Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

Traveling solo is much trickier than you think it would be. At first, you don’t have anyone to get your back, second there are plenty of things that you have to carry on your own that could have been shared and helped reducing the luggage weight. And on top of that, if you are a women traveler, there are tons of things that you better be knowing. Becoming a smart traveler doesn’t require a doctorate degree. All it need is some smart travel tips that help you to save a lot of time, efforts and above all money. So, here we are, showing the most amazing things every female traveler should know:

  1. Light packing is the key to successful trip


When we travel, we often think of possibilities of worst scenarios and end up doing over packing. As a result, we are not only stranded alone carrying our heavy luggage, but often get in trouble about what to wear and when. This also brings new problems of laundry that cause way more than you can think especially while getting accommodated in a luxurious hotel. Keeping your wearables sorted is something that should be well practiced for a long journey. For an instant, a couple of jeans a few tops and a couple of dresses are more than sufficient for a week-long trip.

  1. Traveling across the World doesn’t require too much makeup


Unlike business travelers, if you are traveling to explore nature, culture, festivals and other worldly factors, you don’t require too much of makeup. Wearing makeup at the outdoors is a waste of time, money and the efforts as the sweaty streets and polluting roads will dull all the heavy makeups. Instead, try some sunscreen with higher SPF levels to stay away from sunburn and heavy pollution. While traveling in the woods and nearby the natural areas, no one is going to gaze up on you, so you can stroll freely without any makeup at all.

  1. Pre-planning is good, but too much planning is bad


It is often said, planning prior to actions bring great results. However, if you are planning a getaway, planning every step, every hour of your itinerary before taking off will kill the mood of traveling and reduce the fun that could have been better while strolling spontaneously. We often leave our itinerary to our home in case of emergency contact, which is a good thing, but planning every second while you are away doesn’t make a perfect trip. Trying something new, something unique and interesting which can increase the good experience tenfold.

  1. You don’t always need someone’s help to make hard steps


Accept it. There are times when you need someone to take the responsibility of your action and you just find a way to get out from the consequences. Finding a cheaper hotel, budget flights, sightseeing tours, guides and monetary decisions are often taken with the help of others. Well, in case you are traveling alone, you are not going to call your father/mother or the boyfriend to take permission of every step taken. Instead, try exploring new possibilities which can come in handy at some level. Discovering new and exciting things is what a travel is all about.

  1. Following safety measures


The most important thing about traveling is to know when to stop and understanding what are the boundaries. Hitchhiking at a strange place may lead to trouble. Also, getting excited and following too much of adventure can be a dangerous thing unless you are acquainted with every aspect of it. Knowing the emergency contacts and practices of your respective destination is also a great idea to stay safe while traveling late in the night or at the neighborhoods that are considered a little dangerous. Also, it is better to know about the local transport off time and basic calculation of fares.

There are several other things that every female traveler should know including the general behavior of local area, dining etiquettes, cults and more while traveling to the destinations in Asia and Far-East. So, if you are a solo traveler, you might like our suggestions to make a safe, happening and exciting trip. Stay tuned for more travel tips with Travelation and share your views with us on the same.

World’s Most Affordable Destinations for Solo Travelers

Traveling is enjoyable no matter whether you are with your family, friends or someone you love. Yet there are certain places that require to pack the bags alone and fly away. These places require thorough research and a pre-planning based on the safety, attractions and budget. Following are the world’s most affordable destinations for solo travelers that will help you to have a quality time for yourself while keeping the passion of traveling alive in the vein:

London, England


The British capital known to be the cultural, financial and political epicenter of the nation, London plays the most important role in the tourism of the England. The striking skyscrapers, stunning boulevards and adorable culture of the city is absolutely perfect for a solo traveler. The safety of the city is also quite impressive, making London among the safest cities for travelers. Explore the magnificent sites like Big Ben, London Eye, Tower of London, London Bridge, British Museum, Buckingham Palace and a number of stunning attractions and have the most tranquillizing time traveling solo at an affordable price in the Europe.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The urban flair of Amsterdam has always been the most striking thing one can come across and when it comes to solo travel on budget, Amsterdam is no lesser than any other metropolitan city of the world. The Dutch capital Amsterdam has been among the safest, most picturesque and indulging cities of the Netherlands and is giving away an indelible experience to voyagers. Visit Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Dam Square, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Heineken Experience Science Center NEMO, The National Maritime Museum and tons of other attractions that are affordable to visit and have quick access with safe passage for solo travelers.

Bangkok, Thailand


Being the capital city of the Thailand and one of the most visited destinations in the Asian region, Bangkok strikes millions of visitors each year, giving them the most memorable experience of exploring the Thai capital and experiencing the vivid collection of attractions. Whether you fond of food, natural sites, historical attractions, shopping or adventure, Bangkok have everything at an affordable price. Being highly visited by voyagers throughout the year, the city has developed a safe and secured environment for solo travelers and offer them a bewitching experience to visit Bangkok again and again.

Auckland, New Zealand


Often acknowledged among the safest and friendliest cities in the world, Auckland is one perfect destination to enjoy solo and get delighted by the fabulous stretch of natural landscapes and captivating culture. Experience the delight of taking pictures of the skyline from the Sky tower deck or go out for a long drive to the outskirts of the city to enjoy a refreshing break, away from every earthly attraction. Auckland is quite a safe city and indulges both male and female tourists from across the world to travel solo and enjoy the shopping, sightseeing, natural expedition and so much more.

Zurich, Switzerland


The home of leading finance industry of the world and renowned for its exquisite natural stretch as well as tremendous architecture, the refreshing metropolis of Zurich is truly a spellbinding city. A perfect combination of diversity and simplicity, Zurich is among the most desired destinations for solo travelers and is quite affordable if you have a budget place to stay as most of the sightseeing and food are quite affordable in Zurich. A safe city for travelers and paramount to enjoy throughout the year, Zurich is a perfect destination to enjoy solo.

The world is really big and sometimes we are unable to find someone to travel along us. With a few travel tips and a bit of planning, you can keep on traveling and enjoy exploring the eternal beauty of the world.

Top 7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling is the freedom of enjoying and exploring new places and making memories. Many people like to travel with their special travel buddies, family and even their family. There are several travelers who love taking solo trips and discovering different destinations on their own. This way they tend to make themselves independent and learn many new aspects too. A lot of people even travel alone to find like-minded travelers, and join them for a new journey.

The trend of traveling solo has become so popular these days that even women have started taking solo trips. Taking a solo trip is an exciting and wonderful thing that prepares a woman in facing the various challenges alone and becoming self-dependent. While it might sound interesting and exciting; there are certain facts that shall be taken care of, in order to have a safe and sound trip. Here are some tips crafted especially for the solo women travelers that will help them organizing and managing the excursion easily.

    Solo Women Travelers

  1. Take help of the GPS: Carrying maps is a traditional and unconventional way of finding directions, moreover, it gives hints to others that you are a stranger for the destinations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone to locate nearby places and get rid of the extra burden of the map as well.

  2. Pack Light: Usually, women tend to take a lot of stuff with them that becomes a trouble sometimes. Packing lighter helps a lot in making the trip convenient and happier. Carrying a small bag will help you move quickly. So, find a small bag and fit all your things into it.

  3. Stay Confident and Careful: The thing that you are traveling alone should not be known to everybody around you. Be confident and careful during your journey and never increase the vulnerability by letting people know about yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to take a safe trip without any hassle.

  4. Travel in Daytime: No matter how far or close your destination is, always travel in the daylight if you are alone. This tip has been given by many experts, keeping in mind the safety of the solo women travelers as the chances of being caught in an unavoidable situation become less.

  5. Carry a safety kit: Prepare a small kit having a Swiss knife, pepper spray and even a whistle; keep it in your easily accessible bag and use whenever there is a need to do so. You’ll never feel scared if you have all these things, thus you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.

  6. Create a list of emergency numbers: Note down the contact numbers of the important people and keep it in your handbag so that you can use them in the case of any emergency. This tip not only ensures your safety but also helps in staying connected with your closed ones.

  7. Use public transport: Hiring private cabs and taxis are an easier way of reaching your destination, but taking public transport helps you in connecting with the local people and makes you familiar about the laws, traditions and the culture of that particular place too. It is convenient and safe too.

Though it’s good to be independent, but at the same time taking precautions is also necessary. Follow these travel tips and have a safe and happy journey.