Five Outdoor Adventures in Costa Rica

Among the most fabulous destinations in the Caribbean region, the sprawling and adventurous city of Costa Rica has been in the travel bucket list of almost everyone. With magnificent beaches, tranquilizing horizon, bewitching resorts and a tempting lifestyle, the island country has become one of the most visited places in the Caribbean region. A year-round laid-back destination, Costa Rica has developed an image of being a beach destination to get a delightful dreamy escapes. However, the nation is renowned for much more than cheesy resorts, and vast natural landscapes. With myriad indulging activities and things to do in the outdoors, you can actually enjoy a wonderful getaway in the Costa Rica. If you are an adventure lover, Costa Rica will offer you an immense variety of adventures to enjoy. Here are a few things to do in Costa Rica:

White-Water Rafting

White-Water Rafting in Costa Rica

White Water Rafting is among the most renowned extreme sports in Costa Rica you can get indulged into near the capital San Jose, where adventure lovers from across the world gather around Toro, Balsa and Penas Blancas rivers to have the most outstanding and thrilling rafting experience. Tackle the deadly rapids whilst paddling down the slopes of the river with the safety of only a helmet and life jacket. With a troop of 8 people, including the guide experience the wildlife from your boat, where you can see the fauna of Costa Rica.


Kayaking in Costa Rica

Rivers in Costa Rica are considered to be the finest areas for kayaking and adventure lovers from across the world take flights to Costa Rica and get the splendid experience of waving through the most extreme rapids and thoroughly enjoy the magnificent water sport of kayaking. Visit Zona Norte, which is the most renowned base for kayaking lovers and professional kayaks to go further towards Reventazon, Corobicí and Sarapiqui. Apart from the river kayaking, sea kayaking is becoming quite popular among tourists visiting Costa Rica that is equally safe if you have hired a trained guide for it. Enjoy paddling in the current of water came from the rivers and rapid streams merging into the ocean, making it an ideal situation for kayaking.


Surfing in Costa Rica

The flocked beaches of Costa Rica are considered to be the ideal place to enjoy surfing. However, most of them are safe for surfing during a limited time throughout the year. Giving a perfect place to launch and ride the giant waves, Costa Rica is considered as the second heaven for professional surfers and surfing lovers. Although, it is hard to give the exact list of beaches that are perfect for surfing, yet you can go to Tamarindo , Mal Pais – Santa Teresa, Avellana, Grande, Hermosa and Dominical that are the most visited beaches in Costa Rica by the surfers from across the world.


Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Being on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica possesses a wide stretch of coral reefs and magnificent underwater attractions. The shallow turquoise blue water around the coasts of the Costa Rica are one of the finest to find in the region for snorkeling. These beaches have been drawing millions of tourists every year to showcase the underwater world and the picturesque diversity of flora and fauna available at the coasts of Costa Rica. Isla del Cano, Cahuita, Tamarindo, Nicoya Peninsula, Bahia Drake, Uvita and Papagayo are the best places for snorkeling in Costa Rica to enjoy.


Hiking in Costa Rica

Besides all the beach fun and extreme water sports, Costa Rica is also quite renowned for its spectacular hiking trails. Where 30% of the area of Costa Rica is covered with national parks, Costa Rica preserves myriad hiking trails to give another way for experiencing their adventure holidays in the region. A number of hiking trails like Arenal Volcano Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, Los Angeles Cloud Forest and Santa Rosa National Park, the hiking trails gives a deep insight about the natural beauty and tranquillizing stretch of landscapes of Costa Rica.

There are a number of other activities to indulge in Costa Rica like fishing, bird watching, mountain biking, horseback riding and swimming that makes the region much more memorable. So, if you are planning for a getaway alike, simply book your flights to Costa Rica now and experience the magnificent adventures at the most wonderful destination of the Caribbean region.

Budget Friendly Destinations for Spring 2015

Spring is the best time for travel and for deals as well. Nothing can beat the perfect combination of pleasant weather and low cost price. Whether you are looking to squeeze in some late season skiing, celebrate spring in style or are in a mood to spend a day at the beach, simply book a flight and fly to your favorite place before this beautiful season gets over. Here are some best destinations to visit this spring season:

Washington, DC: – The best time to visit Washington DC is during the cherry Blossom Festival when the city is filled with pink and white blossoms. Free events during the 2 week-long festival in early April include cultural performances, fireworks and parade. Also there is no charge for the main event- the stunning trees framing the Tidal Basin and around the Washington Monument.


Costa Rica: – When it comes to spring, Costa Rica is the best. The place has some amazing beaches with warm sand and crisp blue waters to spend your day. In addition to the tropical beaches, Costa Rica also has a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.

Costa Rica

Marrakech, Morocco: – In spring season visitors can explore the city’s bustling markets, calming hammams and lush tropical gardens under the gentle warmth of a spring sun. The joy of travelling would be much more as compared to higher summer prices. No matter what the season is, Marrakesh is a great destination for grabbing luxurious hotel rooms at less-than-posh prices. The place has ample reasonably priced, elegant boutique properties, often called riads, which are small hotels in buildings originally constructed as private homes.

Marrakech, Morocco

London: – The start of the year is often dry, both booze-wise and event-wise, but London really comes to life as spring arrives. From March through to May, London’s got plenty of fun planned, including the St Paddy’s Day parade, the Marathon and the much-loved London Pet Show.


Orlando: – Orlando is a great bargain destination this spring. The Florida city best known as a theme park hub will see a sharp, painful spike in prices during the most popular spring-vacation weeks in March and early April. But from mid-April through the beginning of June, deals are expensive in the Magic Kingdom and beyond.


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Colorful Sand Beaches Around The World

The classic beach scene is beige sand, blue water. On these eight beaches, you’ll find sand ranging from purple to green to orange and many more. Read about these colorful sand beaches:

Red: – At the end of Maui’s Road to Hana lies Kaihalulu Beach, this beach is also known as Red Sand Beach. The beach is surrounded by red cliffs, and the contrast of the blue water against the colorful landscape is simply stunning.

Kaihalulu Beach

Orange: – It is naturally peaceful too. Located on the North-East coast of the Island, San Blas Bay lies at the end of one of the most beautiful fertile valleys of Gozo, with no buildings to barr the view.


Yellow/Golden: – The golden sands at Papohaku Beach Park on the Hawaiian island of Molokai are mesmerizing. When the sun sets, the golden light on those golden sands is quite a sight.


Green: – On the east coast of Guam lies Talofofo Beach, one of only a handful of green sand beaches in the world – the others are on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands and Norway. The green sand on Talofofo Beach gets its color from the olivine mineral, a product of the island’s lava flow.


Blue/Indigo: – While the sand itself isn’t blue, it does take on the saturated hue from the phytoplankton that’s strewn across Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives. The bioluminescence lights up the night, creating a spectacular natural scene.


Violet: – After a short drive through a redwood forest in Big Sur, you’ll find Pfeiffer Beach. The color of the sand on the beach isn’t purple or violet, there are patches on the northern coastline of the beach that are, which make for a pleasant discovery.


White: – Just outside Sarasota, Fla. lies Siesta Key, with some of the whitest, softest sand in the world. The sand is 99 percent pure quartz, which means it stays nice and cool even on the hottest of Florida summer days.


Black: – Lava particles that have found their way to the beaches in Costa Rica create dramatic, black sand beaches that are incredibly captivating. One of the more popular black sand beaches in the Central American country is Playa Negra in Limon, on the Caribbean coast.


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