Spiritual Tours to Bali – The Island of God

Southeast Asian region is often considered to be one of the naturally rich and extravagant places on earth. Featuring abundant variety of beaches, plains, rice fields, mountains and more in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia, the region have been receiving millions of travelers every year. However, some of the cities in the region are often visited for other reasons as well. Tons of travelers from around the world take flights to Indonesia and head towards the remote regions of the Bali in order to get some spiritual enlightenment or have some natural healing for their physical, mental or spiritual wounds. Hence, visiting Bali have been a life-changing experience by both its spiritual atmosphere and party extravaganza. So, here we are with some exquisite things that have been giving tours to the Island of God, Bali a significance among people with issues:

  1. Religious healing rituals

Religious healing

Since Bali is often connected with many legends of Hindu mythology and have been a spectacular place to have a spiritual connection with the almighty, people find many places that help them to recover from many issues in their lives. In Bali, there is a healing ritual process performed by high priests where the holy water is poured on people with trouble with loads of chanting of Mantras that characterized as a blend of ancient blessings, spirits of god and positivity of priests. Majorly performed in ancient temples of the city, this ritual is something beyond scientific explanation and works on the natural healing process where the positive vibes of chants and surroundings gives people peace and comfort.

  1. Visiting ancient temples for spiritual connection

ancient temples

The religious beliefs in Bali are the combination of Hinduism blending with Buddhism and making something extraordinary and simplified to understand the divinity. Hence, there are many astonishingly picturesque and peaceful temples at the outskirts of Ubud and the rest of the Bali. With many temples that are located at the mountains and surrounded by wide plains and rice fields, these places are ideal to have some tranquility that help people to connect with the god by experiencing the rawness and utter beauty of nature. With some exquisite temples like Gunung Kawi Temple, Pura Agung Besakih, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Ga Gajah, Pura Tanat Lot and many more, you can really experience the serenity and calmness this city has to offer.

  1. Ancient meditation chambers

Ancient meditation chambers

Since the Indonesian civilization dated back millenniums ago, there are certain places that are yet to be explored by the tourists and are preserved among locals and those people who seek them the most. Among these places, you will find the ancient meditation chambers that imbued with positive energy in remote areas in the surrounding of rock formations, rice fields and tropical vegetation. These places are the hidden spots at off-the-beaten tracks of the city and accessible with the help of guides and temple priests. Planning an early morning visit with the trusted people is the key to have a spiritual enlightenment on a trip to Bali whilst savoring on the freshness from clear streams, rice terraces, cliffs and a temple compound which is a UNESCO Supported site.

  1. Balinese gourmet for high-spirits

Balinese gourmet for high-spirits

As much as the places, methods and mantras are important for spiritual enlightenment, the food one eat and things they consume plays a vital role in order to achieve peace and tranquility in Bali. Luckily, there are several places that works as a shrine and offer some great variety of traditional delicacies that are not only fresh in nature, but also great in flavors and have ingredients that keeps your body calm and enhance the performance of senses manifolds. Indonesian gastronomy is quite elaborated and many dishes we eat in the metropolitan and prominent areas are actually the modern version of these traditional dishes. So, if you have been traveling to Bali for some calmness, you should keep your diet revolving around these dishes.

  1. Nature is the biggest healer

bali nature

Before any guide, Guru, priest or enlighten person, the biggest healer of spirits and body was none other than the Mother Nature. After an era of development and demolition, there are only a several places left where you can find some peace and natural bliss to heal your body and soul. Bali is one of the most naturally rich destinations that have been often characterized as the island of god as the nature lies here is heaven alike. Strolling around the places that are yet to be crawled by the bustling number of visitors and isolated landscapes are the biggest mystery of healing the body, mind and soul.

Bali is an incredible city with many unexplainable phenomenon that allows one to connect with almighty god and cure many issues with human body that are not treatable as per western medicines. So, if you like exploring such magical places and looking to catch some peace and stability in your life, mind, body and soul, then all you need now is to take flights to Indonesia from Travelation to keep your budget under control and visit the remote areas of Bali that have been quite a fascinating subject because of their natural bliss and spiritual beliefs.