Top 7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling is the freedom of enjoying and exploring new places and making memories. Many people like to travel with their special travel buddies, family and even their family. There are several travelers who love taking solo trips and discovering different destinations on their own. This way they tend to make themselves independent and learn many new aspects too. A lot of people even travel alone to find like-minded travelers, and join them for a new journey.

The trend of traveling solo has become so popular these days that even women have started taking solo trips. Taking a solo trip is an exciting and wonderful thing that prepares a woman in facing the various challenges alone and becoming self-dependent. While it might sound interesting and exciting; there are certain facts that shall be taken care of, in order to have a safe and sound trip. Here are some tips crafted especially for the solo women travelers that will help them organizing and managing the excursion easily.

    Solo Women Travelers

  1. Take help of the GPS: Carrying maps is a traditional and unconventional way of finding directions, moreover, it gives hints to others that you are a stranger for the destinations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone to locate nearby places and get rid of the extra burden of the map as well.

  2. Pack Light: Usually, women tend to take a lot of stuff with them that becomes a trouble sometimes. Packing lighter helps a lot in making the trip convenient and happier. Carrying a small bag will help you move quickly. So, find a small bag and fit all your things into it.

  3. Stay Confident and Careful: The thing that you are traveling alone should not be known to everybody around you. Be confident and careful during your journey and never increase the vulnerability by letting people know about yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to take a safe trip without any hassle.

  4. Travel in Daytime: No matter how far or close your destination is, always travel in the daylight if you are alone. This tip has been given by many experts, keeping in mind the safety of the solo women travelers as the chances of being caught in an unavoidable situation become less.

  5. Carry a safety kit: Prepare a small kit having a Swiss knife, pepper spray and even a whistle; keep it in your easily accessible bag and use whenever there is a need to do so. You’ll never feel scared if you have all these things, thus you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.

  6. Create a list of emergency numbers: Note down the contact numbers of the important people and keep it in your handbag so that you can use them in the case of any emergency. This tip not only ensures your safety but also helps in staying connected with your closed ones.

  7. Use public transport: Hiring private cabs and taxis are an easier way of reaching your destination, but taking public transport helps you in connecting with the local people and makes you familiar about the laws, traditions and the culture of that particular place too. It is convenient and safe too.

Though it’s good to be independent, but at the same time taking precautions is also necessary. Follow these travel tips and have a safe and happy journey.

10 Most Important Safety Tips for Travelers

Traveling is an activity that includes exploring new places, people and spend time with your closed ones. It can be adventurous, fun-filled and full of excitement and sometimes scary too. There are a lot of things and situations that might spoil your vacation and put you into some trouble. Here is the list of the precautions/tips that should be taken while leaving for your trip that will benefit you in a huge manner.

Lock all your luggage carefully: While packing your bags for the trip, make sure that all the luggage which you are taking along, should be packed and locked in a very careful manner. Also, do not forget to check all your luggage before packing it so that you did not miss anything at the time of leaving from your vacation.


Keep a scan copy of your tickets & passport: To avoid any kind of problem, it is suggested that a scanned copy of passport and ticket shall be carried along for the trip. By doing this, you’ll never get stuck in any kind of awkward situation and you can enjoy your vacation smoothly.


Know about the place you are visiting: Take a step further and collect all the information about the place you are visiting. The local language, currency, hotels, transportation, etc. are the few important things that shall be checked while planning your trip as you never know about any unexpected situation which can spoil your trip.

knw about place

Do not carry jewellery and other luxury items: Traveling involves freely moving around and carrying a lot of things might hamper your fun during your vacation. It is better to keep the luggage less and luxury items like jewellery, cash, etc. shouldn’t be taken while going on the trip. The threat of losing them may even become a hurdle in exploring the destination you are traveling.


Carry extra phone/gadget: While packing up all the essential items, keep an extra mobile phone/gadget with you so that you can use the same in the case of any kind of emergency. Carrying an extra charger or a power bank can also prove helpful for you during your holiday.

extra phn

Keep a record of the flights and hotel: Before leaving, make sure that your flight is on time or the conveyance you are taking along is well maintained to avoid any kind of unavoidable circumstances. Also, confirm your stay with the hotel you have booked an accommodation so that there is no confusion and you can travel happily.


Choose your travel buddy carefully: Whether you are traveling with a friend or any acquaintance, it’s better to choose the travel buddy carefully as the success of your vacation on him/her.

travel buddy

Get a health check-up: Before going for a trip, get yourself medically examined by your family doctor to avoid any kind of hassles. Doing so will not only make you enjoy the vacation freely, but would also warn you about any kind of medical disorders that might happen during the journey.

health check up

Keep an eye on your belongings: No matter how carefully you have packed your luggage, there are chances you might lose them. To stay safe, keep a regular check on all your luggage and watch for any kind of problems. A simple mistake can put you in danger too.

eye on belonings

Travel Insurance: While you are leaving for your trip, do not forget to check or renew your travel insurance as you might get to use it in case of any emergency. If you do not have one, it is advised to buy one before heading to the trip so that nothing goes out of our hands even if there is any tragedy.

travel insurance

Keep all the things in mind and create a checklist to keep a track of them. To travel at highly affordable prices, do not forget to check cheap airfare deals on Travelation.

8 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Solo trips can be exciting and great learning experiences. Women around the world have been turning to solo trip in greater number. By practicing some common sense and staying alert and confident, you can safeguard yourself and enjoy a stress-free solo-trip. Here are some safety tips for solo women traveler:

Do Plenty of Research: – Sometimes knowing the destination prior to your arrival is the simplest and most effective way of staying safe. The Internet is a great way to preview the destination of your trip. Check out the potential risks associated with travelling solo in the destination of your choice, learn about the local laws, and get an idea of their customs. Go through online travel forums and travel blogs to get the low-down. They are the best places to learn about the local culture and have your concerns answered in an unprejudiced manner.


Book Your Accommodation Carefully: – Accommodation is an important aspect of travelling, especially when you are a woman travelling alone. Prefer classy hotels located in the middle of the city to cheap lounges and hostels. Before booking a hotel room, ask for important things like road facing windows with curtains, landline phone, Internet access, and hygienic dinning facility. Also, prefer a room with an attached toilet. Avoid rooms on the ground floor as they are more susceptible to nuisance and muggings.


Dress Conservatively: – The rules for dressing vary from country to country. In certain countries, the most restrictive rules apply to women’s dressing. To prevent yourself from harassment, molestation, and even arrests, learn about how to dress in the city you are visiting. Certain countries have dress codes for places of worship and even beaches. Respect them and dress up accordingly.


Maintain a Low Profile: – The key to successful solo travelling is to maintain a low profile. Loud makeup, flashy clothes, posing for a camera on a crowded street, or frequently taking out your smartphone to check directions and the time might draw the wrong kind of attention to you. You should avoid getting involved in fights and arguments with local people. Also, avoid staying out late during the night like walking down the deserted streets, boarding empty trains, and hiring taxicabs are potentially risky after dark.

Low Profile

Don’t Be Over-friendly:- Solo travelling is a great way to do things on your own terms. However, at times it can make you feel lonely. During such occasions, you may get tempted to socialize. Do it wisely. Stay away from people that seem too curious about you. Create boundaries and never be over-friendly. Be cautious about your facial expressions, your voice, and your body language as it may draw unwanted attention to you.


Be Alert in Public Transport: – Stay alert when commuting; public transport is not safe in all countries. Buses, trains, and taxis pose threats to travelers, especially to women travelling single. So when you board transport always note down the registration number of the vehicle you board. In case, you fall victim to an assault or robbery, this will help police track-down the criminals.

Public Transport

Stay Connected: – Stay connected to your loved ones over the Internet and make sure your phone is always in working condition. Update them about your whereabouts and upcoming activities. Also reveal your plans for the day to fellow travelers whom you trust, so that they can reach you in case of a crisis.

Stay Connected

Trust Your Instincts: – Live your life as if most people only want to help, not hurt you. If you are constantly in a state of fear, you get paranoid and slip up. These are the times you leave your bag unattended or miss out the best things your destination has to offer.


Traveling is fun when you listen to your head & heart and act accordingly. As a woman traveler, one must always follow and take precautions while preparing for the trip.