5 Travel Etiquettes that are a Must Follow

Traveling and visiting new destinations makes us meet new people, places and teaches us a lot about the basic etiquettes and things that shall be taken care during the journey. Many times we come across people who are totally trouble makers and make the travel uncomfortable for the co-travelers. Sometimes, the people get so irritated that they start hating that particular person and even file a complaint to the concerned authorities. If you too have ever come across any such traveler who sat on your nerves, you’ll be able to relate to the same.

Traveling etiquettes is a necessity as it is good for ourselves and for others too. Knowing them helps us in taking a hassle free journey without bothering the staff and the co-passengers. Keeping all these things in mind, here are the basic travel etiquettes that we have piled up for you that can be shared and adhered for a happy and memorable trip.

    Travel Etiquettes that are a Must Follow

  1. Speak Softly: Communicating with others makes an impression of your personality, mind set and intelligence. Talking to other passengers or people softly is the first basic tip one should always follow. Connecting with others is a good way of making the travel interesting and gaining information about their experiences, but it should always be remembered that the voice tone should be low and soft because no one likes being disturbed by loud voices.

  2. Wait for Your Turn: Now, this is the most common yet unfollowed tip that can be seen practiced by many passengers and fliers at the airports, in the flights and even in the washrooms. Rushing out of the queue doesn’t make you look good and you will be pushed back by the already standing people of the queue. Showing patience may solve your problem easily. If you are in a hurry or have something urgent, make a request and then proceed.

  3. Lock the Lavatory Door after Using it: Next tip that we are going to give you is that of locking the lavatory door after using it. The most annoying thing or habit that not only distracts the passengers but also shows negligence on your part that eventually beings down your image as a person. No matter which purpose you are using the lavatory for, always close the door and don’t slam it. A lot of appreciation can be got by doing this.

  4. Respect the Co-travelers: Going forward, our next tip is based on a common phenomenon of taking respect by giving it. You cannot expect the passengers traveling with you to co-operate with you or help you unless and until you do the same for them. Respecting them will not only make them happy, it will make you a good person in their eyes and they will make you feel comfortable in return. Follow it if you want to be respected.

  5. Practice Good Behaviour: A good human being knows how to behave on a flight and during the journey. Showing good behaviour is the last etiquette tip that is advised by most of the experts. A person is always judged by his/her behaviour and to maintain the same, it is important to know about the surroundings and act accordingly. Whether you are at the airport, in the taxi or in the flight’ never forget to behave in a kind and good manner.

Though there may be several more tips that could be followed, but an individual acts and reacts different according to various situations, so its better to follow the travel tips, in order to witness a memorable journey,