Top Thanksgiving Week Destinations

The week of thanksgiving always bring smile on people’s face when you get almost a week off from the work or school and you can enjoy every moment of it with great festivities and paramount company of the people you know. And if you love to explore the world during this week, there are tons of potential destinations for you that will allow a fascinating getaway experience with loads of happiness. This year, plan your thanksgiving week with the people you love and escape to the most stunning and exquisite attractions spread across the USA. Following are a few ideas that will help you decide what sort of getaway you can choose from for a splendid getaway furnished with great thanksgiving travel deals:


  1. Keystone, Colorado

If you love to plan a trip with family, especially with kids, then visiting the slops and snowy mountains of Keystone where you can have a splendid time at the Keystone ski resorts that begins their skiing season in the end of November. Plan a trip to Keystone and have a splendid time defying the gravity and feeling the adventure like never before. Also, the picturesque view of the backdrops and white slopes will refresh your mind and offer some of the greatest family pictures to save in your family scrapbook. Besides, due to the beginning of the season, you can lay your hands on some of the finest thanksgiving travel deals.

  1. Orlando, Florida

There is nothing in the world that can beat Orlando when it comes to a family getaway. The theme park capital of the world, boasted with some of the most legendary and iconic theme parks including Walt Disney, Universal and many more, everyone in your family can have the most amazing time rejuvenating their childhood and exploring the fantastic adventurous activities spread across the city. In case, you are done with the theme parks and looking for something more mature and interesting, go for the golf courses spread at various parts of the city to enjoy some elegant playing with your companion or have a spell of shopping at nearby malls and marketplaces.

  1. Safari West, California

The most astounding and preferred place for adventure lovers and flora followers, Safari West region in California is among the most thriving getaway destinations for thanksgiving. Bring your tigers of your family to the amazing wildlife safari at this bewitching and wildly nourishing park and explore the vast stretch of green land filled with ample species of flora and fauna. Experience the wilderness of this spellbinding natural reserve of California and make your thanksgiving week getaway a completely different and enjoyable with many uncommon and spectacular phenomenon.

  1. Park City, Utah

Utah is among those states that are often visited by the people prefer road trips and have a keen desire of exploring the Grand Canyon. However, the Park City of Utah is one of the most amazing aspects you can come across in the United States. Blooming in the month of November after the arrival of fall season, this place becomes a hotspot for family travelers and picnic lovers. Drive your way to the Park City and have an incredible week with the family and friends whilst exploring the beautiful forests and wilderness of this picturesque range full of trees and multi-hued leaves.

  1. New York City, New York

It is often said, if you want to taste the natural flavors of thanksgiving, it can only be found at the streets of New York. New York is one of the biggest cultural melting pots existing these days and has been celebrating thanksgiving with great pomp and show for decades. Enjoy spending a week in the bustling city of NYC whilst getting delighted by the thanksgiving parade and myriad galas and events organized throughout the week. Besides, there are thousands of things to explore in and around the city that will be the most fantastic experience for those who haven’t been in NYC that long or at all.

If you find any of the options above interesting enough to spend a week long vacation with family or friends or got inspired by the charm of traveling and have a preferred destination in your mind, then don’t wait further and book your travel plans with Travelation as we offer the most spellbinding and budget-friendly thanksgiving travel deals. So, plan your thanksgiving trip now and have an incredible journey exploring the beauty of the world.