World’s Top Unsafe Beaches

Think of beaches and the first image that comes to your mind will be hot sunny day with beautiful white sand and blue water. That makes you feel relaxed. But there are also some of most dangerous beaches; mostly there are effects of nuclear radiations, high tides, shark attacks or other wild sea creatures that make it the most dangerous. Here are some of the most dangerous beaches:


Zipolite – Beach Mexico:- In this beach there is no shark but a very strong current is produce. Don’t go further in the sea if you feel strong current, because even best swimmer cannot handle this current.


River Beach Alter Do Chao – Brazil:- Sao Paolo has many river beaches. The best beaches are located at Alter do Chao. The Beautiful white sand beaches with a unique tropical atmosphere but be careful if you make a trip, there are dangerous piranhas swimming in the river. Even your hands in the water or just paddling are not recommended.


Queensland and Tiwi Island -Australia:- The north-eastern coast of Queensland and the southern coast of Tiwi Island are number one most dangerous beaches. There are many dangerous animals such as sharks, whales, jellyfish that live in the sea. All the visitors who go there are told not to swim in the sea because there is a kind of poisonous jellyfish which killed many people.


New Smyrna Beach – Florida:- If you like diving, surfing, fishing or floating then this is the perfect place for you. I has also named as the most beautiful beach of Florida. But, beware of the sharks. According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), more unprovoked shark attacks have taken place off the Coast of Volusia County in Florida.


Virginia Beach – United States:- You go to beaches just to relax and enjoy. But here, you can’t even think about relaxation because this area is filled with wild foxes. So, when are you here do not fall asleep.


Kilauea – Hawaii, United States:- Just right on the eastern side of Hawaii volcano, you can notice the lava of active volcano instead of the local wildlife. Every day, the lava from Kilauea volcano will flow into the sea, which started 25 years ago.


Smayrna Beach – Florida:- Every year Smyrna beach of Florida attracts thousands of visitors towards its beautiful white sand. But the scariest thing about the beach is its shark attack that is increasing day by day.
Northern Shore on Oahu – Hawaii: – On the northern shore of Oahu in Hawaii Island the water is filled with wild sea creatures. There are the Galapagos sharks and the tiger sharks which rank as deadliest of all the sharks. So, big no to this beach!


West End, Grand Bahamas Island:- Before going in water of this Caribbean Island, check the water for fins first. Some of the most sharks infested in the world surround the Island with a particularly large population of tiger sharks.