Must Visit Sites in Abu Dhabi

Among the most well-maintained cities of the world as well as the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is arguably one of the most splendid getaway options you can find in the Middle-East region, featuring an opulent lifestyle, typical Arabic culture and fascinating array of attractions, skyscrapers and exotic landmarks. Hence, people are fond of visiting Abu Dhabi as much as they desire to explore the charming neighbor Dubai. With its outstanding diversity and magnificent lifestyle, both leisure and business tourists flock all regular flights to Abu Dhabi and enjoy a ravishing getaway in the beating heart of the UAE. In case, you lack of inspiration to have a visit to this superlative city, following are the must visit sites you can go through while exploring Abu Dhabi that may inspire you to have a wonderful getaway in the Arabic capital:

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is among the largest mosques in the world, featuring the finest quality of interior, blissful aura, captivating engravings on the walls and many more attributes that makes it a golden feather in the hat of Abu Dhabi. Each year, thousands of voyagers and pilgrims visit here to admire the beauty and charm of this peaceful attraction of Abu Dhabi whilst adoring the marvelous craftsmanship done throughout the mosque. Furnished with Italian Marble, precious stones, crystals, ceramics, Persian Carpets and much more, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is truly a mesmerizing experience to have. It is highly advised to non-Islamic tourists to company a guide from Emirates whilst following proper dress code in order to have the best experience of the Mosque.

  1. Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo

People traveling with family especially when you have toddlers tailing you around, visiting Emirates Park Zoo will be the most amazing thing you can offer to kids while in Abu Dhabi. Featuring more than 1700 species of flora and fauna, this giant park is a perfect combination of serenity, joy and learning where children can enjoy the sight of zebra, sea lions, birds, wild cats, mammoth sized animals and reptiles on one plain whilst adults can learn a lot about the species preserved here. Besides, the resorts and seasonal activities makes it a perfect place for a whole family to enjoy some we time.

  1. Ferrari World

Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi is the home to one of the most exclusive theme parks in the world working under the brand of Ferrari where you can enjoy the rides made by the Ferrari itself to give you the hint of the speed they possess. With many activities to participate in, people can enjoy with their families too where kids can go for Junior GT track and test their driving skills under safe environment and responsible supervision. Adults with the love of speed can explore the array of rides including rollercoaster which has the clock speed of over 75 miles and provides the most marvelous experience to face the gushing wind on your face. People can also visit to the collection gallery that possesses a number of cars, information booklets and even games to give the pleasure to car lovers.

  1. Heritage Village

Heritage Village

People who like to explore the culture and heritage of any city up-close shall visit to the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village which is a perfect place to understand the history with practical and real essence. Featuring an abundant number of attributes including flagpoles, goat-hair tents, mosque replicas and recreation of villages from myriad eras, Abu Dhabi Heritage Village complex is a must visit. Experience what it was like when the Emiratis were unaware of their treasure of oil and how they sustained all these years in such harsh environment whilst participating in many workshops to learn various skills of handicraft and more. The close proximity from the beaches give the replicas even more authentic look than you think.

  1. LIWA Oasis

LIWA Oasis

People seeking some perfect adventure and looking forward to explore Abu Dhabi and beyond, shall visit to the LIWA Oasis which is a small region in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi where you can experience the fabulous date farming and authentic Emirati lifestyle. Reaching to the LIWA itself is an adventure as you can get indulged into the desert safari to drive your way through the sandy dunes and participate in myriad desert games like surfing, driving, trekking on camels, walking across the deserts and much more. People often consider taking tours to LIWA to ensure the best experience available in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi and get delighted by everything they desire.

Abu Dhabi is as much beautiful and diverse as Dubai and regardless of its fewer fame as compared to the born marvel Dubai, people enjoy visiting Abu Dhabi to have both cultural and adventurous experiences in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. So, if you feel like having a first-hand experience and done with going through all the words to picture what it’s like to be in the Arabic capital, then all you need now is to consider the pocket-friendly services of Travelation and book your flights to Abu Dhabi with us whilst savoring on a number of affordable deals and offers available with us.

A Glimpse of Imperial Dubai

Dubai, a spellbinding conurbation, nestled on the shores of the Persian Gulf and among the most prosperous getaway destinations in the world is best known for its outstanding hospitality and thriving architectural marvels, giving tourists a bewitching traveling experience every time when they step out of flights to Dubai from any part of the world. Because of its prosperous lifestyle and infrastructure, people have begun to believe that the visiting Dubai can put a lot of toll on your pocket no matter what. However, Dubai can be affordable or expensive depending on your decisions. So, if you are among those who like to have the finest traveling experience of every destination you visit, here we are with a glimpse of imperial Dubai to give you an idea of how you can make your ordinary getaway to Dubai into a ravishing and opulent vacations:

  1. Stays


With an abundant number of luxurious stays, you can enjoy the spellbinding hospitality in Dubai and get spoiled by a wide range of services and facilities served in the hotels of Dubai. Book a hotel from an abundant number of accommodation options that provide a fine range of pampering and luxurious facilities like body treatment centers, spas, massages, medication centers and more to groom yourself and get delighted by the traditional Arabian ways of treating your body like a royalty. Dubai is filled with accommodations that are known for its luxurious amenities and have many awe-inspiring services that are rare to be found anywhere else including private beach access, in-house bars, pubs, five-star restaurants and so on.

  1. Dining


The gourmet scene of Dubai is as diverse as it gets and people often overlook at the dining versatility whilst focusing on the enthralling nightlife and strolling around. The fact that Dubai has been treasuring more than 170 gourmet styles from around the world may give you think once again of having a dazzling dining experience in Dubai. With restaurants and eateries that serves Indian, Mediterranean, French, Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, Chinese, Japanese, Latin American, Philippine and many more gastronomies, Dubai have been offering a spellbinding dining experience with many more attributes to enjoy. All you need is to find a place nearby you that serves your favorite gastronomy and you can have a luxurious dinner with your love while enjoying perfect settings.

  1. Shopping


People from around the world find Dubai as a second paradise for shopping and when you stroll down the road of the Dubai, you will know why. Featuring some of the biggest malls in the world and showrooms of some of the finest brands, markets and malls of Dubai never cease to amaze its guests. If you like shopping and have sufficient money to spend on some luxurious buying, then markets and malls of Dubai will surely give you an imperial traveling experience with loads of fun and excitement of choosing from a wide range of products, brands, qualities and more. The markets selling spices, dry fruits, electronics and footwear in the Dubai have been the highlight among locals and is quite renowned across global travelers as well.

  1. Sightseeing


Dubai is filled with a magnificent array of attractions that includes structures that are made with the purpose of outshining among all, architectural marvels that are rare to be found anywhere else and marvelous historical as well as adventurous sites that have been the reason behind a big number of tourists taking flights to Dubai. Places like Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Old Dubai District, Creek, Aquarium and many more sites, you can not only enjoy the outstanding diversity of Dubai, but also can have an experience of spending an opulent and exquisite getaway in the beating heart of UAE.

  1. Adventure


As far as the Adventure is concerned, Dubai has been working real hard to outclass all other cities around the world and preparing itself to showcase every possible adventure sport and activity existing on planet regardless of climate conditions, geographical position or more. With activities like skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping, deep-water fishing, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, adventure parks, safaris and more, Dubai makes itself a perfect and complete destination to enjoy everything and anything in the world. Featuring a number of races (both traditional and modern), including world’s richest horse race, Dubai has been alluring voyagers to showcase the traditional values as well as modern zeal of the city.

Visiting Dubai is one of the most impeccable experiences you can ever have in UAE and if you are among those who like to have a vacation with complete fun and adventure and do not wish to compromise with the quality, then Dubai can be a place where you will find infinite experiences with loads of excitement and heavenly experiences. So, if you are ready to enjoy such an incredible vacation in Dubai and looking to have a vacation in near future, then all you need now is to consider Travelation as your travel partner on your next vacation and book your flights to Dubai with us for a happening getaway with our hassle-free booking experience and outstanding array of flight deals as per your taste and preferences.