Top 5 Places to Witness Best New Year Fireworks

The glee of New Year is hard to describe in the mere words and to give everyone the glimpse of excitement, the firework shows are arranged worldwide. As the clock hits midnight, most of the cities worldwide enjoy the sparkling skies with colors and extravagant fireworks. For most of us, this view of the sky is an astonishing experience and many of us can travel hundreds of miles to have the perfect night with lightened skies. So, for those who share the same feeling and planning to have a vacation to witness the best New Year fireworks, we have brought a wonderful list of top 5 places to witness the best New Year fireworks:

  1. Sydney Harbour, Sydney

Sydney Harbour, Sydney

Sydney is known across the globe for its fascinating and enthralling fireworks on the New Year’s Eve and people from every part of the world tend to visit here to witness such a magnificent occasion. Featuring the bewitching and heavenly firework show that gets ignited from the waterfronts of the Sydney Harbour and nearby buildings, the firework show in Sydney is beyond explanation. The outstanding weather conditions, clear skies, thousands of tourists and amazing fireworks show is just the idea of what you can witness here. Though the airfares and hotel prices may stump you at first place, but if you get the chance to find the best place for fireworks in the Oceania region, Sydney should be on top of your preference list.

  1. London Eye, London

London Eye, London

The British capital have always been among the most favorite places for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the European region and that too for a valid reason. The firework show from the London Eye is something that is hard to describe in words. The spectacular show that is witnessed by thousands of tourists and millions of locals is as amazing as it gets. The ferry wheel become the eye of attraction among locals on the New Year’s Eve when people enjoy witnessing the bewitching fireworks that last for several minutes and begins from the first bang of Big Ben. The riverfront in the surroundings of the Tower Bridge is the best hotspot to witness such a charming view of the fireworks and see the whole sky filled with colorful sparkling lights.

  1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Already famous as “the City of Lights”, Paris is too one of the hot beacons for travelers seeking a perfect firework show in the Europe. The already deserving Eiffel Tower becomes even more beautiful and astonishing on the New Year’s Eve when the place becomes the source of the fireworks and giving the bewitching backdrops of your midnight kiss. There are several times when the Eiffel Tower host the light show that begins from 11 PM and last till the fireworks begin and give people a glimpse of why this city is known as the City of Lights. The firework show is huge and require no pre-booking. However, on the New Year’s Eve, if you are seeking a great dinner and looking for a view of the Eiffel Tower from your restaurant, you should consider booking your tables well in advance.

  1. The Strip, Las Vegas

The Strip, Las Vegas

Most of the people know New York City is a great place for a splendid NYE, but if you are looking for something extraordinary and bewitching, then head to the oasis of the Nevada deserts and witness the best American fireworks of the New Year’s Eve at the Strip of Las Vegas. The Sin City is globally famous for making the New Year’s Eve grand enough to remember for eternity and if you are looking for a domestic getaway on the New Year’s Eve, then this place can be your perfect escape point for the best experiences of all. Though the fireworks are best in the surroundings of the Strip, but if you are looking for a bit extra, Las Vegas has abundant options to offer.

  1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The Emirati crown city of Dubai is most known for its fireworks after beating the record of largest isolated fireworks in a city under the shortest period. In recent years, the city has grown to people and have become a hot beacon for tourists to enjoy a fascinating firework show and much more on the New Year’s Eve. Though the Burj Khalifa has been the center of attraction for tourists for its spectacular firework show and exquisite light show, but if you are looking for much more with luxury and comfort, then there are plenty of things to enjoy around the Atlantis and other parts of the city.

Apparently, there are many places across the Asia, Europe, Americas, Middle-East and more that are featuring one of the best fireworks of all time. However, finding a perfect is a big hassle since the places around you might not be as extravagant as others. So, if you are ready for a bewitching and fantastic firework show at the most reputed places around the world, then you should start considering packing the bags and book your New Year flight deals with Travelation to your favorite place and enjoy a happening New Year’s Eve with colors that will glitter the skies as the clock hits the midnight.

The 5 Most Popular New Year’s Destinations in the World

So, what’s you are planning for the New Year? This will be the most common question you are going to be asked around especially in office and in the get together with friends. In case, you haven’t planned for anything special this New Year and looking for something grand to celebrate when the clock hits down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, here is the high time when you should think about some awesome ways of welcoming the year 2017. To give you an idea, there is no better way to enjoy the New Year, than visiting some of the most amazing and astounding New Year destinations across the world, we are giving you a list of the 5 most popular New Year’s destinations in the world. So, if you are thinking to celebrate the big occasion and welcome the 2017 in a splendid way, check out the list and plan your New Year’s vacations accordingly:

  1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

A city that has the finest range of skylines in the region, Hong Kong sure knows how to give the locals as well as worldwide tourists a tremendous joy on the first moment of New Year. Each year, thousands of voyagers from not only in the Far-East, but from the rest of the world gather around the city and enjoy the pleasant and wonderful celebration of New Year in the Chinese autonomous territory nestled on the shores of South China Sea. Featuring pyrotechnic dragons and loads of fireworks along with massive parties and celebrations, New Years in Hong Kong has become a trending thing for voyagers across the globe. So, if you feel like having a grand celebration in Asian style, Hong Kong is the place just for you.

  1. London, England

London, England

Welcome the 2017 with the chimes from the iconic Big Ben at the midnight when the entire British capital gives a cheerful sound and the skies sparkles with all the hues of happiness and joy. The British capital have been one of the most iconic places to enjoy New Year’s celebration across the Europe, giving a tough competition to the sister city Edinburgh and the panoramic symbol of love Paris. The grand celebration consist of wonderful light shows, fireworks, galas and a lot more that has been deriving voyagers to take New Year travel deals and visit this spellbinding conurbation of the England.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Imagine the tallest tower in the world surrounded by the colorful fireworks, light shows and infinite joy and cheering of crowd. If you imagine Burj Khalifa in your mind, then you have been thinking of a perfect place to celebrate the New Years. A pleasant city that itself have been a marvel, Dubai knows how to give a luxurious and wonderful celebration of the New Year. However, it is considered that New Year celebration in Dubai can cost you a fortune, but if you have been planning well in advance with smart traveling tips, you will come across some great travel deals and can take the advantages of New Year flight deals to visit and have a firsthand experience in the most spellbinding conurbation of the UAE.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

There is no doubt, that when the ball drops, the huge crowd of New York City can make anyone envy for being not there. The artistic and cultural capital of the region, Big Apple sure have been one of the top choice for Americans as well as the tourists from across the world. The gorgeous celebration, fireworks and galas at Times Square have been the biggest highlights for the natives as well as viewers enjoying the live shows at home in different continents. Piece of advice, if you are planning a New Year celebration in the New York, pack your food along as food vendors are not permitted in the area of the party on the day of New Year. So, if you feel like joining a massive crowd of millions of people when the ball drops and clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve, New York is the right place for you.

  1. Sydney, Australia


The biggest and foremost iconic place for the New Year Celebration, Sydney is one of the finest choices for the travelers to welcome and enjoy New Year. A city that is one of the firsts to witness the New Year (Time Zone wise), Sydney makes a picture perfect place to enjoy infinite enjoyment, parties and galas in the Oceania whilst witnessing a massive and one of the fines fireworks shows of the world at Sydney Harbour. The captivating light and fire show is seen by millions of viewers across the world on myriad tubes and website. So, if you feel like having the firsthand experience of the biggest first New Year’s celebration of 2017, plan your vacation to Sydney this instant.

There are tons of other places such as Edinburgh, Washington, Paris, Beijing, Goa, Wellington, Kuala Lumpur and more that can make a wonderful New Year celebration destination for you. However, it is entirely up to your budget and preferences where you wish to celebrate the big day. So, if you have figured out your vacation destination for New Year’s travel, quickly start packing and take the advantages of New Year travel deals available with Travelation.

How to Travel Cheap on Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year are those two great events when everyone is brimming with joy and happiness. It is that time of the year when we meet our friends, family, relatives and family friends. Most of us have to travel to long and short distances in order to get in touch with them, which is a major hassle not only in terms of traveling but also for money. Traveling on these days is unavoidable and the cost of meeting our loved ones is paid to the airlines and the travel agents, but the joy of reunion makes us forget everything.

Each time this happens and we have to ignore for the sake of our family. But the situation is no longer going to be the same from now onwards because we are giving certain tips on how to save money while traveling on these days.

  1. Book in Advance: Christmas and New Year are two such events that fall on fixed dates, i.e. every year we celebrate them on the respective dates and they never get changed. Taking advantage of this thing, we can save a huge amount of money on our travel by booking our flights in advance. We know we have to fly home, so making the preparations 2-3 months prior can help us save big. So next time when you are planning to visit any of your relatives or friend, book your tickets in September to avoid last minute charges.
  2. Book in Advance

  3. Keep an Eye to all major airlines: Tracking all the offers of almost all the airlines is another way of saving yourself from the huge fares during Christmas and New Year. Most of the airlines circulate extra discounts and offers to its members and signing up for these offers can make you lucky too. Also, you can compare the prices of different airlines and then book your seat with the airline that has the lowest fare. Doing this will not only help you in getting great discounts, but you can enjoy the pleasure of being a special customer for both the airlines.
  4. Keep an Eye to all major airlines

  5. Avoid Last Minute Bookings: This is the biggest mistake most of the travelers make during the major events like Christmas and New Year. They usually book the tickets last minute assuming that the airline is providing extra discounts in lieu of the event, but actually the airlines add extra charges in the form of taxes, etc. and rob the pocket of the customers. To save yourself from being into this kind of situation, always take advance actions and plan your trip accordingly. This will not just avoid inconvenience, but will also allow you to buy extra gifts from the savings that you made by booking the seat early.
  6. Avoid Last Minute Bookings

  7. Be Flexible: Becoming flexible in traveling means adjusting the travel dates according to the event and the festivals. Suppose you have to celebrate New Year with a faraway friend, do book a ticket of a day before the event as it can help you save huge. The same thing is applicable with the timings of the travel as well, flying at odd hours like early in the morning and taking the last flight in the night can give you the opportunity of flying at comparatively lower rates. Think before you book your ticket next time.

Be Flexible

Now when you have the tricks, book carefully and intelligently. Travelation has great offers for Christmas Day travel and New Year travel, do not forget to explore them all.