Cheapest Coastal Destinations in the Europe

Europe is entirely renowned for its rich culture and magnificent heritage, yet only a few percentage of people know that the exquisite continent of Europe has been a thriving getaway for coastal destinations as well. Featuring a wide array of blissful cities on the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and more, European continent have been a delightful experience to enjoy a fantastic vacation with family and friends. If you wonder about the best coastal destinations in the European continent that will give you an idea about how the scenic coastal beauty blends with thriving European culture and makes a heavenly experience to explore, we have managed to bring forth a list of a few of the finest coastal destinations in the Europe:

  1. Venice, Italy


Renowned for its gondola rides and picturesque heritage, Venice is never seen as a coastal destination despite being built on a combination of over a hundred small islands. Although, people enjoy the coastal beauty whilst being overwhelmed with the dreamy surroundings and the rich heritage that has been the highlight of the city, if you stop seeing Venice as a historical site, then you will get a different eye and find the newly discovered bliss of Venice astounding. A budget-friendly getaway destination that has a lot more than expected to offer, this Italian destination is visited by thousands of tourists taking flights to Venice every day.

  1. Oslo, Norway


Nestled on the southern edge of the Norway at the shores of the Oslo fjord, the Norwegian capital Oslo is one of the most panoramic, bewitching and naturally blissful cityscape destination, ideally visited by both business and leisure travelers. Being the home of one of the finest museums based on Vikings, this exquisite city has been quite pocket-friendly as well as serene to enjoy a picturesque vacation as a couple, family, solo tourist or group. Despite is fewer fame as compared to other European destinations, Oslo has been an enthralling experience with affordable accommodation options and striking coastal scene. The dusky sunset view from the shores of Oslo have been the most unique experiences to have in Norway.

  1. Helsinki, Finland


Residing on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the capital as well as one of the most colorful, prosperous and enthralling cities of the country, Helsinki is a fine getaway option, often perceived as more cultural destination rather than coastal city. A combination of more than 300 islands, Helsinki has a fabulous coastal experience that can be enjoyed through boardwalks as well as ferries. Although, people tend to enjoy winters in Helsinki to explore the outdoor attractions, however, the coastal beauty of the Helsinki is much more delightful if you plan to book your flights to Helsinki in the summer season and explore the wide array of blissful and serene islands.

  1. Dublin, Ireland


The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a combination of nature, culture and heritage. Located on the eastern coasts of the country, Dublin is often perceived as a historical site where you can explore the Gothic architecture and fascinating structures from medieval era, yet some people find Dublin as a fabulous coastal destination where they can not only enjoy the fascinatingly opulent cityscape, but also a remarkable range of fine shores of Dublin Bay. As a result, all heritage, culture, traditions, art and nature lovers tend to enjoy booking flights to Dublin from around the globe throughout the year and have a pleasant journey whilst saving huge on accommodations, transportation and more.

  1. Monterosso al Mare, Italy

Monterosso al Mare

A remarkable village of Cinque Terre region of Italy, Monterosso al Mare is one of the most budget-friendly and picturesque coastal towns in the world. Featuring a scenic and extraordinary coasts with a scene of a whole town established on the mountain slopes, Monterosso al Mare makes a perfect getaway option to visit as family, solo or otherwise. Flights to Cinque Terre are also quite affordable and you can have a decent accommodation in budget prices whilst exploring an array of historical and natural attractions that are majorly free to visit and gives a fascinating delight of being in a whole different side of Italy.

Coastal cities of the Europe are never been a highlight and majorly overshadowed by the elegant lifestyle as well as notable history. As a result, people have never seen these European cities with different perspective. So, if you have this urge of exploring European cities with a completely different view and seeking some amazing deals to fly your way to Europe, then Travelation is a perfect platform for you to make your dream come true whilst saving immensely on your flights.