Ways To Make Long Flight Journey Comfortable

A long-haul flight in coach can torture the body of even the most seasoned traveler and test his nerves. But small accessories in your carry bag can boost comfort and reduce stress level considerably. Here are some tips to help ease the pains of a long-haul flight and make your journey more comfortable:

Reserve a Good Seat: - Always try to reserve the window seat if you want to sleep during travelling. And try to avoid seats near the toilets/ lavatories as other passengers will be accessing these regularly. It is common on long flights for there to be lines, and people walking to or from the toilets may bump or knock your seat. Also keep in mind that the noise and light that escapes when the door is opened may be disturbing, especially when trying to sleep.


Wear Comfortable Cloths: - When you are choosing your flight wardrobe avoid belts, ties or big buttons avoid anything that can pinch, poke you or constrict. Always try to use soft cottons, fleece, cashmere or any material that can make your journey comfortable.


Bring a Travel Pillow: - Always bring a travel pillow or head restraint along with you and try to avoid using the inflatable ones. Other option is the inflatable Komfort Kollar because it consumes the least space and weighs practically nothing.


Bring Something to Entertain Yourself: - Always carry something to entertain yourself like ipod, movies, songs, CD player. You could also bring a new book that you like or portable game or also picking out new magazines at the airport before you leave is a fun way to start your trip.


Bring Some Snacks: - Take some sweets or other snacks with you. Granola bars, homemade scones, trail mix are good choices. Most airline meals tend to be low in protein and high in carbohydrates.


Refreshing Accessories: - In every couple of hours spray hydrating mist on your face during the flight. It cools and soothes the skin by moistening it. Also bring toothbrush for refreshing of your mouth. Always carry necessary medications, hand sanitizer, noise canceling headphones, a water bottle, and fuzzy socks. Use eye drop whenever your eyes feel dry. Also carry lip balm to o protect your lips from becoming painfully dry. Bring a small container of hand lotion or cocoa butter if your skin dries easily.


Stretching: - Technically not a way to make your seat better and more comfortable, standing and stretching regularly can do wonders for your overall comfort level on a flight. Stretching can help combat muscle cramping and fatigue and is an important protective measure against deep vein thrombosis, which can develop when you sit for long periods. Whenever possible, get up every hour or two.


So when you board a long hour flight follow these tips and stay comfy. Make sure you get a good sleep so you’re all set and recharged to begin your new journey.