Moon Festival

Moon Festival also known as “The Mid Autumn Festival” is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese. It is the second favorite festival among Chinese after Chinese New Year. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar and Vietnamese calendar during full moon which is in September or early October.


This year full moon time is on 15th lunar day and the full moon day is on 16th lunar day in China time zone. So, the night of 15th lunar day has a fuller moon than other Chinese moon Festivals. It will be a romantic night for people in love. It is an occasion for family reunion. Chinese families like to get together to eat moon cake and watch the moon at the Moon Festival night. Every year millions of Chinese people who live away from home usually return home for a family reunion.

Moon cake is a Chinese bakery product. People exchange moon cakes as gifts during the Moon Festival season. Also in many offices and companies give moon cake to their employees. The Moon Festival Day is a national holiday in China. Every Chinese won’t miss moon cake during holiday. That mean almost more than 1.3 billion moon cake will be eaten during the week of Moon Festival every year.

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