Cheapest Coastal Destinations in the Europe

Europe is entirely renowned for its rich culture and magnificent heritage, yet only a few percentage of people know that the exquisite continent of Europe has been a thriving getaway for coastal destinations as well. Featuring a wide array of blissful cities on the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and more, European continent have been a delightful experience to enjoy a fantastic vacation with family and friends. If you wonder about the best coastal destinations in the European continent that will give you an idea about how the scenic coastal beauty blends with thriving European culture and makes a heavenly experience to explore, we have managed to bring forth a list of a few of the finest coastal destinations in the Europe:

  1. Venice, Italy


Renowned for its gondola rides and picturesque heritage, Venice is never seen as a coastal destination despite being built on a combination of over a hundred small islands. Although, people enjoy the coastal beauty whilst being overwhelmed with the dreamy surroundings and the rich heritage that has been the highlight of the city, if you stop seeing Venice as a historical site, then you will get a different eye and find the newly discovered bliss of Venice astounding. A budget-friendly getaway destination that has a lot more than expected to offer, this Italian destination is visited by thousands of tourists taking flights to Venice every day.

  1. Oslo, Norway


Nestled on the southern edge of the Norway at the shores of the Oslo fjord, the Norwegian capital Oslo is one of the most panoramic, bewitching and naturally blissful cityscape destination, ideally visited by both business and leisure travelers. Being the home of one of the finest museums based on Vikings, this exquisite city has been quite pocket-friendly as well as serene to enjoy a picturesque vacation as a couple, family, solo tourist or group. Despite is fewer fame as compared to other European destinations, Oslo has been an enthralling experience with affordable accommodation options and striking coastal scene. The dusky sunset view from the shores of Oslo have been the most unique experiences to have in Norway.

  1. Helsinki, Finland


Residing on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, the capital as well as one of the most colorful, prosperous and enthralling cities of the country, Helsinki is a fine getaway option, often perceived as more cultural destination rather than coastal city. A combination of more than 300 islands, Helsinki has a fabulous coastal experience that can be enjoyed through boardwalks as well as ferries. Although, people tend to enjoy winters in Helsinki to explore the outdoor attractions, however, the coastal beauty of the Helsinki is much more delightful if you plan to book your flights to Helsinki in the summer season and explore the wide array of blissful and serene islands.

  1. Dublin, Ireland


The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a combination of nature, culture and heritage. Located on the eastern coasts of the country, Dublin is often perceived as a historical site where you can explore the Gothic architecture and fascinating structures from medieval era, yet some people find Dublin as a fabulous coastal destination where they can not only enjoy the fascinatingly opulent cityscape, but also a remarkable range of fine shores of Dublin Bay. As a result, all heritage, culture, traditions, art and nature lovers tend to enjoy booking flights to Dublin from around the globe throughout the year and have a pleasant journey whilst saving huge on accommodations, transportation and more.

  1. Monterosso al Mare, Italy

Monterosso al Mare

A remarkable village of Cinque Terre region of Italy, Monterosso al Mare is one of the most budget-friendly and picturesque coastal towns in the world. Featuring a scenic and extraordinary coasts with a scene of a whole town established on the mountain slopes, Monterosso al Mare makes a perfect getaway option to visit as family, solo or otherwise. Flights to Cinque Terre are also quite affordable and you can have a decent accommodation in budget prices whilst exploring an array of historical and natural attractions that are majorly free to visit and gives a fascinating delight of being in a whole different side of Italy.

Coastal cities of the Europe are never been a highlight and majorly overshadowed by the elegant lifestyle as well as notable history. As a result, people have never seen these European cities with different perspective. So, if you have this urge of exploring European cities with a completely different view and seeking some amazing deals to fly your way to Europe, then Travelation is a perfect platform for you to make your dream come true whilst saving immensely on your flights.

The Cheapest Cities in the Europe That You Need To Visit!

It is commonly observed that if you are traveling to the Europe, you might require a lot of funds and savings in order to enjoy the fullest. However if you have been planning a trip to the beautiful cities of the Europe, you might need to understand, that there is no such thing as expensive destination. It all depends on how you plan your itinerary and what sort of luxury you opt on your getaway. There are plenty of destinations out there that are buried under the myth of being expensive and are quite affordable like any other part of the world. To blow the huge bubble of myth, we have jot down a list of the cheapest cities in the Europe that you need to visit:

  1. Budapest, Hungary


The picturesque land of Hungary boasted with a tremendous amount of Gothic architecture, pleasant lifestyle, exquisite weather conditions and a heritage worth exploring. However, being a nation with rich heritage and architecture, people get misguided and consider the capital Budapest an expensive destination. Whereas the city is quite affordable when it comes to traveling. An average three star room costs around £50 per person for two nights near the central parts of the city. There are plenty of eateries that offer great amount of quality food at budget prices and have a big number of attraction that doesn’t charge a lot. Also, the local transportation is quite reasonable and falls within budget.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic


A budget-friendly version of Paris for romantic travelers, Prague is one of the most affordable destination in the Europe. With a total average expense of accommodation around £70 per person for two nights in a 3 star hotel, the city offers a tremendous amount of attraction and pleasant things to do. Besides, there are a big toll of budget restaurants that serve quite scrumptious food with great taste and hygiene level. If you are planning to take flights to Europe with your love, visiting Prague will give you a very budget-friendly yet equally dreamy getaway experience of all time.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey’s star city, Istanbul has been receiving millions of tourists throughout the year and has become one of the most thriving destinations of the region in last decade. The prime reason is considered to be the attraction and sum of heritage the city possesses, however frequent and smart travelers have found the city quite reasonable and cheap to stay for a week or so. So, if you fond of heritage and seek a getaway that don’t put a heavy toll on your pocket whilst giving you a splendid traveling experience, the cultural and financial epicenter of Turkey will welcome you with open arms.

  1. Riga, Latvia


One of the most bewitching artistic cities of the Europe and the proud Latvian capital, Riga has made its way to one of the most amazing and affordable destinations when searched in recent researches. A pleasant getaway destination with plenty of art galleries and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Riga makes a great destination for solo, couple and family travelers. With its enthralling variety of attractions and striking culture, Riga has drawn attention of thousands of tourists every month. Hence, travelers taking flights to Europe tend to search about great options to stay and find some of the finest accommodation deals for Latvian capital. Also, the cost of living here is really low and you can have the best time in Riga whilst spending a fortune.

  1. Warsaw, Poland


Poland holds the reputation of being one of the most elegant and stiff countries of the Europe and when it comes to the capital Warsaw, it is often considered quite an expensive destination for travelers. However, if you see a regular cost of living including accommodation, traveling, dining and sightseeing, you will find the city really cheap and amazing. The average cost of living for one person in Warsaw for a day sums around £160 and offers an immense quality of getaway experience. So, if you are planning to fly your way to the Europe and looking forward to a fabulous and elegant getaway experience, Warsaw is one fine choice.

Besides all the destinations mentioned above, there is a huge list of the destinations in the Europe that are really affordable and comes in a normal international traveling budget. All you need is do a research and you will come across plenty of destinations out there that awaits your gracious visit and to be explored by an expert traveler. So, next time you plan a trip to the European continent, all you need to do is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and find out the most affordable flights to Europe for a dreamy getaway.

5 Natural Wonders in Iceland

Iceland, among the most apt and delightful destinations of the Europe has always shone like a star when it comes to tourism. With its exquisite variety of natural and cultural attractions, the entire country have thrived for centuries. Thus, each voyager traveling to Europe plan to make an escape to the Icelandic shores and discover the bewitching polar weather conditions and striking phenomenon that are quite rare. No matter whether you are a cultural explorer, a travel photographer or have a hobby to visit the finest attractions across the world, the cities of Iceland will always amaze you by their natural diversity and an ultimate phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Following are the top 5 natural wonders in Iceland that you must experience at least once when you are taking flights to Europe:

  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The beauty of Blue Lagoon has always astounded both the natural photographers as well as the finest travelers from across the world. Experience the marvel of nature that have brought this geyser in the middle of the icy surroundings along with mineral properties with various effects. Nestled around Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, this promising attraction draws thousands of tourists each month and offer them an experience to remember for lifetime. Its tranquilizing properties and spellbinding backdrops are the prominent reasons why this place has managed to make a place in our top 5 natural wonders in Iceland list.

  1. Great Geyser

Great Geyser

Located in the southwest of Iceland, this paramount natural attraction is one of the primary reasons why travelers from across the world take flights to Europe and make Iceland as their favorite getaway destination. A catch for nature lovers, photographers and explorers, Great Geyser is formed from an active volcano belt beneath the surface and make this water pond an unusual phenomenon where you will see wells spilling out steaming hot water with plenty of minerals. Active for more than 10,000 years, this area is an eye of attraction in the southwestern part of Iceland.

  1. Gullfoss


A combination of waterfall, turquoise blue water, mountains and snow, this spellbinding waterfall is something that combines many natural beauties into one. Another nature’s marvel located in the southwest region of the Iceland, Gullfoss is a beautiful place, spilling myriad hues with a vast stretch of golden lands. A beautiful canyon on Hvita River, this picturesque land is an astounding place as well as an eye of attraction for tourists visiting Reykjavik and the rest of the Iceland for some natural exploration.

  1. Svartifoss


Svartifoss is among the most renowned and unusual waterfalls of the world, featuring the pleasant view of canyon along with black basalt columns around that were formed after thousands of years of geological activities and a high-pressure waterfall carving this place into one of the most surreal and beautiful natural attractions of the region. You will find plenty of photographers visiting here every day to find a new angle and capture this unbelievable view of such a delighting natural phenomenon. Whenever you visit Svartifoss, don’t forget to visit Skaftafell which is among the most renowned wilderness areas of the Iceland.

  1. Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Iceland is often visited for one particular aspect and that would be to witness Aurora Borealis and if you share the same desire that made you board a flight to Iceland, you must visit Snaefellsnes Peninsula which is considered as one of the finest places to witness northern lights. In winters, the place become the eye of attraction for almost every traveler visiting Iceland and get flocked by both travel photographers and leisure voyagers who tend to capture such a beautiful view of the skies where they can witness the beautiful view of dancing polar lights in the background and an amazing geological formation of Kirkjufell.

There are hundreds of more incredible places in Iceland that will stun your very soul by their surreal and beautiful attributes. So, next time, whenever you board flights to Europe to pay a visit such a beautiful country like Iceland, do not get lost in the cultural versatility and visit some of the finest natural attractions spread across the Iceland.