Unreal Travel Spots in America

It is often said that traveling is one of those limited experiences that may leave you speechless at first but then transforms you into a storyteller. If you are a frequent traveler, you cannot agree to the statement more. The world is too big and if you like to unearth all the beauties that are graciously given to us by Mother Nature, all you need is board flights to America and discover the unimaginable beauty and surreal bounty of places that we think only existed in our dreams. However, if you are ready to experience such beautiful and splendid places first hand, here is a list of the most unreal travel spots in America. America is a vast region and comprises many aspects of the nature that are yet hard to be understood by brilliants. Now start a journey and experience the beauty and diversity of nature by visiting:

  1. Giant Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Giant Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is the home of many marvels made by nature, yet if you like to experience something really jaw-dropping, visit Giant Prismatic Spring, a spectacular attraction that interests tourists from across the earth. Each year, thousands of tourists take flights to USA to visit this bewitching and incredible natural phenomenon comprising the third largest natural geyser that has all the hues made by the bacteria residing in the waters. Obviously, it is forbidden to take a dip in the geyser, but many astonishing photos can be taken whilst standing and strolling around this absolutely gorgeous phenomenon of Yellowstone National Park.

  1. Fly Geyser, Nevada

Fly Geyser, Nevada

With a close proximity of around 3-hours’ drive northwards, this absolutely gorgeous Fly Reservoir is located where another marvel of nature resides. A pleasant view that came out of nowhere after a small drilling experiment to find geothermal energy sources. The Fly Geyser is actually located on a private property and require a procedure of approval from the owner. However, if you are a little shy on taking the permissions, you can have a glance of the geyser from the road itself as the marvel is quite large in size. Witness the geyser spitting out water and steam periodically from a safe distance and enjoy a colorful water show with the people you love.

  1. Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake, California

A small frozen lake located near salty blue lake, Mono Lake is something that cannot be described in words. A pleasant view of this light hued lake with magnificent snow-capped mountains in the backdrop gives a splendid and calm experience to the visitors. Drawing thousands of tourists from across the world taking flights to USA to witness this natural marvel, this lake is indeed an experience of lifetime. With a scene like an alien movie, Mono Lake is one of the most pleasant and unreal alike experience that everyone should have at least once in a while. The limestones and frozen plants makes it a surreal scene as well as a photogenic subject for natural photography lovers.

  1. Northern Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern Lights, Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Borealis is an international phenomenon that is created by the clash of charges between the earth and the atoms released from the sun scratching the outer surface of the planet and making dancing lights of green and red color. Alaska is furnished with this splendid feature that can only be seen at the polar destinations. If you are too tight to witness this at the cliché location of Norway and Iceland, visiting Fairbanks at Alaska during clear skies can give you the exact view of the northern lights and offer you a bizarre yet beautiful view of the skies that can be scary at first glance, but give you a feeling that is really hard to describe in words.

  1. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful, naturally nourishing and peaceful attractions of the state of Arizona. Located at a close proximity from Flagstaff, this amazing waterfall is located at the Grand Canyons of Arizona. Due to its ideal location with fewer interference of mankind, the place is quite pure and amazing to witness. A year-round attraction of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls is something that will take you to the fairytale world where Adam met with Eve and begun the life on the blue planet. Although, due to an increasing number of picnic in nearby surrounding made Havasu falls an accessible attraction, yet if you are planning to witness such an astounding attraction, you can visit here after taking flights to St. George, Utah.

Our world is filled with numerous natural marvels that are really hard to be defined in mere words, yet if you are a traveler or have a hobby to follow such phenomenon, you might have heard about tons of places like Stonehenge, Plitvice Lakes, Hitachi Seaside Park and tons of others. So, to give you a nearby experience of such beauty, we have jot down this list. We hope you liked it and next time when you plan a trip for such an amusement, you will consider booking your flights to USA with Travelation. Keep on following us and share your love by considering us as your preferred travel partner.

Cultural Difference between Europe and America to Know Before Taking Off

It is often stated that the world is really big and there are plethora of cultures and people following them. As we change our geographical location, we get surrounded by a whole new blend of culture which may seem a bit familiar yet different from the place we belong from. If you are traveling transatlantic, you will feel a certain difference in the culture as both America and Europe have been at two different geographical locations and belong from different civilization for centuries. If you are a traveler and planning to take flights to Europe or boarding flights to USA, you will feel the different by your own as you de-board the flight. So, be prepared to witness the following changes in culture as you travel to the other part of the Western Civilization:

Difference of Language, Vocabulary and Expressions

Difference of Language, Vocabulary and Expressions

The basic difference you will find between the European countries and United States is the language, gestures and vocabulary. Where in European countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands and more, English may seem a bit literal and the vocabulary is vast, Americans tend to use the expressions more often and have slightly soft vocabulary. Also, there are is a bounty of countries that have different regional language like Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German and more that are obviously different entirely.


Difference of Driving Habits

Difference of Driving Habits

American and European driving habits are quite different. Whereas European drivers prefer manual transmission cars, American drivers enjoy driving automatic transmission cars. Also, the dimensions and shape of the cars in both continents are quite varied from each other. It is often said, that when it comes to cars, size do matter for American drivers whereas European drivers enjoy driving rather small vehicles which are easy to park and convenient to drive. Secondly, the shape of the cars also varies a lot. American cars are preferably in sharp-edge shaped whereas European cars tend to be designed in round and circular shapes.


Difference of Measuring System

Difference of Measuring System

The metric system between America and the Europe is totally different. As per the European cities, the measuring system goes in meters, grams, liters, Celsius etc. whereas American culture follows measuring in yards, miles, Fahrenheit, pound etc., making it completely different and hard to understand in daily life system. European measuring system is new and adopted worldwide whereas American measuring system is old Imperial English system which is followed in some parts of the world as well as majorly in the America.


Difference of Personal Habits and Lifestyle

Difference of Personal Habits and Lifestyle

The daily lifestyle and personal habits of both American and European varies a lot. Whereas Americans are considered a bit loud as well as expressive as compared to the Europeans, the personal thought process makes a lot of difference. The European lifestyle consists sharing thoughts, ideas, experience among the acquainted people whereas Americans are fond of finding out the experiences and thought process of strangers with huge enthusiasm which may play a vital role in adapting a whole different civilization across the Atlantic Ocean.


Difference in Using Public Bathrooms/Restrooms

Difference in Using Public BathroomsRestrooms

If you are a traveler and exploring the cities by road, you will need to know about the public bathroom/restroom culture of both transatlantic continent. American bathroom system is much more convenient than the European, where you will find bathrooms open for public all the time and free to use. On the other hand, European cities tend to charge for using the restroom and are closed during the off time. American bathrooms on the highway are open for the travelers all the time and easy to use whereas the European highways have limited number of restrooms and are hard to find if you are traveling during late hours.


There are hundreds of other cultural differences that can make a huge impact on your journey. Hence, if you are taking flights to Europe or have booked flights to USA, and planning a long vacation, you must understand the basic lifestyle and cultural difference as the change may abrupt the traveling fun.

Top 5 Cities of America to Spend a Picnic At

Picnics are a great way to spend time with our loved ones and enjoying the beauty of the nature while sitting in a park. You can eat, talk, share, laugh and do whatever you want to and fell happy while being on a picnic vacation. But have you ever been to a place that has made all the more memorable with its surroundings. If no, then here is the list of the best cities of America you should go for a picnic to. You will definitely love to spend some quality time with your friends and family in the lap of these beautiful places.

  1. Albuquerque: Situated in the central most part of Mexico, Albuquerque is the most populous city in the state which is known as the Hot air ballooning capital of the world. The local food cuisines and the culture make it a vibrant place which is ideal for picnics. Hiking trails of mountains and desert safaris will add an adventure factor to your vacation.
  2. Albuquerque

  3. San Diego: This city on the pacific coast of California is yet another prominent spot for spending a picnic vacation. The beaches, parks, gardens, art galleries and museums are enough to make your trip interesting and memorable. Take your friends and family along and head to this amazing city today to make some cherish able memories. The scenic locations will give you some good photographs too.
  4. San Diego

  5. Los Angeles: The vibrant culture of the city has been already famous throughout the world and the postcard beaches have been mentioned in many books and magazines too. Hollywood’s Barnsdall Art Park makes a perfect picnic spot for family and friends both. You can enjoy live music and give your taste buds a treat of awesomeness by tasting the local wines. Plan an outing soon and head to some happening spots here.
  6. Los Angeles

  7. Atlanta: Georgia’s sprawling capital city, Atlanta makes an amazing picnic spot for all types of visitors. There is something for everyone and you’ll love to enjoy a cheerful break in its Historic Fourth Ward Park. The lush green areas of the picnic-ready spots in the city make your vacation worthwhile. Call up some old friends or make a get-together with your family members to enjoy your picnic at the best.
  8. Atlanta

  9. Charleston: The cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages are the common views of Charleston. You can take a picnic with anyone and everyone here. Angel Oak Park, Brittlebank Park, Corrine Jones Park, Etiwan Park and Hampton Park are the famous picnic spots that could be visited while being here. No matter which company you prefer to have along on your picnic, the colorful spots of this city will definitely amuse you.


It’s never too late to go out for a picnic with your friends or family, so go ahead and plan one soon. No matter where you are planning a vacation with your group or your best buddy; you can always take advantage of the cheap airfare deals of Travelation that allow you to travel at budget-friendly prices. Book a cheap flight to the U.S. today and get ready to have some great time with your favorite people.