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The Romantic Side of Africa

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

African continent have always been considered as among the most culturally and naturally diverse regions in the whole world and people have always found this part of the world as a perfect place to explore the nature, culture and heritage and have planned their vacations accordingly. However, most of the tourists have been overlooking the fact that many of the cities across the African continent are quite amazing for couple getaway and even if we skip some of the finest honeymoon destinations like Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius, there are an abundant number of cities that can give you a dreamy getaway experience, filled with loads of charming moments and captivating experiences. So, if you are ready to plan a dreamy escape to Africa and like to have a first-hand experience of such a delightful attribute of this dynamic continent, then you should visit the following places:

  1. Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Couples who are ready to go for their honeymoon and share the same interest of wilderness and adventure and wish to get going with similar sort of experiences along with an incredible range of settings and captivating accommodation options can visit to one of the most popular national parks of Kenya, Masai Mara. Featured in the list of Big 5 African Grassland list, Masai Mara National Park is among the most spellbinding wilderness regions in the whole nation, ideally famous for its outstanding array of flora, fauna and natural landscape diversity. Besides, there are many programs and expedition trips that are specially designed for adventure-loving couples and capable to give you the most spectacular experience of Romantic Africa.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Often underestimated because of the capital Dar es Salaam and other picturesque cities of Tanzania, Zanzibar is among the most naturally isolated and captivating getaway destinations, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and featuring a vast collection of marine life as well as coral reefs around the various islands nestled off-the-coasts of the mainland of Africa. With its awe-inspiring and opulent array of resorts and accommodation options, you can enjoy not just the purest form of the nature, but also get pampered with the incredible variety of amenities, activities and features this region has. There are ample villages that are great places to explore and learn about the friendly culture of Tanzania whilst gazing around the picturesque backdrops of the scenic regions.

  1. Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar

Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar

Madagascar have always been a renowned place for its wilderness especially zebras and if you are planning on going for a romantic vacation to Africa, then you must consider visiting Belo Sur Mer, which is a splendid, isolated and diverse island located off the coasts of the mainland of Madagascar. In recent years, loads of couples have begun to visit here and have spending the most picturesque and quality time with the love of their lives whilst savoring on the spellbinding natural bliss and captivating culture of natives that have been the reason behind making this small and simple island into a place worth visiting as a couple.

  1. Cape Winelands, South Africa

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Couples who enjoy visiting on wine tasting tours rather than a shopping extravaganza will definitely feel themselves connected by visiting one of the prominent wine producing cities of South Africa Cape Winelands. A sprawling city, ideally famous for its vineyards and exquisite backdrops of scenic mountains, Cape Winelands is one of a few splendid places that gives a couple the much needed quality time in their lives to lose all the burden of daily hectic life and enjoy the moment with high spirits and tasting some of the most amazing African potations. Although, Cape Winelands doesn’t look like a place for honeymoon at first glance, but once you break the ice of a typical African region, you will come across myriad reasons why you should visit here over and over again.

  1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

A prominent resort city of Egypt, globally renowned for being nestled on the shores of the Sinai Peninsula and its spellbinding coastal stretch, Sharm el-Sheikh is among the most outstanding and bewitching getaway options for couples to enjoy a laid-back, pampering and fun trip in Africa. With attributes that are no lesser than any beach getaway destination of the Caribbean, Europe and the Southeast Asia, Sharm el-Sheikh has been considered as one of the most amazing, pocket-friendly and superb options for a romantic vacation in the region. Besides, the awesome nightlife will give you many moments to rejuvenate your love and old spark over again.

Finding a perfect couple getaway destination is not as difficult as finding romantic travel deals for your type of vacation. There are endless options in the African continent that can serve myriad interests and purposes, but only a few of them are capable to give you the experience of Romantic Africa. So, if you are ready to enjoy this flip side of African continent and have prepared yourself with a destination and time of your pick, all you need is to get some great romantic travel deals from Travelation and you are good to go and enjoy a picturesque, memorable and dreamy getaway experience in Africa.

Top Romantic Getaways For Your Next Vacation

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Spending time with your loved one is always a good idea. Our hectic routines become a barrier most of the times in communicating and showing love and affection to our beloved. Romantic moments are usually special and make you feel good. The best way to create some good memories is by traveling together to a lovely destination that will add a stroke of charm to the trip and enlighten up the spark of love. So, while you are planning to woo your partner and give a break to your monotonous routine, here are some romantic getaways you can visit to make your vacation all the more whimsical.

  1. Maui: This second largest island of Hawaii is the on the top list of our picks of romantic getaways for you. The pristine beaches, natural scenic beauty and the cheerful aura will make you fall in love with your partner again. It is a popular destination among the honeymooners, so you can see a plenty of lovey-dovey couples that can put you in the state of awestruck.
  2. Maui

  3. Kauai: Nicknamed as “the Garden Isle”, Kauai is another island destination that has tremendous spots which will make you feel the love in the air. The breathtaking coastal range, rain forests and the unspoiled beaches are the main attraction of this place which makes it a well-known spot among the travelers, especially couples. Take your loved one to this astonishing destination and relive your special moments.
  4. Kauai

  5. Aspen: Aspen has been a famous getaway destination among the lovebirds who love cuddling in the cold breeze and enjoying the ice skiing. The best time to visit it is at the beginning of the winters when the natural beauty is at its best. The wonderful sights will make your vacation worth a while and you’ll be pleased by the impeccable charm of the destination.
  6. Aspen

  7. Napa Valley: Surrounded by wineries all around, this beautiful valley is an amazing place for wine lovers and couples too. Lush green mountains, extraordinary views and the warmth of your love is going to give you a never before vacation experience. There are many resorts and hotels too, that are built in special locations, keeping in mind the travelers who come here to create and spend special time with their loved ones.
  8. Napa Valley

  9. Lana’i: This remote island is like a blessing for the couples who look forward to enjoy their vacation without anyone’s interferences. The tiny landscapes, exuberant resorts and the cold breeze are enough to make you feel like being in a paradise. You can even enjoy deep sea fishing, horse riding, lawn bowling and many more activities while being here. So, take your loved one along and fly to this beautiful place to enhance the beauty and bond of your relationship.
  10. Lanai

There are many more places that can be visited with your loved one, but you need to visit all these before you go anywhere else. Browse through the romantic travel deals on Travelation and enjoy a budget-friendly trip without any hassles.

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