Easter 2015! Make a unique plan to celebrate the feast!

Easter Sunday is considered to be an important day in the Christian church calendar. Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox. It is celebrated all across the globe with much pomp and vigor. It is the occasion when people forget their differences and come together in large groups to enjoy this day. The traditions of this festival in America mark the beginning of spring and the period to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. During Easter traditions you can enjoy parades, carnivals, Easter egg decorations, music and much more.


Decoration Tips For Easter egg:-

The use of real egg is very challenging, so you could arrange some artificial eggs for kids. Dip the eggs in color dye and then make different designs on it. You can use different colors to decorate the eggs, also use lots of sequins and rhinestones to give the egg a pleasant and dazzling look. Make sure that the kids decorate the eggs under adult supervision.


Here are some more decorating techniques which will give your eggs a new look:

a) A simple way to do this can be to just use markers and make some attractive patterns or images on the shells.

b) Crayons, watercolor paints, stencils and colored pencils are also a good choice for decoration.

c) You can also use fabric colors to make beautiful designs on your Easter eggs.

d) Use some gems and stones on your eggs!

e) Glittering stickers and silhouette papers can also be used all around the eggs.

f) Attach miniature flowers and laces with the help of craft glue.

g) Fur, ribbons and cloth pieces can easily be used to give a unique look to your Easter eggs.

h) Use small buttons to give a new look to the eggs.

i) Japanese Washi Tape which comes in different colors and patterns can be used to give your eggs a gorgeous look.

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