Travel Checklist – Things to keep in mind before leaving for your Trip

Before you leave for an excursion, it is necessary to run through a pre-trip-to-do list. A quick review of all these tips will not only avoid the unforeseen circumstances, but will also make your trip smooth. Start your journey by ticking off the following crucial tasks ahead of your departure.

Check Your Flight Status: – It’s important to know your flight status before you leave. This way, you can avoid waiting for long hours at the airport in case of a flight delay. Download your airline’s app to get flight-status alerts on your phone. Also, check the website for all other updates regarding departures, etc.

Flight Status

Charge All of Your Devices: – It is best to charge all your gadgets (mobile, camera, laptop, etc.) you’re bringing on your trip a day or two before departure. But if you’ve been active on your phone or computer, reload that power bar before stepping out of the door.

Charge device

Unplug Home Electronics: – While you’re plugging in your phone and tablet, unplug your television, computer, and other large appliances. Turning them off will reduce the chances of power surges and short-circuits while you are away.

Unplug- device

Check the Weather: – Check the most recent weather predictions for your current location. This will not only help you in analyzing the status of your flight, but will save your time too. Doing the same research for your destination will ensure you a hassle free journey.

Check Weather

Make Sure You Have Your Documents: – On the day of departure, your most important job is making sure your necessary documents are with you. Depending on your personal level of obsessiveness, double, triple, or quadruple check that your passport, ID, and any other necessary documents. Keep them in your favorite bag to reduce the chances of losing them.


Check the Traffic: – Construction, accidents, jams, and other delay-causing events could easily snowball into a missed flight. Local news providers are reliable sources of up-to-the-minute traffic information. A host of apps offer useful updates, too. Make sure your route to the airport is delay-free.


Pack a Snack: -Prepare a light snack for yourself before you leave. These snacks will save you from starving in the situation of flight delays. They are also a good remedy for motion sickness victims. So, get yourself a healthy snack and enjoy the journey without affecting your health.


Take Some Pictures: – Use your phone to click some pictures of your packed bag and your travel documents. Pictures of both the outside of your suitcase and the contents of your baggage will come in handy if the airline loses your luggage. Keeping them along would help you finding your belongings easily.

Take picture

Use this checklist before leaving for your trip to enjoy a happy and hassle free journey. Happy Traveling!