Top 5 places to celebrate Christmas around the world

With today’s life where every festival is becoming a grand one, Christmas has broken all the bounds and have become a worldwide festival to cherish. Hence, you will find ample of posts going on the social media related with the Christmas festivities regardless of religion, state, community and many more reasons. And for those, who enjoy traveling more than anything has found this a wonderful opportunity to utilize these long day-offs and go on a vacation to places they have been dreaming to visit. Since, you too feel like taking this opportunity to explore some of the most thriving cities around the world, we have come up with a list of top 5 places to celebrate Christmas around the world:

Christmas Travel

  1. Prague

Strolling across the magnificent streets that lush with Gothic architecture and marvelous range of fascinating history is something you might not imagine on the day of Christmas. One of the most enthralling and thriving cities of the Czech Republic, Prague is a captivating place for family holidaymakers and couples. With its astounding range of landmarks and exquisite culture, you can make your Christmas quite a fabulous experience. Additionally, the wide range of accommodation options that throw out some hefty discounts and amazing offers on stays will give you an affordable getaway experience. So, if you are ready for some fun in the Gothic style, Prague can be the place for you.

  1. Zurich

The Alpine valleys of the Switzerland in Zurich is something that will cheer you up in an instant. On the occasion when most of the people head to the exquisite cities and landscapes across the Europe, visiting the Swiss gem is a unique experience itself. The laid-back lifestyle and zealous culture that makes the Christmas celebration quite grand, Zurich can be a magnificent place for everyone. Regardless of whether you are traveling solo, with friends, your love, family or with anyone else, every second spent in Zurich will be a delight. Additionally, the concerts arranged by the local communities will give you a thriving experience and memorable moments to cherish for the rest of your lives.

  1. Bali

There is nothing better than spending your Christmas vacations on the tropical lands of Indonesia. A city that has been considered as the Island of God, Bali is truly a gem to visit near the time of New Year. Though the flight fares and hotel accommodation prices may spike a bit around the festive season, but if you can find some amazing deals and Christmas special offers, you can easily spend a great vacation in the marvelous and refreshing lands of the Indonesia. Additionally, the hospitable weather conditions with dry skis and soothing days will give you ample of time to enjoy and explore the extraordinary natural and religious places of this superlative getaway destination of the Southeast Asia.

  1. Goa

An Indian settlement that was incepted by the Portuguese, Goa is one of the most happening and zealous places on the surface of earth especially around the Christmas and New Year. Each year, if not millions, then thousands of travelers from around the world visit to this beach destination of the South India and enjoy their heart out whilst savoring on some of the most awesome parties and events organized by the natives. Additionally, the exquisite weather conditions and variety of hotel deals will make your vacation even more exciting. So, go hit the beach, enjoy the parties, test your luck at the casinos or do anything else in Goa and make your Christmas vacations count.

  1. San Miguel de Allende

A fascinating delight for global gastronomes, the spellbinding conurbation of the Central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is a perfect place to witness the flashy processions and awe-inspiring celebration of the Christmas. With close proximity from the Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is a delight for everyone. Though, the city has recently got its fame and giving people a thriving experience on Christmas vacations, but if you are planning to visit here, you can easily savor on the enthralling beauty of the festivities without being bothered by the crowd. Additionally, the affordable flights to Mexico City and wide variety of Christmas special offers on stays will keep your budget well balanced.

the world is vast and with tons of destinations getting drenched in the happiness of Christmas, you can visit any place and have a wonderful vacation experience with your near and dear ones. However, if you are looking for an extraordinary getaway experience this year, then you should consider the list we have shared above to ensure a thriving vacation time. So, if you have finalized your next destination to visit on Christmas yet, then all you need now is to consider the services of Travelation and save more on airfares with our array of travel deals and offers available online with a lot of Christmas special airfares.

Christmas Around the World How Various Countries Celebrate the Festival

Each year on 25th December, the whole world celebrates the big day or the Christmas Day. The day that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who dedicated his life for humanity. Though there is one more story related to the day, which reminds us of the Santa Claus who brings gifts and happiness from heaven. It is believed that only the lucky ones get the chance of enjoying his gifts. There are many more real and fake stories that have been heard around but no one knows which one is true and what should not be believed.
Similarly, there are different celebration traditions related to the event that happen in different parts of the world. You may find it weird but actually different countries have their own way and method to commemorate this special day. So, let’s have a look at them and see how many do you know and which one you like the most?

  1. Tying up Mom & Dad for Christmas Gift in Serbia: Serbia doesn’t depends on Santa’s gifts, whosoever wants a gift has to follow the tradition of tying up mom& dad with a rope who pay an amount of money and gifts in the form of ransom to get themselves released. The 2 Sundays before Christmas is mom’s turn of getting tied up and the Sunday before Christmas is meant for dad to follow the same thing.
  2. Serbia

  3. Santa Comes with a Scary assistant In Germany: While in many countries and cities, Santa is supposed to be a good man who always brings good things along, the Santa Claus in Germany brings a devil-like assistant to scare the children. The tradition is followed in order to give children a lesson and teaching them to stay away from the bad deeds. The gifts are distributed by both of them to make a proper impact.
  4. Germany

  5. Gifts come on a Broomstick in Italy: Unlike other parts of the world, the Christmas celebrations in Italy usually take place on January 6. Not only this, the gifts are given by a witch on a broomstick instead of Santa’s red bag. The witch comes on her broomstick and gives away gifts to some people, while the unlucky ones get lumps of coal. Interesting, isn’t it?
  6. Italy

  7. Call Santa by the name of Sinterklaas in Netherlands: So while you are in Netherlands, do not expect the Santa to give you a gift. A person named Sinterklaas comes instead with his helper Black Peter to wish you a merry Christmas. Sinterklaas doesn’t lives on the North Pole and his sledge is not the same. He comes on a steamboat all the way from Spain on Christmas.
  8. Netherlands

  9. No Cookies or Carrots, only Porridge in Scandinavia: Now this one is something definitely not likeable at all. Celebrating Christmas in Scandinavia will make you experience a gnome-like character who will get annoyed if you don’t keep porridge for him instead of cookies and carrots. Tomte, the character who replaces Santa in Norway though brings barns and presents for the children. Do not forget to leave the bowl of porridge else you won’t get the gift.
  10. Scandinavia

    Since every part of the world has their own traditions, how about experiencing them all? Book a Christmas travel deal through Travelation and explore them on Next Christmas.