Best Independence Day Celebrations in the USA

One of the most important federal holiday is just a few weeks away from now and everyone around you might be planning on celebrating the Independence Day in a different style to make the 4th of July in 2017 a memorable day of their lives. If you too feel like doing something different and often felt running late on planning, then you are just at the right place as here we are inspiring you to make sure you don’t just sit down at your home and watch parades on the television whilst others are making the best of the Independence Day this year. This 4th of July, plan a vacation that will not only bring the patriotism in your veins, but also add many more memories in your journal. So, if you are ready to go on a voyage this year without leaving the spirit of Independence Day, then following are the best options to enjoy Independence Day in the United States with the finest celebrations as well as many more perks to enjoy a happening vacation:


  1. Washington D.C.

The capital city of the United States that has been the finest icon as well as first place that may come in your mind when you hear 4th of July. A city that enjoys the 4th of July as the biggest event of the year with an immense parade and ample galas and events going around, Washington is probably the first choice of everyone to enjoy the beauty and charm of 4th of July. So, if you are ready to take a stroll down the capital of the United States to witness the incredible galas and parades going on, then you must book your flights to Washington right away and have the most splendid getaway experience this Independence Day.

  1. Philadelphia

The birth place of American liberty, Philadelphia is like a mecca for patriots in the United States who get all pumped-up by the arrival of Independence Day, Philadelphia is among the most fascinating and renowned places that celebrate 4th of July event on such a large scale. With key places like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Museum of Arts, people visiting this part of the United States can now enjoy the spellbinding parade along with the outstanding fireworks that are initiated from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Also, there are many galas and concerts organized on the day that are not just great to enjoy, but also free to be a part of.

  1. Bristol

A city that has been the oldest one to celebrate the 4th of July with its historical parades, Bristol is something that will give you the heights of patriotism with its purity of spirits and outstanding preparations to make the celebration of The Day much more interesting and large. The preparations that begin three weeks earlier to paint the main roads of the city in the flag colors and celebrate the arrival of 4th of July with a number of events and concerts throughout the city, Bristol is a perfect place to be this 4th of July.

  1. Las Vegas

Probably the quirkiest nights of the whole year, 4th of July in Las Vegas is the most amazing and surreal experiences you can have in your entire life. With hotels and casinos offering a different theme featuring great deal of drinks, menus, events, DJs, theme parties and galas, Las Vegas makes the most unique and interesting experiences of the Independence Day with its own interpretation. So, if you like doing things differently whilst keeping the original spirits of the day alive, Las Vegas can be the most amazing delights you can come across in the party capital of the west.

  1. San Francisco

4th of July Celebration in San Francisco is the most amazing experiences you can have. With fireworks from the Fisherman’s Wharf, a number of concerts that begin from 4PM in the evening without any entry fee or ticket, outstanding range of offers and dining delights and much more, San Francisco give its own pleasure of making the 4th of July a big deal among visitors as well as natives. Although, the history of 4th of July is not as old as other states of the East, but if you are planning on doing something different with less crowd and more dynamism, then San Francisco will be the most amazing experiences you can come across.

The celebration of the Independence Day in the United States is something that you won’t even find on the day of Christmas or even on the New Year’s Eve, so no matter where you land, there will be something special and interesting going on that you can enjoy. We don’t know which place will suit you the most or may fall in your budget, but one thing that we know for sure that by booking your flights to USA will give you myriad options to save a fortune on your travel expenses. All you need is to consider the services of Travelation to book Independence Day special flights and you are all good to go with some handsome deals and offers we give away to make your vacation interesting, pocket-friendly as well as seamless.

Independence Day Celebration in the USA

4th of July, the day that has a significance in the history of the USA when the nation got its independence from the British rule and came forth as an independent nation. Now days, the day is a federal holiday celebrated every year with great pomp and show in every single part of the United States of America. One of the biggest festivals celebrated across the USA, Independence Day is celebrated every year in various styles by people around the States and make the most enthralling experience for tourists visiting US from across the globe. Whether you are at the Eastern Coasts, the Western region, at the northern part or at the south, you will find people around you get ready for the big celebration of the US independence. Here are the way, you can enjoy the celebration of Independence Day:

Independence Day

Barbecue or BBQ
The most traditional way of welcoming the anniversary of Independence Day, a BBQ get together is the most common way of enjoying a holiday at home. The day when people set up barbecue at the outdoors of their houses and invite people they love to celebrate the day while hitting on some booze and enjoying the show on their television sets. This is the most traditional way to celebrate the federal holiday and if you forgot the BBQ setup, you will find someone who will invite you to be a part of the celebration going on at his/her home.

The 4th of July parade is the finest parade around the world and are the most awaited events take place in the North American region. Most of the biggest and smallest cities have their own Independence Day Parade, organized by the local organizations to honor the patriots, the country and the history of long freedom fight. The parade includes a long stretch of people gathering around as well as drum bands, floats and so much more. Every year, travelers and locals gather around these parades in the biggest cities of the region and experience the festivities.

The most important as well as common way of celebrating the 4th of July in the US is the fireworks. Almost every city and state organizes a big show of fireworks on the day and you can hear popping sound of the fireworks all day long. Whether it is the celebration proceedings by the organizations or the locals who are doing the same at their lawn or from the terrace, you will never come short from seeing these adorable fireworks. The finest way to show the love for the country, fireworks are the most beautiful thing and most loved attractions of the US Independence Day celebration.

Attending 4th of July Event
Recently, many of the city have been organizing myriad Independence Day events including music festivals, gigs, stage shows, dance shows and so much more on big scale to celebrate the biggest federal celebration of the year. Locals as well as tourists love to book their tickets to the festive season, special events and join with the people they love the most whilst getting indulged in the magnificent celebration as well as dynamic performances by the most renowned artists of the region.

Beach Travel
As the 4th of July lies in the season of summer, most of the locals hit the various beaches across the nation to enjoy a wonderful holiday spell away from home and beat the heat of the sun. This time is perfect to get some special Independence Day flight sale and book flight tickets with special discounts available at the various travel agencies in the market to make a much needed getaway with family and friends to rejuvenate the love and affection among whilst soaking up some sun at the beaches of Miami, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and more.

Although, there are several other ways which are followed by the locals to celebrate the Independence Day in a traditional way like watching patriotic movies, going to charity and more, but if you are a true traveler and love to convert every occasion a perfect time to escape, Independence Day flight deals will help you to save a fortune whilst enjoying a great break away from home.