Benefits for taking a vacation!

Taking vacations are the most important part of our lives. Some people who have been a workaholic may find it difficult to understand, but those who have been taking trips frequently, will understand and second the statement that there are multi-level benefits of taking a trip. Whether you are at your teen age, adulthood or at your older form, traveling always bring happiness to your family and home. No matter whether the destination comprises beaches, amusement parks, waterfalls, resorts, Alps, mountains, forests, heritage sites or more, visiting a destination will always be a beneficial thing to do every once in a while. So, if you have been neglecting all the offers on cheap flights frequently, you will find these reasons to change your opinion on traveling and encash the next offer you get. So, here we are with the benefits of taking a trip:


  1. Vacations are good for health

Believe it or not. When someone face serious health hazards, doctor often find of suggesting to take a holiday to some place nice. As per many health specialists as well as frequent travelers, traveling much often to some place nice helps to gain the immunity system and bring freshness to mind and soul. At the age when we all are facing huge issues related with work, society, studies and relationships, taking a break from all is the best way to revive yourself and enjoy the beauty of the nature, culture and art at its best. People who travel a lot or keep on looking for more time exploring the world tend to get less sick and enjoy the life more freely. As a result, it help eventually to gain the immunity system we all desire.

  1. Taking trips broaden your creative eye

Visiting places that are least explored or destinations that have many things to offer opens your mind and bring your creative level to the new level. As per studies, when people from creative field face the phase of “Creativity Burnout”, they often pack their bags and go to some place nice, calm and inspiring. For an instant, you will often find story writers, novelists, painters, lyricists, poets and photographers exploring new destinations every now and then to increase the flow of fresh ideas in their head. Getting some time to relax the mind and body helps to charge your thinking process and help to broaden your creative eye. Also, witnessing local art, traditions and cultures brings many fresh and creative concepts for the creative people that eventually get filtered and bring fresh ideas among people.

  1. Vocational benefits of traveling

Traveling to myriad destinations also gives an exposure of commerce and vocational activities among people. In the generation when everyone is looking forward for globalization and bringing new ideas to take their business to a new level, finding different marketing, selling and presentation concepts at myriad places help to create new ideas to boost a business. Visiting cities with more commerce or port cities helps to gather more data and presentation skills for both goods and services and eventually help to boost your business whilst using some unorthodox methods that are not yet familiar with most of the people in same trade. Also, if you are in a business that requires expansion and you are looking for some suitable places to pitch your work at different places as well, you can easily gather a lot of data to decide whether expanding your business to a respective destination be a good idea or not.

  1. Vacations with family to strengthen the bond

The most common reason people tend to take a trip is to give the time to the people they love the most. In the time when most of us are occupied to get the best of their future and earning regular bread and butter, we often ignore one of the most precious things in our life; relationships. Whether it’s about your college friends, your better half, parents, kids or neighbors, taking a trip with them will help to gain the closeness back and strengthen the bond like before or better. Spending some quality time with them and cherishing fresh memories are not only to make your present more enjoyable, but also give your future reasons to stay happy.

  1. Travel helps to increase your knowledge

The universal truth about traveling is it helps you to increase your knowledge. While exploring new destinations, you not only get to know what sort of delights it brings in your life, but also offers an insight about heritage, culture, traditions, business, trends and more. Hence, traveling is always a benefit for those who seek more knowledge and wish to broaden their mentality. Visiting destinations far away from home brings more insight about the lifestyle, trends, interacting with people, architecture and a lot more. So, traveling brings new dimensions of knowledge in your life.

There are endless reasons why you should travel but there is only one reason you shouldn’t and that would be if you are unable to get cheap flights for your dream destination. So, if you have been searching for best travel deals for your voyaging plans and unable to get anything engaging, then all you need to do is check out the fantastic travel deals available at Travelation and make the best of your leaves balanced in your account.

5 Top Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

We all know the pain of increasing expenses and reducing savings while traveling and no matter how much we enjoy traveling the world, somewhere down the line, it hurts us the most. Hence, to give you all an idea that can also be treated as an excuse blower as well as stress repellant, we have brought a list of travel tips that can be used to make sure you earn money while traveling and enjoying the beauty of the earth. Following are the 5 top ways to earn money while traveling and enjoying the equal amount of fun and excitement of traveling like a regular voyaging across the earth:

  1. Street or Stage Performer

Street or Stage Performer

This is among the boldest and finest way of traveling the world and earning out some money. If you have the skillset to perform such artistic work, you must try to perform on the streets or in the clubs, theaters, stage shows and more. There is always an opportunity to the culturally rich cities across the world where you can find yourself more connected culturally if you have that artistic fling in you. Try playing guitar, stage acting (cameo), singing, magic etc. that are the biggest catch for the local as well as tourists and can get you to earn some handsome money without breaking too much of sweat.

  1. Selection of a Career Involve a lot of Traveling

Career Involve a lot of Traveling

There are always many professions that involve traveling around the world. We all understand that while working, it is hard to concentrate on the fun in order to work efficiently. But eventually, we all get some time for us to enjoy while working abroad. Profiles like merchant navy, pilot, air stewards/hostess and multi-national company personnel often get the opportunity to explore the world while earning their bread and butter. These profile seems to be quite depressing, but if you have the fire to discover the world and enjoy the beauty of myriad cultures, you will find the working on such profiles much more exciting.

  1. Tour Guides

Tour Guides

Although, most of us do not prefer such profiles as it involves a lot of information as well as presentation skills, yet if you are looking forward to be on budget and earning some excellent amount, tour guide is one of the finest jobs you can have. It is really easy to get an agency to represent you as a guide among tourists as they always seek more people and all you need to do is learn as much as you can before going to your designated attraction. Also, you will get the chance to get to know people from different culture, geographical location and myriad psychology, which eventually helps to groom your personality tenfold.

  1. Tutor or Guest Lecturer

Guest Lactures

These kind of profiles requires an extreme set of skills and expertise in your forte along with many degrees, certifications and majors. And if you consider yourself worthy enough to share your intelligence and knowledge with others, becoming a guest lecturer or a tutor can always help to get you established worldwide as well as get paid a handsome amount with dignity. For most of the American people, it is quite easy to find a tutor job related with English & French Language, Engineering, Art and many other subjects we have major in. There are tons of cities out there that require such attention and knowledge to get better education and refined information. So, you are not just traveling the world or earning some money, you are actually utilizing your skills and knowledge a noble cause.

  1. Part Time Resort or Camping Employee

Part time job

Although, most of us do not prefer working as an employee that can be treated as a waiter or worse, yet if you have the skills of an adventurer or sales person, you can always make your way to the resorts or camping agencies. There are tons of resorts, hotels and accommodation providers who seek people from different communities to provide the tourists a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and they choose you to be their representative in front of American guests. In case of camping instructor or expert, you are getting paid a lot, get to meet new people, make friends while polishing your skills and exploring new heights of natural beauty on the expenses of your agency.

People often mention that it is really hard to survive in an unknown country when you have nothing much to do. However, if you are determined and skilled, there are plenty of things that will come handy to travel the world while polishing your skills and earning money. So, think about it and make your travel plans more enjoyable with our travel tips and stay tuned for more!

Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is delightful till the time you have your pockets warm. As the time passes while you are traveling, the delight turns into pain and stress of saving a lot and sometimes end up giving you a horrible experience instead of fun and joy. Hence, to keep you away from any sort of harm’s way, Travelation is bringing travel tips to save money while traveling. Coming straight from the experiences of travel experts and frequent travelers, we give you some basic ideas of how you can save yourself from unnecessary spending and expenses that were nowhere near to the requirement. Follow the basic ideas mentioned below and you will find your next trip much more amazing and stress-free:

  1. Using Public Transport

Public Transport

While traveling around the unacquainted destinations, we lean towards luxury rather than exploring. Hence, we sometimes hire a cab, taxi or even some lavishing methods of local transit. This is often considered a convenient way when you are traveling with family and friends, yet if you are tight on budget and looking forward for better and detailed experience of your respective destination, travel expert insist to use local transport like buses, shared cabs, subways and trains in the cities that have strong transport system. In order to stay safe, it is advised that you must understand the time of last run and first run of the local transport to avoid being stranded alone in an unfriendly or unsafe neighborhood.

  1. Eat Like a Local

Local food

We often go for international cuisine restaurants while living in our city, yet try to find a continental restaurant in the cities abroad which costs more than eating at a local joint with great taste and hygiene. To save yourself from the pain of paying extra while tasting the real essence of traditional cuisines, find the restaurants that serve fresh, quality and tasty food in your neighborhood. The rule of six box is often considered in this context stating you should avoid eating anything in the radius of six blocks from any highly visited attractions where you will be served with half of the quality and double the prices.

  1. Finding Budget Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

It is a healthy sign of finding some cozy accommodation while traveling with international features and amenities. However, if you are running short on budget and looking to cut-out some expenses, search locally to find a budget accommodation or join local communities on social media giving an insight about the affordable staying options with better experiences. You can also find a hotel where you can get the opportunity to cook your own food and try some local dishes with traditional ingredients available in local market. That way, you will be saving a fortune on expensive food with low quality and polishing your cooking skills while living abroad.

  1. Like Shopping? Try Duty-Free Stores

Duty free shopping

Shopaholics are the most spending people while traveling and often get conned at the local markets as well as malls. In case you have somebody who shares the same interest, try the duty-free stores at the airport that have the same quality of local products and souvenirs available at duty-free price. Whether you are looking for some liquor, gadget or something else, finding such things at budget prices can save a fortune which can be spent on other stuff like sightseeing and trying out different attractions with higher entry fee.

  1. Get a Local Mobile Connection

local connection mobile

During a long trip, the thing cost us the most unnecessarily is the phone bills. Whether you are constantly in touch with your guide, your hotel or the people you are traveling with, you will be spending a fortune on ISD calls. To save yourself from such a disastrous spending, get a new mobile connection of local number from the local service providers. Also, don’t forget to get your cell phone unlocked from your mobile company for a smooth connectivity with a service provider of different country or continent. Travel like a star and stay connected with locals while saving a lot on phone bills.

There are tons of ways to save money during a travel and it’s all up to you whether you like to stay on reckless spending or have desire to stay on budget. Some basic rules and ideal travel tips are the key to save a fortune while traveling overseas while having the most outstanding and thriving experience of traveling. To get more travel tips about traveling, stay connected with Travelation.

Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

Traveling solo is much trickier than you think it would be. At first, you don’t have anyone to get your back, second there are plenty of things that you have to carry on your own that could have been shared and helped reducing the luggage weight. And on top of that, if you are a women traveler, there are tons of things that you better be knowing. Becoming a smart traveler doesn’t require a doctorate degree. All it need is some smart travel tips that help you to save a lot of time, efforts and above all money. So, here we are, showing the most amazing things every female traveler should know:

  1. Light packing is the key to successful trip


When we travel, we often think of possibilities of worst scenarios and end up doing over packing. As a result, we are not only stranded alone carrying our heavy luggage, but often get in trouble about what to wear and when. This also brings new problems of laundry that cause way more than you can think especially while getting accommodated in a luxurious hotel. Keeping your wearables sorted is something that should be well practiced for a long journey. For an instant, a couple of jeans a few tops and a couple of dresses are more than sufficient for a week-long trip.

  1. Traveling across the World doesn’t require too much makeup


Unlike business travelers, if you are traveling to explore nature, culture, festivals and other worldly factors, you don’t require too much of makeup. Wearing makeup at the outdoors is a waste of time, money and the efforts as the sweaty streets and polluting roads will dull all the heavy makeups. Instead, try some sunscreen with higher SPF levels to stay away from sunburn and heavy pollution. While traveling in the woods and nearby the natural areas, no one is going to gaze up on you, so you can stroll freely without any makeup at all.

  1. Pre-planning is good, but too much planning is bad


It is often said, planning prior to actions bring great results. However, if you are planning a getaway, planning every step, every hour of your itinerary before taking off will kill the mood of traveling and reduce the fun that could have been better while strolling spontaneously. We often leave our itinerary to our home in case of emergency contact, which is a good thing, but planning every second while you are away doesn’t make a perfect trip. Trying something new, something unique and interesting which can increase the good experience tenfold.

  1. You don’t always need someone’s help to make hard steps


Accept it. There are times when you need someone to take the responsibility of your action and you just find a way to get out from the consequences. Finding a cheaper hotel, budget flights, sightseeing tours, guides and monetary decisions are often taken with the help of others. Well, in case you are traveling alone, you are not going to call your father/mother or the boyfriend to take permission of every step taken. Instead, try exploring new possibilities which can come in handy at some level. Discovering new and exciting things is what a travel is all about.

  1. Following safety measures


The most important thing about traveling is to know when to stop and understanding what are the boundaries. Hitchhiking at a strange place may lead to trouble. Also, getting excited and following too much of adventure can be a dangerous thing unless you are acquainted with every aspect of it. Knowing the emergency contacts and practices of your respective destination is also a great idea to stay safe while traveling late in the night or at the neighborhoods that are considered a little dangerous. Also, it is better to know about the local transport off time and basic calculation of fares.

There are several other things that every female traveler should know including the general behavior of local area, dining etiquettes, cults and more while traveling to the destinations in Asia and Far-East. So, if you are a solo traveler, you might like our suggestions to make a safe, happening and exciting trip. Stay tuned for more travel tips with Travelation and share your views with us on the same.

Apps That Will Make Traveling So Much Easier

In the world of modernization and drastic developments in the science and technology, we often forget the usage of smart accessories and applications while traveling and use orthodox methods during our trip. As a result, we either end up heading the wall or find an outdated outcome. To give frequent travelers an edge from other typical travelers, Travelation presents a new era of smartphone apps that allow you not only utilize the most apt device in your pocket, but also usage of technology to find better outcome. If you are planning a getaway in near future, following travel apps will be the best help for you to reduce pain and confusion:

  1. Road trip Apps


Driving along with family and friends is the biggest responsibility as well as the best experience you can have. For the travelers taking frequent road trips, these apps are the lifesaver. Try Waze for latest traffic updates on highway and follow your route according to the congestion. Apps like Gas Buddy, Toll Smart, iOn Road, Roadside Americas and Roadtrippers are the apps that will help you to determine your next stopover and find the gas station, toll charges, speed limit alerts, and attractions at roadside respectively. These apps are extremely helpful and will keep your kids occupied and make them feel like a co-pilot without a driving wheel. So, play a game while on road and enjoy a happy and safe road trip.

  1. Subway or Train Schedule Apps


There are several apps that are helpful to give you the routes to take, number of train/subway, number of stops and even the fare while traveling far away from home. Try some simple apps like a Metro, DB Navigator, MetrO, Google Maps Navigation and more that are somewhat accurate to give you some helpful information. It may seem quite easy to understand the local transportation, yet if you are in a city where language, driving patterns and even the gestures are communication barriers, the best idea is to stick with your phone and use these apps and reach to your destination in time without spending a fortune on taxis.

  1. Offline Maps

Using a smartphone for live navigation in a city of another country or continent can put a heavy toll on your phone bills and sometimes give you inappropriate information. To save some quality time and money while traveling abroad, it is advised to use some of the offline map options available for every destination. Apps like CityMaps2Go and Maplets are the most used and prominent offline map apps that are easy to use as well as helpful to find the local attractions and your local route. Download the map of your respective destination before leaving home and get delighted with the utmost variety of local attractions while exploring them without any extra spending.

  1. Airport and Airline Assistance Apps


It is quite a hassle when you are planning to leave for the airport and finding a way to save some time which can be wasted while standing in the unnecessary queues or sitting at the waiting lounge and watching every second passes by in the wait of your flight arrival. Well, with the apps like Boingo, Airport Ace, Fly Smart, Air Sleep and MyTSA, you can save some precious moments and know about the status of check-in, flight arrival, security check and more while sitting home and preparing for a much awaited trip.

  1. Language Translation Apps


The biggest barrier when you are traveling to the cities of South America, Mexico, Europe, Gulf countries, Asia and Russia. And when you are unaware of the local language, it becomes really hard to survive among the people who are not much familiar with the universal language English. To give you an edge and support your language barrier, there are some apps available over the internet that will help you to translate the sign boards and understand whatever is said by the taxi driver. Apps like Google Translate, Google Googles, Vorce, iTranslate and ImageIt are a few examples that makes life easier when you are facing so much trouble communicating with strangers.

Although, there are tons of other apps that can give you some fantastic user reviews of places to visit, giving a detailed travel guide and more which comes handy while traveling to a completely strange city. So, next time when you plan your getaway with family and friends, try the apps above and enjoy traveling like a boss. Stay tuned for more travel tips for a successful journey with Travelation.

Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

The diversity available in our world is simply surprising and when it comes to culinary diversity, it’s even more than complex and wider than the cultures who originated the culinary. However, to make the food and the splurge even more interesting, a number of restaurants have broken the orthodox methodology, and came up with some new and exciting way to please their guests. Here, we have come up with a list of unique places to eat around the world where you can not only taste some of the finest dishes, but the specialty in settings will stun you even more:

Five Unique Places to Eat Around the World

De Kas, Amsterdam

A spectacular restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been into a food traveler community for more than a decade. The specialty of serving a menu with a diversity of culinary, magnificently refreshing settings of the greenhouse and the uniqueness of harvesting ingredients within the premises makes the restaurant a worthy entry in the list. Order what you want to eat from the menu, and the staff will prepare your food from the herbs and vegetables brought straight from the greenhouse fields harvested on the very same day of your visit.

Dinner in the Sky, Montreal

If an indoor dining with the surroundings of greenhouse isn’t refreshing enough for you, then it’s time for you to take your dining experience to the next heights. And by heights, we actually mean it. Dinner in the Sky in the Montreal is among the most exclusive and unique dining experiences you can ever have where your entire dining table is lifted 160ft. by a crane after strapping you with your dining chairs for a blissful sight of the city’s skyline and refreshing breeze touching your cheeks. This mobile restaurant is one of the unique experiences that will take your dining experience to a new height.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

If you are afraid of heights, yet love to have a dining experience with unique factors, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island Resort, Maldives is there for you. Designed approximately 16ft below the sea level, with a seating capacity of 14 people, this underwater restaurant is an awesome experience to have. Transparent acrylic roof with 270 degree view of the surroundings is an impeccable experience you can have in the Maldives. By keeping the safety of visitors in mind and constructing the restaurant with zinc paint coating and steel structure to safeguard the restaurant from saltwater and fauna collision.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo City, Philippines

Underwater dining may scare a few of you if you don’t like creatures floating around you. However, a picturesque dining experience can be found in Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines where you can have a beautiful view of the waterfall in front of you and soak your feet in the fresh and clean running water whilst tasting some of the most admirable delicacies from Philippine culture.

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

A completely bizarre dining experience awaits you at Modern Toilet Restaurant situated in Taipei, Taiwan, where dishes are served in squat toilet shaped dishes and make you sit in the dining area based on the bathroom. The restaurant where you can use the tissue from the toilet paper hanging on the wall next to you and seats that are in squat-shape toilet seats. In case you have a curiosity of how they serve drinks, the answer will terrify the soul out of you as they serve urinal shaped cups to serve and pour your drinks.

There are countless of other places in the world where you can travel, yet if you are looking for something bizarre or planning to have a dining experience completely exclusive as well as out-of-the-world concept, take Posted on Categories Fly, Holiday, Travel TipsTags , , Leave a comment

How to Travel Full Time for Cheap Before You Go

Travel is an inseparable part of our lives and sometimes all we need is a destination and a budget to go for it. However, many times when we are out of budget, we can’t be a full time traveler and need some tricks and travel hacks to save as much as possible. With a lot of research and references from various frequent travel authors, we have come up with the best techniques, through which, you can travel full time for cheap and plan everything before you go.

Travel Plans

Be Flexible with Your Travel Date
Being fixed on your travel dates may cause bit of an extra charges and expensive air tickets. Believe it or not, if you are a bit flexible on your travel dates and have better ideas to keep the spirit of travel alive, you can save a lot than you can imagine. Here is some advice; try to exclude weekends, festivals, special occasions and peak season. This way, you can skip the hard-hitting demand of flight tickets and avoid the higher prices on flight tickets.

Budget Accommodations Instead of Luxurious Hotels
When you are away from home and try to be a true traveler, the ideal way is to choose a budget accommodation and avoid flashy, lavishing and over-priced hotels. Go for hostels, budget hotels or any acquainted person’s house for a stay. Also, you can select even better options like sharing accommodation with a friend who is traveling with you and so on. This idea keeps your travel spirits on top as well as open the opportunity to explore your destination even deeper with a close connection with locals.

Avoid Booking Too Early or Too Late
Many of us have this misconception that booking flight late can cost us more and with this ideology, we book our flight tickets too early. However, there is a big chance that you end up booking your flights at a higher price. It is being said by many travel authors and experts that booking too early can cost you even more. So, booking date may vary as per the occasion. The ideal time to book a flight ticket is 50-90 days prior to departure date. However, the time can vary in case of a big event coming on your desired date.

Go for Budget Airlines
We all know, luxury comes with expenses and the same proverb is true in context of flight fares. Booking flight with a luxury airline or charter flights can cost you way more than a regional/budget flight. It is observed that booking a flight with a budget, flag airline or regional air carrier is much cheaper than the luxury airlines. Hence, booking a flight with the respective country’s flag airline or with an airline which belongs to budget alliances will help you to save more for your travel.

Picking Cheaper Destinations
Picking a destination for your travel is the most important part of your planning. Be aware about the cost of living, the total distance and duration of travel which will be incorporated in your travel expenses at the end of your trip and can seriously damage your budget for future. A destination with cheaper airfare, budget cost of living and great attractions is the key to a budget yet thriving travel experience.

There are chances that you may find a better way to save on a flight ticket whilst planning your upcoming trip. However, there are no specific travel tips that may help you to get an assured savings for your next travel, but planning in smart way can save a lot than you can think of, all you need is a bit more research, and you can save plenty.

Camping Apps to Make Your Outdoor Experience Simpler

Taking outdoor vacations is a great fun and is liked by almost all the age groups. Hiking, biking, mountain climbing and camping are usually the popular outdoor activities that are liked and enjoyed by all of us. The best part of these kind of excursions is that they can be enjoyed with everyone; family, friends and buddies. No one gets bored during these activities and it is thoroughly enjoyed by all the age groups.

There are many special vacation spots that have been set up for the travelers where these activities and events can be experienced without any hassle. The amazing ambience, alluring sights and lively surroundings of the location double up the fun of the vacation and make it a memorable affair. But the imagination and reality are quite far from each other, the difficulties faced during these vacations are much higher that other types of vacations. Out of which, camping is a difficult and most important part of the outdoor vacation that requires a lot of hard work. But with the advent of technology, our lives have become simpler and using it is the best way to get rid of these problems. For every problem, there is a solution, this too has one and we have brought them to you. We have created a list of the apps that can be used during the outdoor vacations for solving the camping hassles.

    Mobile App

  1. Camping List: As the name suggests, this application helps in making the outdoor vacation easier by telling you the major essentials and things to be carried during a camp. Install it on your smartphone before leaving for the trip and leave everything else on it.

  2. MapMyHike: With this app, you can analyze your position, length of the hiking trail and even the walking distance that you have covered so far. It will calculate your steps and will also give you an idea of your speed. Download it and track the distance yourself.

  3. AccuWeather: Getting information about the weather of the local destination is very important. AccuWeather is one useful app that helps you in getting an idea about the weather and carry on your camping easily. You can identify the weather conditions of the next few hours with the app.

  4. Flashlight: Camping in a jungle or a mountainous area is a crucial task, especially during the night. This useful app by the name of Flashlight lets you see through the darkness with its bright torch light. Use it inside the camp or even to find the lost stuff in the grass.

  5. Camping and Outdoor Recipes: Cooking during camping might sound interesting, but it isn’t easy at all. But by having this app on your mobile will solve your problem of what to eat and how to cook at remote locations. Learn new dishes and savor them during your trip.

Install them all at the time of the planning of your camping expedition and make the most of your travel trip with the help of these tips that will give you endless memories for a lifetime.

Top 7 Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling is the freedom of enjoying and exploring new places and making memories. Many people like to travel with their special travel buddies, family and even their family. There are several travelers who love taking solo trips and discovering different destinations on their own. This way they tend to make themselves independent and learn many new aspects too. A lot of people even travel alone to find like-minded travelers, and join them for a new journey.

The trend of traveling solo has become so popular these days that even women have started taking solo trips. Taking a solo trip is an exciting and wonderful thing that prepares a woman in facing the various challenges alone and becoming self-dependent. While it might sound interesting and exciting; there are certain facts that shall be taken care of, in order to have a safe and sound trip. Here are some tips crafted especially for the solo women travelers that will help them organizing and managing the excursion easily.

    Solo Women Travelers

  1. Take help of the GPS: Carrying maps is a traditional and unconventional way of finding directions, moreover, it gives hints to others that you are a stranger for the destinations. Use the GPS on your mobile phone to locate nearby places and get rid of the extra burden of the map as well.

  2. Pack Light: Usually, women tend to take a lot of stuff with them that becomes a trouble sometimes. Packing lighter helps a lot in making the trip convenient and happier. Carrying a small bag will help you move quickly. So, find a small bag and fit all your things into it.

  3. Stay Confident and Careful: The thing that you are traveling alone should not be known to everybody around you. Be confident and careful during your journey and never increase the vulnerability by letting people know about yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to take a safe trip without any hassle.

  4. Travel in Daytime: No matter how far or close your destination is, always travel in the daylight if you are alone. This tip has been given by many experts, keeping in mind the safety of the solo women travelers as the chances of being caught in an unavoidable situation become less.

  5. Carry a safety kit: Prepare a small kit having a Swiss knife, pepper spray and even a whistle; keep it in your easily accessible bag and use whenever there is a need to do so. You’ll never feel scared if you have all these things, thus you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.

  6. Create a list of emergency numbers: Note down the contact numbers of the important people and keep it in your handbag so that you can use them in the case of any emergency. This tip not only ensures your safety but also helps in staying connected with your closed ones.

  7. Use public transport: Hiring private cabs and taxis are an easier way of reaching your destination, but taking public transport helps you in connecting with the local people and makes you familiar about the laws, traditions and the culture of that particular place too. It is convenient and safe too.

Though it’s good to be independent, but at the same time taking precautions is also necessary. Follow these travel tips and have a safe and happy journey.

The Breathtaking Caves around the World

Earth is a beautiful planet with a variety of natural wonders, unique phenomenon and a variety of alluring sights that can put anyone in the state of awestruck. With the plethora of eye-catching attractions and wonderful landmarks, it is impossible to stop ourselves from being influenced by the charm of all these miraculous things. Out of these wonders, there are other extra-ordinary elements of the nature and earth that are known by the name of Caves. These natural underground spaces are formed by the change of weather and many changes that take over years and result in such beautiful formations.

Archaeologists and nature lovers have expressed a lot about these caves and described their majestic allure that captivates and holds the minds of the visitors. There are numerous breathtaking caves present over the world, out of which we have picked up a few to tell you about them and take you to a world of wonders. Take a look at them and see what impact they have on you.

  1. Cave Of Crystals, Mexico:

    Cave Of Crystals, Mexico

    Situated in the Chihuahua area of Mexico, Cave of Crystals is the first cave that we have picked up. Discovered by the miners of the Naica Mine in 2000, this wonderful cave is made up of crystals and connected to the mine. The huge crystals add magic to its charisma and make it a brilliant wonder of nature. The extremely hot temperatures and huge crystals make it an unspoilt spot.

  2. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand:

    Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

    Known for the huge population of the glow worms, Waitomo is a cave in New Zealand that happens to be another remarkable cave. Arachnocampa luminosa are the glow worms that make the cave sparkle and shine bright and are the reason of its popularity. It is a popular tourist attraction and shall be visited to witness the wondrous phenomenon and the sights that will make you fall in love with this place.

  3. Važecká Cave, Slovakia:


    Set at an altitude of 748 meters, Vazecka Cave is a 400m long limestone cave that is another breathtaking place, which is going to leave you spellbound. The cave was founded in 1922 and lies in the northern Slovakia. It is one of most iconic landmarks and is known for its stalactites and magnificent fauna. It can be easily visited through the village of Važec. Visit it soon to see the magic yourself.

  4. Bystrianska Cave, Slovakia:

    Bystrianska Cave, Slovakia

    Located on the southern slopes of Nizke Tatry Mountains, Bystrianska is yet another amazing cave, which had been discovered in 1951. Made up of huge limestones, the cave is open for public visiting since 1968 and has been wooing all its visitors with the flawless grace. The only 490m area can be seen by the visitors and the rest of its part, is hidden and covered by the formations of limestones.

  5. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States:

    Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, United States

    This longest cave system of the world is a part of the Mammoth Cave National Park and is one of the top attractions of the nation. Explorers can watch its dramatic formations through the 390 miles long passageways that it is a unique experience. Tours are operated in the national park during various seasons to this cave that give a whole excursion and make the visitors amazed by the astonishing sights.

A visit to these caves is a must to know more about them, so browse cheap airfare deals and book your tickets soon.