Things to Remember About Memorial Day

Memorial Day or formally known as the “Decoration Day” is among the most prestigious events in the USA, organized to show the gratitude and honor the martyrs from US Army who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep the safety and prosperity of the nation. Observed on every last Monday of May, the occasion is much more than a weekend vacation. Cities and towns including Washington, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and all other places across the USA host the parade of the Memorial Day along with many military personnel along with veteran organizations. Here are a few facts that everyone should remember about Memorial Day:

Memorial Day

The origin of Memorial Day

In 1868, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, it was started in the remembrance of the soldiers who died during the Civil War. A massacre which took more than half of million soldiers. The day when the family and volunteers from different veteran organizations gather around the cemeteries of soldiers and decorate their graves with flowers and the national flag to honor their sacrifice.

Progression of Memorial Day

Over the period of time, the Decoration Day begun to organize a tribute to not only those martyrs who died during Civil War, but also in various other battle nation witnessed. Whether it is World War I or any other conflict. People of the USA started to show their tribute to all the brave soldiers who died saving the nation and its prosperity. It was the time when the annual event was observed on May 30th every year.

Customs of Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, the national flag is raised till the half of the staff and kept alike till the noon, then people raise it to the top of the staff till the sunset. The half-mast position is a symbol of remembrance of those half of million soldiers who gave their lives during the war. Whereas the full-mast position is in the honor of living veterans.

Memorial Day Must be celebrated

The congress from Capitol Hill created a law which states that it is mandatory to celebrate Memorial Day. Not that we need a law or reason to celebrate the occasion that honors the freedom fighters, yet there is a moment of remembrance which is fixed at 3 PM (local time) on Memorial Day. The celebration where everyone attends the parade, people go to the war cemetery and show their respect towards the martyrs or pay a visit to the war veterans.

How People Actually Celebrate Memorial Day

Now days, people from across the United States celebrate the festival by attending the parade, going to the various war Cemeteries, setting barbecue at home and enjoy get together and much more. As it makes a long weekend, many people plan an escape to the nearby destinations and celebrate the vacation with family and friends.

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