Decoration Tips for Easter Egg

Easter is just round the corner and for many families that means it’s time to decorate Easter eggs, a very popular tradition on Easter. Everyone in the family, especially the kids actively participate in this fun activity with great delight and enthusiasm. Eggs of various sizes are colored, dyed and decorated and used for festival home decoration. They can be painted with various artistic patterns or with funny faces. All of these look very beautiful. You can encourage the child to use his or her talent and creative ideas to decorate the Easter eggs. Any bird eggs with strong shells are good for the decoration. The stores have a huge collection of eggs in various patterns, prints and designs and you can also buy a decorated egg from there. Do not miss out on using the eggs during the celebrations.


The use of real egg is very challenging so arrange some artificial eggs for kids. Dip the eggs in colored dye and then make different designs on it. You can use different colors to decorate the eggs, also use lots of sequins and rhinestones to give the egg a pleasant dazzling look. Make sure, that kids do the decoration under adult supervision.

Here are some more decorating techniques which will take your Easter eggs one step further:
a) A simple way to do this can be to just use markers and make some attractive patterns or images on the shells.
b) Crayons, watercolor paints, stencils and colored pencils are also a good choice for decoration.
c) You can also use fabric colors to make beautiful designs on your Easter egg.
d) Use some gems and stones on your eggs!
e) Glittering stickers and silhouette papers can be also used all around the egg.
f) Attach miniature flowers and laces with the help of craft glue.
g) Fur, ribbons and cloth pieces can easily be used to give a unique look to your Easter eggs.
h) Use buttons to make adorable eggs that are as unique as they are cute.
i) Japanese Washi Tape in different colors and patterns can be used to give your eggs a gorgeous look.