A Road Trip from Manali to Ladakh

Indian subcontinent has been flourishing with many colors and travelers often tend to enjoy them all. The giant nation that is quite familiar among fellow voyagers for its diversity of geographical conditions, magnificent cultures, traditions, lifestyles and festivals, India surely is a place that will not cease to amaze you no matter what your hobbies of traveling are. Thus, thousands of international travelers tend to take flights to India from every part of the world and discover the hues of this thriving country that has been the home of one of the oldest civilizations of all time. India is visited for many reasons and to those, who enjoy road trips the most have found a trip between Manali and Leh quite amusing. During our previous expedition to India, we have had a first-hand experience of the delight to drive to one of the highest motorable highways in the region and had a lot of fun and great experiences all together. To share with you all the same experiences, here we are with the most amazing experiences that you can have during your trip between Manali and Ladakh:

  1. Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

A road trip from Manali to Leh, Ladakh comprises a pass from various landscapes that are majorly remain disconnected from the rest of the world and are carved by the joint efforts of local authorities as well as armed forces of Indo-China border. Hence, the roads itself remain closed during cold weather conditions. As per the most of the locals and expeditioners, the ideal time when you can go on the trip between Manali and Leh, Ladakh is between May end till the fall of September where a small tenure of rain makes the road trip hard to follow. The other months remain the highway between the cities closed due to heavy snowfall and reduced visibility because of extreme weather conditions which can only be accessed by the defense teams of the native country.

  1. Things to Bring Along

Things to bring along

Since most of the route is stranded and have no traces of human life what so ever, it is essential to bring your supplies with some buffer as per your usage. This includes food, drinkable water, tent, sleeping bag, mattresses, toiletries, tanks for extra fuel, sufficient local cash in different denotations, medicines, electrical gadgets like phone chargers, power banks, and extra batteries for car and more. There are a few villages and small towns in between that have a limited supplies of these things and you can buy your requirements from these places as well, but it is highly advised to bring your supplies from the base as a limited quantity can reduce your purchases and small number of ATMs can make you leave with no money.

  1. Top Attractions

Top Attractions

A 300-mile stretch of Himachal to Himalayan Valley consist of many stopovers which are the most favorite things for bikers (cruise bikers especially) to take a stop and witness the beautiful view. If you are starting your journey from Manali itself, then you can have the best sights of Rohtang Pass, Sissu, Shipting, Keylong, Jispa, Mansingh, Rangyo, Bharatpur Village, Suraj Tal, Gata Loops, Nakee La, Keylong, Pang, Meroo, Debring, Upshi, Thikse Monastery, Leh, Khardungla Gompa and many more places that are known to be the biggest landmarks to check-in on your social media profile and flatter others.

  1. Must Try Activities


Although, the most of the area is raw nature and you will hardly find any trace of human existence throughout your journey from Manali to Ladakh except for a few small villages that are remotely connected from the Manali-Ladakh Highway, but if you are looking for some experience that is solely connected with the road trips of Indian Mountain valleys, then you can always go for photography, small climbing trails, off-road driving, expedition to the nearby villages and more. It is highly advised to bring a guide who can give you the idea of the places that are not in the bounds of the locals due to the presence of the military bases.

  1. Essential Information


Many road trippers and expert hikers have found that the distance between Manali and Leh cannot be covered in one or a couple of runs in total as the oxygen level goes down gradually when you reach to the higher altitude. So, it is highly advised to the travelers to take a rest for at least 8-10 hours after driving a distance of 100 miles each time. Also, it is important to carry extra fuel for emergency as the gas stations on the highway are very small in number and are located far from each other. One must also bring some essential parts of the vehicle like extra battery, spark plugs, engine oil, break wires, brake pads and more to ensure they change them as soon as they find any trouble on such high altitude. It is also important that the area is full of landslide-prone zones, thus one must take all the precautions in the rainy days to avoid any mishap.

A trip between Manali to Ladakh comprises a distance of over 300 miles in total that includes Himalayan terrains, valleys, narrow roads, passes, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, villages, cityscapes and so much more which is the reason behind a huge popularity of this road trip among locals as well as international travelers. Besides, the picturesque sight of landscapes available throughout the journey is priceless and are perceived to be as a piece of heaven on earth by many travel photographers. So, if you too wish to have such an amazing and adventurous trip, then you should probably consider taking flights to India with Travelation and enjoy a beautiful road trip to the high terrains of the Indian subcontinent that takes you to the new heights of adventure, excitement, peace and tranquility whilst giving you enough opportunity to save a good fortune on your airfares to India.

Dive into the Rich Heritage of India

India, home of one of the oldest civilizations, architectural marvels, incredible cities and outstanding heritage is truly a place that will make you realize how long humans have existed on planet and how advanced they were before all these infrastructural development. In case, you have been planning to explore the historical side of India and seeking some ideas about places that are perfect to explore the incredible history and heritage of the country, here we are with a promising range of destinations that have been the home to some of the most outstanding, unbelievable and magnificent historical phenomenon on the planet and will help you to dive into the rich heritage of India:

  1. Delhi


When we speak of the heritage and history of India, the topic cannot even begin without introducing the capital Delhi. Among the most densely populated cities on earth, Delhi has witnessed a wide range of emperors and kings that have come to India in past centuries. From Mughals to the British colonials, the city have been preserving a past that goes back to more than 7 centuries and gives locals as well as tourists a deep insight about the scarred and prosperous history of Indian capital. Attractions like Red Fort, Tughlakabad Fort, Qutb Minarate, Khooni Darwaza, and Jama-Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, Safdarjang Tomb (Head Office of Archaeological Survey of India), India Gate and many more sites have been serving as an open book to understand the rich past of Indian capital up close.

  1. Agra


Home of one of the most magnificent structures on the planet as well as former one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is a truly spectacular place to explore in the outskirts of the Indian capital. Located approximately 4 hours of drive from the capital, Agra is the place that is globally renowned for the biggest symbol of love Taj Mahal which was made by the emperor Shahjahan in the rememberance of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Located on the banks of Yamuna, Taj Mahal and nearby sites like Akbar’s Tomb, Aram Bagh, Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh, Moti Masjid and many more sites have made this promising city even more charming and historically rich. This city have also been the reason why travelers enjoy taking flights to India throughout the year regardless of weather conditions and seasons.

  1. Jaipur


Located in the western state of India Rajasthan, the Pink City Jaipur is among the most drastically developing cities in the country and have been an eye of attraction among global tourists taking flights to India to give away a spellbinding scene of heritage sites that includes a fine range of forts, temples, Mahals, Tombs and many more sites. Places like Amber Fort, Sheesh Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Diwan-e-Khas, Jal Mahal, Royal Gaitor Tumbas, Sisodia Rani Palace, Swargasuli Tower, Chandra Mahal, Amar Jawan Jyoti and a number of other landmarks have been the symbol of royal history and impeccable past of Rajasthan that was stretched for centuries and have glorified the history of India.

  1. Varanasi


Acclaiming the title of one of the oldest living cities in the world, Varanasi has been one of the most thriving and historically rich destinations in the India. Nestled on the banks of River Ganga, this astonishing city is known to be the home of countless temples as well as the religious capital of India. Featuring a wide range of religious places and oldest Ghats (banks) in the world, Varanasi probably is the home of the largest Hindu learning university in the continent. Many documents and organizations have claimed that the city have been flourishing with human bliss for more than 3000 years as of now and is considered to one of the major commerce hub in the ancient world with a unique product named after Banarasi Silk.

  1. Hampi


Located in the southern state of India, Karnataka, Hampi is among the most incredibly ancient villages of the world that is still the home of hundreds of ruined temples and historical complexes. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi itself is among the most incredible, most visited and a piece of marvel in the India, treasuring countless of relics from the past and showcasing the rich heritage and ancient culture of the country. Regardless of its size and amenities available in the village and surroundings, Hampi have been drawing attraction of thousands of travelers taking flights to India every year and giving them a marvelous and extraordinary experience of discovering a side of India that have made India one of the oldest countries in the world.

India is immensely vast when it comes to geography and even more intense when we speak about the history. A country that have witnessed many eras and emperors that have occupied the entire nation and nearby countries with force, politics and beliefs. So, if you are ready to dive in to the rich past of India, then all you need now is to book your flights to India with Travelation today and explore some of the most outstanding and unbelievable destinations and attractions that have made their name across the globe and giving tourists a great reason to visit India.

5 Perfect Destinations For a Detox

Are you all set to enjoy the festive season to the fullest? A lot of fatty food and excessive alcohol consumption are some of the common ways to enjoy the festive season in every country. And nothing is wrong in this, as we get such opportunities only at special occasions.

But the problem is to go back to same healthy lifestyle and detox the body to re-energise it. Luxury detox holiday is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and bring your life on track. India is full of such destinations. You can book flights to India in advance to enjoy the festive season without any worries about disturbance in your healthy lifestyle. Check out 5 perfect destinations for a detox:


  1. Ananda Spa in Himalayas: Rejuvenate, relax and get healthy lifestyle advice at spas in foothills of Himalayas. You can enjoy spa, yoga and workshops on lifestyle at Ananda Spa in Himalayas.


  1. Taj Lak Palace Jiva Spa in Udaipur: If you want to enjoy a luxury stay in India along with a ‘romantic spa indulgence’, Taj Lake Palace Jiva Spa in the city of lakes Udaipur is a perfect destination. It offers five-hour buffet of signature massage and scrubs on Jiva boat.


  1. Ashiyana in Goa: Enjoy joyful living and free yourself from mental as well as physical worries at Ashiyana – Yoga and spa village in Goa. You can enjoy customized yoga therapy amidst rich flora and fauna of Goa. This is a perfect destination for the individuals fighting with digestive disorders, diabetes, addictions and weight issues.


  1. Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala: If you want to fight illness and get back good health, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kerala is the most suitable destination for you. Acclaimed to the world’s first Ayurveda Resort, it is a right detox as well as holiday destination in India.


  1. Vana Retreat in Dehradun: If you want to detox in an area surrounded by picturesque views of ‘mother nature’ and hilly areas, Vana Retreat in Dehradun is the right pick for you. If you are confused what you actually want besides detox program, opt for their pre and post arrival ‘Don’t know yet!’ consultation. You can enjoy Tibetan treatment, signature Vana massage and private yoga session.


So, which destination would you like to visit after this festive season?
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