The Best Places to Enjoy Your Spring Break

Sunny weather, chirpy birds, colorful surroundings and the beginning of the festive season; all these things come to mind when someone says spring. The pleasure of taking a vacation during this season is mesmerizing and is hard to compare with anything else. People of every age group love to delve into the impact of this bright season and enjoy it wholeheartedly. For students, it is the spring vacation while for others, it is the spring break.

This lovely weather happens to be a great time to take a break from the monotonous life and enjoy at an exotic destination with family, friends and loved ones. March 20 marks the beginning of the spring in 2016 and calls for a beautiful excursion. Below are the top destinations that shall be visited this year to enjoy the spring break.

    Spring Break

  1. Miami Beach: The beaches are always the best option to have a fun-filled and memorable vacation. Visiting Miami is a wonderful idea and can never be missed at all. This spring take a vacation to the Miami Beach to feel the majestic charm of this wonderland. The lively culture and vibrant surroundings of this resort town makes it an amazing and perfect vacation spot. Fests, events, parties and bars are the hallmark of a great spring break at the Miami Beach.

  2. Cancun: The electric nightlife, numerous exotic beaches and the Caribbean culture make Cancun an ideal place to visit during the spring break. It is a renowned destination in the North America and in the world with a large number of attractions and sightseeing opportunities. The beach side resorts add grace to its charm and make vacations all the more remarkable. This easily affordable destination is best for the spring vacation and can be visited with family and friends.

  3. Bahamas: Known for the sandy beaches and a large number of islands, Bahamas is among the most visited destinations and captivates the eyes of visitors with its impeccable charm. Crowded beaches, lively ambience and the temperate weather are a few of the reasons that make the Bahamas a suitable destination for spring break. Away from the hustle of the modern world, a relaxing break can be spent here without any trouble. Students, families and travelers can have unlimited fun here.

  4. Cabo San Lucas: A gem on the southern tip of Mexico’s peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has been picked to enjoy a never before spring vacation experience. The resorts situated on the beaches of this lovely destination, organize special parties and regulate special vacation packages during the season. Popular for its outdoor restaurants and bars, Cabo San Lucas never fails to impress its visitors and shall be visited to make magical memories. Arch of Cabo San Lucas, El Dorado Golf and Beach Club are its major attractions.

  5. Maui: The pleasant atmosphere, composed surroundings and the freedom to enjoy activities like hiking, biking, windsurfing and snorkeling make Maui a lovely place for a fun-filled vacation. Taking a break in the spring to Maui gives a chance to the visitors of enjoying the natural wonders without any extra crowds. Delicious cuisines, lively markets and the dynamic nightlife scenes add charm to the grace of its flawless beauty. Many resorts provide affordable accommodation packages to the visitors to make their stay enduring.

The bells of spring have started ringing and it’s high time to plan an excursion. Plan itinerary and book flights soon to enjoy a joyful vacation.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to South Padre Island for Spring Break 2016

Taking a vacation during the spring season is the best way to get rid of the winter blues and welcome the summers. The perfect weather and the freedom of choosing from a huge list of destinations can make your holiday experience all the more enjoyable and memorable. If you too are looking forward to make your spring break a wonderful affair, then take a break and fly to the South Padre Island, one of the most happening destinations for the spring where you can have unlimited fun.

This barrier island in the Texas has been known for its beautiful beaches, and a number of activities including shopping, fishing, bird watching, boating, swimming, etc. This lively resort town has an impeccable charm that will make you fall in love with it. Spending a vacation here this spring will make you witness some extraordinary and unique things. If you still are not able to make your mind, here is the list of the reasons that will surely urge you to visit it asap. Take a look and plan accordingly.

5 Reasons to Travel to South Padre Island for Spring Break 2016

  1. The beaches: Whether you like to relax and unwind at the beach or love indulging in the various adventurous activities; the beaches of the South Padre Island are perfect for all sorts of vacation. The warm gulf water and the pleasure of enjoying activities, such as swimming, whale watching, enjoying beach fests, etc. make it an ideal spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. No matter who you are traveling along, each and every moment spent here will be filled with joy and glee.

  2. The Ease-to-Access feature: The best part of South Padre Island is that are situated in the heart of the Texas that makes it an easily accessible destination by road. You can make the most of your trip by starting a journey by road and enjoy a road trip with friends and your favorite buddies. So, the real fun of the trip starts from the journey itself. Isn’t that wonderful! What can be better than taking a domestic spring break? Pack your bags and head to this beautiful island today.

  3. The Lip-Smacking Food and Exotic Drinks: This is yet another wonderful thing about taking a vacation in South Padre Island during spring as you get to give a treat to your taste buds with the delicious meals and some of the fine wines and other drinks. There are special arrangements of serving good food, snacks and even drinks during the spring vacation as many people from different corners of the world come to visit it and have a really good time. Food and festivities, isn’t that a perfect combination for a break!

  4. The Events and Fests: South Padre Island witnesses some vibrant and grand feasts during the spring break and that is also one of the best reasons to take a vacation to this wonderland. Pool parties, live music performances, dance festivals, parades, etc. are the common sights that can be experienced during the spring break vacation. Lil Dicky, The Mixed Bag Live, Mega Beach Party and Morning Special Horseback Ride are the top events that can be enjoyed this year. What’s the delay then? Rush to the island now.

  5. The electric nightlife: Last but not the least, the reason that makes us all excited and happy is the nightlife and the flawless grace of South Padre Island’s vibrant nightlife cannot be expressed in words at all. The beachside resorts, pubs, nightclubs and bars of this wonderful resort town are going to give you a never before experience. Shake a leg to the peppy numbers, raise a toast and make the most of your trip by delving into its mystical charisma. Do we need to say more now!

Since, the events have already started taking place in the island, browse spring break travel deals at Travelation and make magical memories.

Panama City Beach Spring Break

Spring Break 2014 is just around the corner and students are gearing up for their week of freedom. There are many popular destinations which you can choose from for relaxing and enjoying your spring break. If you are a beach lover and want to enjoy your spring break on a beautiful beach, Panama City beach is best place for you. Panama City Beach is considered as the spring break capital of the world and has recently been voted as the #1 spring break destination. Spring Break is the largest student event of the year, as close to two million students from across the U.S. travel to various destinations, the most popular destination being Panama City Beach, Florida. The college students from across the globe travel to the stunning white sand beaches of Panama City Beach and enjoy the most exciting Spring Breaks activities!


On the beach you can enjoy wild parties, live concerts, television shows, contests and much more. Fun in the sun and water sports like jet skiing, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving are the main activities which you can participate in. This beach is well known for twenty seven miles of beautiful, soft white sand, and in spring season it is transformed into largest beach entertainment clubs in the world. This is the main reason why thousands of people get attracted to the Panama City beach during spring break festival. For those who want to enjoy party at night, there are many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs available. Club La Vela, the best known nightclub in Panama City Beach is purported to be the largest nightclub in America.

Good times await you, so round up your roomies, pack your beach bag and make plans now – Panama City Beach Spring Break 2014 is waiting. The best way to enjoy your spring break is to plan your spring break vacation early. If you are looking for Spring Break Travel deals then your search ends here. Travelation is offering exclusive Spring Break travel deals and additional discounts for a limited time. Checkout our all Spring Break travel deals here: or you can also call us our toll free number @877-247-7183 and get extra benefits on spring break flight bookings.