Visitors Guide to the Blue Lagoon

Visiting Iceland is really a striking experience and regardless whether you are traveling solo or have some people with you, exploring the Iceland itself is a delight with its picturesque natural bliss and exquisite culture. Featuring Northern Lights, polar climate and remarkable culture, Iceland has an abundant number of features that have been intriguing tourists from regions worldwide and people often enjoy compiling their voyage to Iceland by visiting the Blue Lagoon. A spellbinding geothermal spa located between Reykjavik and Keflavik, Blue Lagoon is a major attraction itself and have been receiving thousands of tourists every month soon after they get off from their flights to Iceland. In case, you too feel like exploring this awesome attraction of the Iceland, then here we are with the visitor’s guide to the Blue Lagoon that will surely increase your curiosity towards this magnificent natural phenomenon:

Blue Lagoon

  1. When to Visit the Blue Lagoon

The magnificent geothermal spas of Blue Lagoon remain with the same temperature floating around 104 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year which gives the tourists an experience across all seasons to enjoy in the Blue Lagoon. However, if you are planning on exploring the bewitching natural surroundings with clear accessibility, it is advised to visit Blue Lagoon during the season of summer as the weather conditions remain enjoyable and you can take a long dip in the Blue Lagoon without catching a cold or enjoy the surroundings of the lagoon in your robes only.

  1. What to Pack for the Blue Lagoon

In case you are planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon as the very last thing to do in Iceland, we advise you to pack your swimsuits, shampoo, conditioner and dry clothes separately from other luggage to save time and energy at the locker room provided by the resort. The resort offer a high-tech locker service that can only be accessible through the bracelet given to you at the time of check-in and has enough space to put your belongings safely. For those who are traveling from Keflavik to Reykjavik or vice-versa, we recommend to pack a couple of fresh pair of clothes, towel, swimsuits, toiletries and other things you require in order to save as much time as possible and keep your hairs safe from the lagoon’s minerals and silica.

  1. Major Activities in the Blue Lagoon

The biggest thing to do in the Blue Lagoon is the bath in the geothermal spa that is told to be a healthy experience as the minerals in the waters are able to cure many skin related disorders. The water temperature remains near 104 degree Fahrenheit throughout the year and give you the relaxing experience in this part of the Iceland. Apart from the bath, you can put the pack of minerals filtered and sanitized by the resort authorities to give your skin a little extra pampering while enjoying your dip. To offer a little more luxury, the massage and spa services are also available in the resort that are really a magnificent experience to have right after a bath in such a refreshing water.

  1. Gastronomy around the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon has a couple of eating joints that offer great quality of food and snacks to its customers (at a splurged price of course) where you can enjoy a quick bite between your swim time or can have a perfect meal whilst adoring the beautiful surroundings of the resort with the people you love. The Lava Restaurant and the cafeteria that offer a range of menu to its guests along with a fine variety of spirits and potations to set the mood. Trying smoothies, beer and wine are the best experience you can have while savoring yourself with a quick and delicious bite of hot dogs. Needless to say, the prices are not as cheap as you can find at any other food joint in the city, but are reasonable when compared with the restaurants and food joints available in a theme park.

  1. How to Reach the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is less than an hour drive away from the Reykjavik and less than 30 minutes of drive away from the Keflavik. Travelers are often found to visit here right after getting de-board from their flights to Reykjavik or Keflavik that gives the quickest access possible with less time and more joy. The connectivity from both cities are available through buses, taxis, rental cars and even the shuttle services available from the airport as well as your hotel (check if the hotel provide the transfer to and from Blue Lagoon in advance). Please note that taking taxis from your destination city can be expensive as the taxi drivers tend to charge a good fortune for their waiting time till you are in the resort.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most awesome attractions for the tourists visiting Iceland and giving them the experience of lifetime with a laid-back delight along with marvelous skin treatment sessions and pampering facilities available in a fully-functional and highly equipped resort sort of area. In case, you too have been thinking to have a vacation in Iceland and looking forward to have similar sort of experiences, then all you need is to get some cheap flights to Reykjavik or Keflavik from Travelation and have a drive of less than an hour to enjoy this spellbinding geothermal spa that came into existence accidentally and become a popular attraction of the Iceland.

5 Natural Wonders in Iceland

Iceland, among the most apt and delightful destinations of the Europe has always shone like a star when it comes to tourism. With its exquisite variety of natural and cultural attractions, the entire country have thrived for centuries. Thus, each voyager traveling to Europe plan to make an escape to the Icelandic shores and discover the bewitching polar weather conditions and striking phenomenon that are quite rare. No matter whether you are a cultural explorer, a travel photographer or have a hobby to visit the finest attractions across the world, the cities of Iceland will always amaze you by their natural diversity and an ultimate phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Following are the top 5 natural wonders in Iceland that you must experience at least once when you are taking flights to Europe:

  1. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The beauty of Blue Lagoon has always astounded both the natural photographers as well as the finest travelers from across the world. Experience the marvel of nature that have brought this geyser in the middle of the icy surroundings along with mineral properties with various effects. Nestled around Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, this promising attraction draws thousands of tourists each month and offer them an experience to remember for lifetime. Its tranquilizing properties and spellbinding backdrops are the prominent reasons why this place has managed to make a place in our top 5 natural wonders in Iceland list.

  1. Great Geyser

Great Geyser

Located in the southwest of Iceland, this paramount natural attraction is one of the primary reasons why travelers from across the world take flights to Europe and make Iceland as their favorite getaway destination. A catch for nature lovers, photographers and explorers, Great Geyser is formed from an active volcano belt beneath the surface and make this water pond an unusual phenomenon where you will see wells spilling out steaming hot water with plenty of minerals. Active for more than 10,000 years, this area is an eye of attraction in the southwestern part of Iceland.

  1. Gullfoss


A combination of waterfall, turquoise blue water, mountains and snow, this spellbinding waterfall is something that combines many natural beauties into one. Another nature’s marvel located in the southwest region of the Iceland, Gullfoss is a beautiful place, spilling myriad hues with a vast stretch of golden lands. A beautiful canyon on Hvita River, this picturesque land is an astounding place as well as an eye of attraction for tourists visiting Reykjavik and the rest of the Iceland for some natural exploration.

  1. Svartifoss


Svartifoss is among the most renowned and unusual waterfalls of the world, featuring the pleasant view of canyon along with black basalt columns around that were formed after thousands of years of geological activities and a high-pressure waterfall carving this place into one of the most surreal and beautiful natural attractions of the region. You will find plenty of photographers visiting here every day to find a new angle and capture this unbelievable view of such a delighting natural phenomenon. Whenever you visit Svartifoss, don’t forget to visit Skaftafell which is among the most renowned wilderness areas of the Iceland.

  1. Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Iceland is often visited for one particular aspect and that would be to witness Aurora Borealis and if you share the same desire that made you board a flight to Iceland, you must visit Snaefellsnes Peninsula which is considered as one of the finest places to witness northern lights. In winters, the place become the eye of attraction for almost every traveler visiting Iceland and get flocked by both travel photographers and leisure voyagers who tend to capture such a beautiful view of the skies where they can witness the beautiful view of dancing polar lights in the background and an amazing geological formation of Kirkjufell.

There are hundreds of more incredible places in Iceland that will stun your very soul by their surreal and beautiful attributes. So, next time, whenever you board flights to Europe to pay a visit such a beautiful country like Iceland, do not get lost in the cultural versatility and visit some of the finest natural attractions spread across the Iceland.