5 Things That You Should Never Do In a Hotel

Traveling involves a lot of hustle and bustle, moving from one place to another and much more. While we are on a hunt of finding a good place to explore, there is also a need of finding a good accommodation that helps us to relax and get charged up for the next expedition. Staying in a hotel is the best way of taking a break from the journey and finding a suitable one makes the trip even more memorable. We usually strive to crack a good hotel deal in order to have a budget-friendly vacation, which is not a bad idea, but there are some more things that need to be taken care of. Here are the few things that you should always keep in mind at the time to checking into a hotel.

  1. Hiding Illegal Stuff: You might be able to pass the security check at the hotel entry with your special stuff, such as liquor, drugs, etc., but you don’t be glad and thankful as you might get caught afterwards too. There are certain sensors fitted in various corners of the hotel that can easily detect the presence of some illegal stuff and hence can put in a major trouble. There are some places which secretively allow the use of hard drinks, but carrying other things is not advisable at all.
  2. Hiding Illegal Stuff

  3. Never Lean on the Window: According to a report by the CNN, 11 people got injured while leaning on the window during their stay at the hotel. Most of the people have the habit of leaning on the window, especially when the room has a balcony with some amazing views. Doing so can put your life at risk as you cannot rely on the window panes, so it’s better to stay away from them. Even if you are likely to sit on it, ask the hotel staff to check it.
  4. Never Lean on the Window

  5. Careful Use of Hotel’s Wi-Fi: While traveling to a far away or an international destination, many travelers do not have access to the internet, but when they get one in their hotel, they usually start using it excessively. Though there is no harm in doing so, but for some reasons, it should be operated carefully. While browsing through the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you are giving them a chance to peep into your personal accounts. So, make sure your important information doesn’t gets leaked. Many hackers use these sources to attack on various sites.
  6. Careful Use of Hotel Wi-Fi

  7. Don’t Tell Your Room Number to the Outsiders: Imagine that the guess you just met at the reception is at your doorstep asking for you to come for a coffee? You’ll definitely be shocked to see him/her in your room, right? Well, this could probably happen if you the receptionist announces your room number too loudly. Before taking your keys, it is better to keep an eye on the surroundings so that nobody else is having an access to your room. You should ask for another room if you think it’s already heard.
  8. Dont Tell Your Room Number to the Outsiders

  9. Never Open the Door Before Confirming: Suppose that you got a knock at your room’s door at 2 am. You’ll definitely be surprised, but do not open the door at all. Just ask for the person who is outside and open only if you know and trust the person fully. Never open the door before checking the see-through hole on the door as you never know what’s waiting outside for you, a guest, and a stranger or may be a ghost. Taking precautions can help you save from a lot of problems.
  10. Never Open the Door Before Confirming

Following the tips can surely make the best of your trip. You can enjoy comfortable stays at highly affordable prices with cheap hotel deals on Travelation and save huge on your vacation with these hotel deals.