How to Stay Healthy While Flying

Traveling in an airplane leaves us all in a certain type of pain and illness, which is generally termed as Jetlag. The air pressure and many more factors create an unusual ambience that makes the journey sometimes unbearable for us. While we all think it is normal and we have to suffer from it, a research says that there are many things that can prevent us from this phenomenon and help us taking a happy journey.

To help ourselves from the ill effects of flying, here are certain tips that we have collected down that will definitely ease up your travel and make it a lot more convenient.

  1. Strengthen your immune system:

    immune system

    When we travel in an aircraft, we are prone to germs and various diseases that spread easily through the air because of the low pressure of the flight. To protect ourselves from getting caught in these, it is very important for us to build up the immune system and make it strong enough to fight with the germs and illnesses that attack us constantly. Eating healthy and staying healthy are the major factors that affect our immune system. Get a check-up before flying, if possible.

  2. Carry an empty bottle:

    Empty Bottles

    This might sound somewhat weird to you, but actually is a good thing that can rescue in case of any danger. If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that while being in the air, you are likely to feel dehydrated and you might not get the water or required beverages all the time. Carrying your own bottle can make you deal any such situation and save from any kind of emergency. So, carry it with you whenever you are flying.

  3. Use restroom before boarding:


    It is advised to use the restroom before boarding as it not only helps in taking a comfortable journey, but, even saves from the germs that are transmitted while using the loo. Also, you’ll be able to stay away from the air pressure that builds up in the washroom during the journey. Waiting in the queues is yet another problem one might have to face, so using it before boarding is much better. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any kind of germ infection.

  4. Eat a healthy meal before you board the flight:


    It is assumed that eating before the flight may get into the condition of nausea during the journey. But, if you eat right and in the perfect quantity, you’ll be able to make the most of your travel. Since the food served during the journey is usually packed and pre-cooked, there are chances that it may contain bacteria and germs. Hence, eating a self-prepared and healthy meal will give you a better experience. So, the next time you fly, carry or have good food.

  5. Carry a Sanitizer:


    The airports, flights and toilets might look clean but they are not all the time. Using a sanitizer is the best way to fight with the germs that get transferred to us by various mediums. A sanitizer should be kept handy while shaking hands, using the restrooms and even eating during the flight, doing these things will not only give you a good habit, in fact, will also ensure your good health, which is hard to manage while flying, especially on long-haul flights.

Follow these travel tips when you fly the next time and help yourself in taking a happy and hassle free journey.