8 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Solo trips can be exciting and great learning experiences. Women around the world have been turning to solo trip in greater number. By practicing some common sense and staying alert and confident, you can safeguard yourself and enjoy a stress-free solo-trip. Here are some safety tips for solo women traveler:

Do Plenty of Research: – Sometimes knowing the destination prior to your arrival is the simplest and most effective way of staying safe. The Internet is a great way to preview the destination of your trip. Check out the potential risks associated with travelling solo in the destination of your choice, learn about the local laws, and get an idea of their customs. Go through online travel forums and travel blogs to get the low-down. They are the best places to learn about the local culture and have your concerns answered in an unprejudiced manner.


Book Your Accommodation Carefully: – Accommodation is an important aspect of travelling, especially when you are a woman travelling alone. Prefer classy hotels located in the middle of the city to cheap lounges and hostels. Before booking a hotel room, ask for important things like road facing windows with curtains, landline phone, Internet access, and hygienic dinning facility. Also, prefer a room with an attached toilet. Avoid rooms on the ground floor as they are more susceptible to nuisance and muggings.


Dress Conservatively: – The rules for dressing vary from country to country. In certain countries, the most restrictive rules apply to women’s dressing. To prevent yourself from harassment, molestation, and even arrests, learn about how to dress in the city you are visiting. Certain countries have dress codes for places of worship and even beaches. Respect them and dress up accordingly.


Maintain a Low Profile: – The key to successful solo travelling is to maintain a low profile. Loud makeup, flashy clothes, posing for a camera on a crowded street, or frequently taking out your smartphone to check directions and the time might draw the wrong kind of attention to you. You should avoid getting involved in fights and arguments with local people. Also, avoid staying out late during the night like walking down the deserted streets, boarding empty trains, and hiring taxicabs are potentially risky after dark.

Low Profile

Don’t Be Over-friendly:- Solo travelling is a great way to do things on your own terms. However, at times it can make you feel lonely. During such occasions, you may get tempted to socialize. Do it wisely. Stay away from people that seem too curious about you. Create boundaries and never be over-friendly. Be cautious about your facial expressions, your voice, and your body language as it may draw unwanted attention to you.


Be Alert in Public Transport: – Stay alert when commuting; public transport is not safe in all countries. Buses, trains, and taxis pose threats to travelers, especially to women travelling single. So when you board transport always note down the registration number of the vehicle you board. In case, you fall victim to an assault or robbery, this will help police track-down the criminals.

Public Transport

Stay Connected: – Stay connected to your loved ones over the Internet and make sure your phone is always in working condition. Update them about your whereabouts and upcoming activities. Also reveal your plans for the day to fellow travelers whom you trust, so that they can reach you in case of a crisis.

Stay Connected

Trust Your Instincts: – Live your life as if most people only want to help, not hurt you. If you are constantly in a state of fear, you get paranoid and slip up. These are the times you leave your bag unattended or miss out the best things your destination has to offer.


Traveling is fun when you listen to your head & heart and act accordingly. As a woman traveler, one must always follow and take precautions while preparing for the trip.