Top 5 Shopping Destinations across the Asia

People love to travel to fulfil their own dreams or interest and love to enjoy food, sightseeing, history, architecture, natural beauty, scenic traditions, arts, festivals and so on and there are also some people who love to spend the money and fill their luggage bags with souvenirs and other stuff found in their next getaway. And when it comes to shopping, Asian continent has been excelled as among the finest region in the world for shopaholics. A continent that has been like a world in itself, Asia is the home of some of the largest and versatile markets in the world and have been alluring an abundant number of travelers by their thriving diversity of goods sold in the malls and markets. If you are one of those who define traveling as an opportunity of shopping big time, then here we are with the top 5 shopping destinations across the Asia that will give you the opportunity to go on a shopping spree and fill your bags with a lot more than just experiences and stories:

  1. Tokyo, Japan


The home of one of the most promising cityscapes in the Asian continent as well as the capital of Japan, Tokyo has the image around the world for being a bustling city with loads of corporate offices and high-rise buildings. But when it comes to shopping, Tokyo is drift apart from the rest of the world as the city has an abundant variety of marketplaces, flea markets, weekly markets, shops, vendors and malls that have been giving an unbelievable shipping experience to the travelers taking flights to Tokyo from around the world. Regardless of being a chaotic and densely populated city, Tokyo have been visited by ample of tourists these days who like to shop till they get out of cash.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand


Among the most famous and widely visited destinations of the Southeast Asia, Bangkok is commonly known as the shopping paradise for voyagers. Each year, millions of travelers board flights to Bangkok from around the globe in order to explore all the scenic cityscape beauty and tranquilizing body treatment centers covering the major land of the city. However, if you have been visiting the Thai capital for the first time, you will find an abundant number of malls and markets scattered across the city and offering a wonderful range of products from clothing to accessories and handicrafts. So, if you are in Bangkok, there is no way you will leave the city empty hand.

  1. Manila, Philippines


Manila, the capital city of the bewitching Philippines is globally famous for two things; the wonderful heritage and its craftsmanship that has brought the city to the new horizon of fame and success. Visited by thousands of tourists every month, this bustling city has been a known place to buy wooden handicraft and fabulous clothes. Travelers can also find some of the finest collections of books from all genres in Manila without breaking a sweat. The markets and malls of Manila are known across the world for its giant size and diversity. Philippine jewelry and accessories have been one of the hot favorite things to buy among women visiting Manila and you can come across ample of shops within the radius of two to five blocks.

  1. Delhi, India


The delightful capital of India that has been home of an incredible heritage, Delhi is quite famous for its diversity when it comes to shopping. Featuring hundreds of shops related with handloom, artificial jewelry, electronics, crafts, clothing, accessories, and mechanical parts and more, Delhi is truly a place that can give a delight of being in the heaven for a shopaholic. It is often said that you can find from anything to everything in the bustling markets of the Indian capital and all you need is a set of skills to hackle against the shopkeepers that has the tendency to overcharge from people unaware of the original price of the product.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Last but not the least, the Malay capital Kuala Lumpur is often known to be the home of giant skyscrapers and glamorous nightlife. However, if you look closely and walk aside those giant glittering buildings, you will find a whole different world constructed for shopaholics like yourself. Home of some of the biggest malls in the continent, Kuala Lumpur is a perfect combination of quality and price. Stroll down the busy roads of Kuala Lumpur and you can easily find anything you desire to purchase with an authentic range of qualities at fair prices.

Asian continent is immensely big and have a big number of other destinations that allows one to shop till they drop and offer a spectacular variety of stuff to take away as a souvenir, gift, daily use and more. So, if you feel like having a vacation with the mood of pure shopping and wish to visit either of the city above or any other place like Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Hanoi, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai, Phnom Penh or any other Asian destination, all you need is to consider Travelation offer you cheap flights to Asia and you are all set to enjoy a breathtaking vacation full of shopping and fun in the shopping epicenters of the Asian continent.

4 Incredible Ski Resorts in the Asia

Skiing is one of the most popular and exciting winter sports that are liked by all the adventure freaks. Riding amidst the snow-capped mountains and rolling down the huge mountains has its own pleasure and fun. Though for many, it might be a dangerous and life-risking activity that is totally a waste of time. But those who know the worth of this adventure, know how to make it best. If you too are among those who wish to spend a vacation at a ski resort, here is the list of the best ski resorts in the Asia that are going to make your vacation a memorable affair.

Since the region is not much popular for this adventure activity as the winter season isn’t much prominent here as compared to other parts of the world, but there are certain hidden gems that are worth exploring. Here is the list of the top ski resorts that will not only give you a breathtaking experience, but will comfort you with the best amenities and services.

Incredible Ski Resorts in the Asia

  1. LOFT Niseko, Japan: Located in the Hirafu village in Niseko that happens to be one of Asia’s best ski resorts. Situated on a cliff, it is surrounded by alluring and panoramic views of the Mount Yotei that make it a wonderful place to be at. You can enjoy skiing within the resort that has occupied a portion of the mountain and have endless fun. Apart from this, the interiors and architectures of the resort are so beautiful that you will fall in love with it.

  2. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, India: Based in the lap of the Himalayas, this amazing resort will take you to an altogether world of skiing where you can enjoy an adventurous ride. Spread in an area of 7 acres of huge forests and lush greenery, the Khyber resort is situated in the Gulmarg region of the Srinagar state in India. The luxurious suites and the amazing hospitality of the staff will make you enjoy your vacation whole heartedly. You can also enjoy the serene beauty of the alluring city of Gulmarg while staying here.

  3. Alpensia Resort, Korea: While planning a trip to Korea, no one can ignore to stay at the Alpensia Resort that serves you with some of the best cuisines, lavish stays and the best skiing adventures that you have imagined in your dreams. The resort has been picked as the official destination for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and has an amazing charm that can give you an awe-inspiring experience. The resort boasts 6 ski jumping slopes, cross-country passages and many more adventure activities that are worth exploring.

  4. Club Med Yabuli Ski Resort, China: The Yabulli Ski resort happens to be the largest ski resort in China with a 23 sq. km long area of mountainous region that has been converted into a skiing spot. It has been appreciated by many magazines and websites for its brilliant services and has been named as one of the best resorts in China. It has its own ski domain on the Yabuli Mountain and makes its customers experience some of the breathtaking views of its surroundings. Get ready to witness adventure and luxury together by visiting it soon.

So, as the winter season has already spread its wings in the region, book a cheap flight to Asia and enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Do not forget to browse through Travelation to grab great discounts on your travel.

Top 5 Asian Cities to Explore

Located in the eastern and northern hemispheres, Asia is the largest and the most populous continent of the earth. It is a blend of cultures, cuisines, history, mythology and people who are identical, yet different in their choices and desires. It attracts a large number of visitors and travelers from around the globe that get captivated through its impeccable beauty and charm. The geographical representation on the globe and the world map of Asia describes about its vastness, so while you are making up your mind for exploring this amazing continent, here are the 5 cities that you shall not miss at all.

  1. Hong Kong: This vibrant city in the Southeastern china is a popular and a major tourist destination from the past few decades. The amazing culture, the exotic variety of food and the extravagant malls, famous for shopping make it a wonderful place to be at. A visit to Asia is definitely incomplete without stopping here to watch the wonders that will leave you awestruck. Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Lantau Island, Man Mo Temple, etc. are the major attractions of the city which you should not miss by any chance.
  2. Hong Kong

  3. Tokyo: Tokyo is the bustling capital city of Japan that boasts a unique ultra-modern culture which is going to steal your heart away. The starlit skyline, eye-catching skyscrapers and the dazzling streets are yet another reason to make you fall in love with this incredible Asian city. Do not forget to explore its popular attraction, that include the Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji, Tokyo Skytree, Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Harajuku, Tokyo DisneySea, etc. Tokyo should definitely be on your list while being on an expedition in Asia.
  4. Tokyo

  5. Mumbai: Known as the financial and entertainment capital of India, it is the most populous and famous city of the country. Home to a large number of beaches, traditions, cultures and historical places, Mumbai is a bustling city that has attracted tourists from all over the globe since the 10th Mouth-watering food dishes, crowded malls and busy streets are the common sites that you will encounter while being here. Gateway of India, Haji Ali Dargah, Elephanta Caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Kanheri Caves, etc. are the top sightseeing places.
  6. Mumbai

  7. Taipei: Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, that happens to be a hub of foodies and a bustling city whose neon-lit streets will catch your eyes. The lively street foods are the main attraction of this city. You can try a wide range of lip-smacking dishes and give your taste buds a treat, while being here. Apart from this, the city has a number of things to see, like the National Palace Museum, Taipei Zoo, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, Shilin Night Market, etc.
  8. Taipei

  9. Maldives: Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an island nation which is also known as a haven for the beach lovers. The astonishing beauty of this destination makes your trip to the Asia worthwhile. You’ll be glad to be here as the grace of its beaches, reefs and lively atmosphere will make you wonder in joy. Isn’t that amazing! What else do you need to have a remarkable holiday? Also, do visit its popular spots, Male Friday Mosque, National Museum, Hulhule Island, Maradhoo, etc.
  10. Maldives

Well, there is a lot to more to see, enjoy and have fun, but for that you need to plan a trip asap. Book a cheap flight to Asia today with Travelation and enjoy hassle-free travel with the amazing deals and discounts.