Best Presidents Day Celebrations Across the USA

Among many federal holidays, President’s Day is one of the most astonishing and desired days across the America. The day which is celebrated to remember and cherish the birth of the former presidents of the United States that helped in making the nation a better place and transformed the country in the way that can suit best to everyone. Though, people have found President’s Day a perfect time to enjoy a long weekend, but there is certainly much more on this day that you can explore. So, here we are with the best President’s Day Celebrations across the USA that will give you the exact idea of how this festival should be celebrated:

President Day

  1. Washington D.C.

President’s Day in the US Capital is celebrated with great pomp and show and if you are thinking to visit here on this auspicious occasion, you will find plenty of things going around across the city. Washington D.C. is undoubtedly the most amazing and spellbinding place for a spectacular experience of President’s Day and if you are seeking some patriotic feeling with loads of extravagant celebrations, this city can serve you best. With attractions like parades, exhibitions, special concerts and many more events, you can surely have a thriving President’s Day here. Needless to say, the cost of accommodation and flight can be really expensive, so if you are thinking to make it happen, book your flights to Washington D.C. and stays in the city quickly.

  1. Alexandria

Home to some of the most exquisite and unique patriotic attributes, the conurbation of Virginia, Alexandria is a seamless getaway for everyone. Fly your way to Virginia and get delighted by the largest President’s Day parade organized here every year and witness the extravagant celebration which is impossible to find elsewhere. Additionally, there are several other events and galas organized here in Alexandria including the Annual Birth Night Ball, footstep walk in the historic Alexandria, Historic camp and tactical demonstration held in Gadby’s Tavern, King Street and Fort Ward Museum respectively. Also, there are several other functions organized here that will surely give you a delight you can’t forget.

  1. Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is known for being the home of the First President George Washington and being the birth anniversary which is celebrated in the form of President’s Day, this day is extremely special for this bewitching conurbation of Virginia. Go by the Mount Vernon Estate and witness the variety of events held for 3 whole days that include demonstration of various activities, storytelling ceremonies, music galas, theater shows and much more. Additionally, being a heritage site that hold a huge relevance in the history of the USA, this place can give you something to remember for the rest of your life. The fantastic weather conditions and exquisite celebrations will give you three days filled with loads of scenic memories.

  1. Sacramento

The thriving Californian capital is like the biggest hub for the West Coast to cherish the birth of George Washington and many more presidents in the USA. Known to be the epicenter of the history and culture of the state, Sacramento has plenty of things to showcase on this auspicious occasion. The array of bewitching activities held in Sacramento on this day are really picturesque and you can easily spend a quality time here whilst savoring on the beautiful culture and natural bliss of this city. Go for the transcontinental railroad ride or have a quality time exploring the historical attractions of the city during bewitching President’s Day weekend in California.

  1. New York City

New York is undoubtedly the most scenic city when it comes to cultural, religious or even federal holidays. The charm of the city itself is sufficient to make you feel the festivities of the holidays and when the city comes out of closet to celebrate the President’s Day the charm can increase manifolds. The home of several world-class museums and galleries that are treasuring many relics from the past of the USA, New York City offer an enigmatic experience. Additionally, various galas, theme parties and music concerts organized on the day of President’s Day are really superb. So, if you are thinking for a glamorous outing on President’s Day, NYC can be a perfect choice for you.

USA has been observing and celebrating the birth of George Washington and many more presidents afterwards under the title of President’s Day with of course different names. However, the celebration revolves around many picturesque festivities and rituals that has given people a chance to enjoy this big day with spectacular celebrations. So, if you too have been desiring about a seamless President’s Day this year, then pick a destination as per your preference and book President’s Day special flight deals from Travelation to avail our discounted deals and special offers available online for a happening getaway with loads of memorable moments.