation and services here are really reasonable. Hence, you can make your vacations here really affordable as well as worth your while.

  1. Adirondacks

In the northeastern mountains of the state of New York, the spellbinding region of Adirondacks is known as one of the finest and naturally rich places for some snow sports. Similar to the Park City, the Adirondacks has been the host of Winter Olympics in the year 1980 and has been known for its outstanding natural bliss that can easily be witnessed during the winter season. The spectacular array of captivating slopes and vertical drops has been making this region quite delightful for skiing lovers and if you are looking for some quality adventure under the surveillance of experts, this place will suit you best.

People across the USA enjoy skiing and with the variety of skiing resorts covering the entire plateau of the country, you can easily find the best suitable slopes to savor your desires. Skiing in winter season is the most desired activity for us all and if you have been thinking to make this winter special by testing your skills at the best slopes of the USA, then you should probably consider visiting the above mentioned places or alike. To save more while traveling this winter season, you can always opt for winter travel deals by Travelation and pour in massive savings on airfares with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

Best Destinations to Visit this Winter Season

As the winter season is coming close, everyone is looking forward for a great experience that comprises meeting with the near and dear ones, planning something different and going on a vacation. Though, many American destinations are proven to be great places to enjoy the winter sun, but if you have been thinking to go beyond the domestic destinations, Travelation has brought a superlative range of destinations that are not only perfect to enjoy the sun and bewitching bliss, but also have some great attributes that will surely feel value for money. So, here we are with the best options for you to enjoy the winter sun this winter season:

  1. Samara, Costa Rica


The small, refreshing and spellbinding town of Samara is among the most bewitching and heavenly beach destinations on the coasts of the Pacific Sea, providing the most outstanding and laid-back experience to voyagers taking flights to Costa Rica from around the world during the winter season. With its calm seas and exquisite range of raw and sandy beaches, the town have been offering a marvelous experience to its visitors. The fewer popularity and limited access have been making this place ideal for people looking for a fresh and joyful getaway and with affordable hotels and resorts, you can save a fortune on your travel whilst savoring on much more than just a cityscape and a few glittering beach resorts.

  1. Barcelona, Spain


The Spanish cities are known for being a year-round collection of destinations and there are many reasons you can enjoy a small or big visit to the Spain. However, if you have been seeking an extraordinary getaway experience in the season of winter, then the charming metropolitan city of Barcelona can be the most apt option for you. With its mind-blowing range of attractions that become even more enjoyable to explore in soothing winter season, you can spend as much time as you want to make sure a superlative getaway experience. The mild winters leave the outdoors quite soothing and enjoyable and with ample of events going around the city during the winters, you can have an awe-inspiring vacation in the splendid conurbation of Spain.

  1. Phuket, Thailand


Southeast Asian destinations are not a big hype these days when it comes to a winter vacation and despite being a highly visited destination, Phuket become even more enjoyable for people than ever. The soothing weather conditions that help you to get rid of the humid and warm weather, winters are the best time to enjoy a splendid vacation in the most awesome beach vacation destination in the province of Thailand. The captivating beaches, awesome islands, wonderful weather conditions and superlative delights of tempting attractions are the reason why you can have the great time exploring the Phuket.

  1. Victoria, Seychelles


Though Seychelles itself is considered as among the most expensive places on the Indian Ocean to enjoy a vacation, but if you think things through and plan a vacation well in advance whilst taking the advantage of winter travel deals, you can save a good fortune on airfares and hotel stays whilst making a heavenly vacation in the spectacular city of Victoria. Prominently known for its wonderful beaches, awesome resorts and outstanding culture, Victoria have been among the most top rated places to explore in Seychelles and offer a much affordable getaway experience than other places.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand


For people who aren’t a big fan of winters and seek more warmth and summer can travel across the world and book their flights to Queenstown and enjoy one of the most beautiful and famous getaway destinations of the New Zealand. The warm weather conditions, exquisite cityscape, charming natural outskirts and naturally refreshing sites can be the most amazing experience for you. The remarkable backdrop of snowcapped mountains and extraordinary range of bewitching landscapes are sufficient to make your winter vacation pictures more memorable and give you a superlative range of delights during your entire vacation.

Though there are tons of destinations around the world that are enlisted as among the finest places to witness the beauty of the winter season and offering a spellbinding experience to have in this magnificent season, but if you have been seeking a getaway that can come easy on your pocket whilst offering you the most superb and amazing experience, then you can consider the options we have given you above. Once you are done finalizing your travel plans, all you need is to get your winter flight deals booked with Travelation and enjoy a spectacular getaway experience whilst savoring on the most marvelous range of deals and discounts available to book online, on call and via chat.

Top 5 Destinations for Winter Vacations in Europe

Winter comes with many shades of white and as we speak of Europe, the shades brings more impeccable experiences than ever. Comprising northern countries that holds weeks without sun, Alps, dense snow and deadly winters whereas the southern Europe brings shining skies and astounding weather conditions. So, if you have been planning a visit to Europe during the winters for a pocket-friendly getaway, here we are to help you plan your winter vacations in the Europe with top 5 destinations to visit with the advantages of winter travel deals. So, if you haven’t come across with a perfect destination by yourself, following options will help you clear the picture and plan your getaway as per your preferences.

  1. Athens, Greece


Athens is one of the most exquisite and desired destinations when it comes to winter vacations. A city that have been treasuring centuries old relics of culture, history and religion, Athens makes a perfect place to visit with family and friends. With its astounding beaches and spellbinding outdoors, apt to be explored in the winters, you can also enjoy a solo or couple getaway to this sprawling conurbation nestled close to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover many exquisite attractions including old town, Citadels, historical architectures and more whilst savoring on the scrumptious food and astounding range of potations served at the restaurants in the city.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Nestled on the shores of Oresund, this sprawling Danish capital have been considered as one of the finest European getaway destinations during the winter season. Comprising many fairytale castles, historical sites and adventure parks, this exquisite destination makes a perfect getaway for family, solo or couple getaway. Featuring progressive contemporary architecture, exquisite range of historical sites and many more places, Copenhagen makes an ideal place to explore especially during the winters as you may find shorter queues due to low season whilst being capable to explore the outskirts due to mild and moderate temperature. Ride on the gondola boats and make your way through the fantastic canals that are no lesser than Venice.

  1. Venice, Italy


As we speak of Venice, this Italian marvel have never let anyone down especially to those who have planned and visited during the winters. A spellbinding and romantic getaway destination, ideally visited by couples and families to enjoy great canals, medieval architecture and superlative horizon views, Venice makes a great option for voyagers. The shoulder season for being a European destination, Venice becomes much more charming and attractive among voyagers and offer the tourists one fantastic and awe-inspiring getaway experience in the Italian nation. If you are traveling in the month of the February, you can also enjoy the world famous Venice Carnival that have been a highlight for decades.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland


The exquisite cultural hub of Switzerland, Zurich becomes much more enjoyable and shining during the winters and travelers tend to head their way to the sprawling city and its plains. With a close proximity to the Swiss Alps from the city, travelers make Zurich as the gateway and enjoy their vacations at the Alpine resorts while the city center remain easily available for accommodation as well as sightseeing. So, if you are up for sightseeing and metropolitan delights in Zurich, you are in luck during the winters as you can explore as much outdoors as you can during the day time and get delighted by the nightlife of the city after dawn.

  1. Seville, Spain


In case you are planning a vacation to skip the chills and looking for much warmer destination in the Europe, Seville comes as a lifesaver. Not so famous city when compared to other marvels of the Europe, Seville is a delightful option during the chilling winters. With an average temperature of 75 degree Fahrenheit during the winters, the city offers a spectacular getaway experience with loads of exploration to the castle complex, marketplaces, exquisite landmarks and more. Learn a few steps of flamenco dance style and enjoy your nights in the pubs of the city, trying your new moves with the person you love and savor on the most exquisite cultural dishes of Spain.

Europe is immensely vast and exquisite with loads of varieties and dynamics, making the continent much more enjoyable and full of options. When it comes to winter, the drastic change in climate conditions and tourism can easily be seen. So, if you are done with all your research and looking for cheap winter travel deals then all you need to do is contact Travelation and you can get your hands on some of the finest travel deals and offers available in the market at present.

Best Winter Vacations in the US

Winter season is the coldest time of the year when the mountains get covered by snow, winds get stronger and chilled and a new face of the natural beauty can be seen in a different way. For some it is the favorite weather while others always look for a reason to escape it and spend it on a Beach, islands or a place that is warmer.

Since the weather has already started getting colder and the snowflakes will start to shower soon, planning a trip to a wonderful destination is the need of the hour. If you too are looking forward to spend your winter vacation in a wonderful place, here is the list of the top destinations we have compiled just for you. Pick one that suits you the best and fly right away.

  1. San Juan:

    San Juan

    Located on the Atlantic coast of Puerto Rico, San Juan’s warm temperature and the amazing culture will steal your heart away. This capital city of Puerto Rico has each and every factor that can make your holiday a memorable one, beaches, lively culture and amazing sights to explore. Whether you wish to enjoy a sun bath on the beach, dance all night or play a round of luck at the casinos; all the ideas can become true only if you plan a trip soon. Old San Juan, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan National Historic Site, etc. are the top attractions of this lively place.

  2. Honolulu:


    Well, there cannot be a better way of spending the winter break at a balmy place and amidst vibrant surroundings. A wonderful place for all sorts of vacation, Honolulu is favored place for almost every age group. Wonderful resorts, fine dining, numerous shopping sites and amazing nightlife scenes make Honolulu a perfect spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. No matter who you are traveling with, there won’t be a single moment for anyone of you that will give you boredom. So, pack up your bags and head straight to this vivacious city to make unforgettable memories.

  3. Phoenix:


    This sprawling and beautiful city is yet another destination that we have picked for your winter break. It has been among the top tourist destinations of the nation that not only have the perfect weather but also has a treasure trove of things to do and explore. Enjoy golf, relax in a spa and shop till you drop; there is so much to see, discover and enjoy that you’ll love each and every moment of your trip while being here. There are many spots that can be explored including the Desert Botanical Garden, Heard Museum, Camelback Mountain, South Mountain Park, etc.

  4. New Orleans:

    New Orleans

    Last but not the least, New Orleans, also nicknamed as the ‘Big Easy’, is also a great option for spending the winter vacation as its temperate weather and calm ambiance gives you immense pleasure. Vibrant nightlife, live music scenes and a blend of the French, American and African cultures make New Orleans an amazing destination to be at. Mardi Gras Festival is yet another reason of visiting it in the winter season and creating wonderful memories. The impeccable charm of this beautiful city and the numerous partying spots will make your vacation all the more memorable and happier too.

While you are thinking about where to go, take a look at the winter travel deals available at Travelation and enjoy huge discounts on your travel and double up the fun!