Happiest Airports in America

Dating website MissTravel.com recently surveyed more than 50,000 people to find out which U.S. airports are the happiest. The result is a list of five airports that not only just entertain the passengers, but bring them comfort in the midst of lengthy layovers and delays.

Portland, Oregon: PDX: – Recognized for good shopping and free Wi-Fi, Portland’s airport brings the charm of the city to its terminals. We would also like to add that PDX prides itself on offering unique Oregon shops and restaurants, including some of Portland’s famous food carts and local breweries.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: PHL: – Philadelphia wants to be more than just a good airport. It’s striving to be a good-for-you airport, too. What started last summer as a “Fitness Zone” of stationary bikes and other low-impact exercise equipment has become a permanent collection of exercise bicycles spread throughout the terminals.


Savannah, Georgia: SAV: – Savannah has more fun with its airport than most cities, bringing a bit of Southern charm to the terminal. Its Savannah Square offers plenty of park benches under a high glass ceiling surrounded by shops.

Savannah, Georgia

San Francisco, California: SFO: – SFO is a comfortable airport because it regularly ranks high on the list of hubs with the most delays. Most of the terminals have a clean, modern, airy feel; the food is among the best of any airport anywhere; and free Wi-Fi and interesting shops to help passengers pass the time happily.

San Francisco, California

West Palm Beach, Florida: PBI: – This small, easy-to-navigate airport brings the vacation spirit right into the terminal with a putting green just past security. There is also a spa, a kids’ play area, and local restaurants that don’t inflate their prices at their airport locations.

West Palm Beach, Florida