5 Travel Etiquettes that are a Must Follow

Traveling and visiting new destinations makes us meet new people, places and teaches us a lot about the basic etiquettes and things that shall be taken care during the journey. Many times we come across people who are totally trouble makers and make the travel uncomfortable for the co-travelers. Sometimes, the people get so irritated that they start hating that particular person and even file a complaint to the concerned authorities. If you too have ever come across any such traveler who sat on your nerves, you’ll be able to relate to the same.

Traveling etiquettes is a necessity as it is good for ourselves and for others too. Knowing them helps us in taking a hassle free journey without bothering the staff and the co-passengers. Keeping all these things in mind, here are the basic travel etiquettes that we have piled up for you that can be shared and adhered for a happy and memorable trip.

    Travel Etiquettes that are a Must Follow

  1. Speak Softly: Communicating with others makes an impression of your personality, mind set and intelligence. Talking to other passengers or people softly is the first basic tip one should always follow. Connecting with others is a good way of making the travel interesting and gaining information about their experiences, but it should always be remembered that the voice tone should be low and soft because no one likes being disturbed by loud voices.

  2. Wait for Your Turn: Now, this is the most common yet unfollowed tip that can be seen practiced by many passengers and fliers at the airports, in the flights and even in the washrooms. Rushing out of the queue doesn’t make you look good and you will be pushed back by the already standing people of the queue. Showing patience may solve your problem easily. If you are in a hurry or have something urgent, make a request and then proceed.

  3. Lock the Lavatory Door after Using it: Next tip that we are going to give you is that of locking the lavatory door after using it. The most annoying thing or habit that not only distracts the passengers but also shows negligence on your part that eventually beings down your image as a person. No matter which purpose you are using the lavatory for, always close the door and don’t slam it. A lot of appreciation can be got by doing this.

  4. Respect the Co-travelers: Going forward, our next tip is based on a common phenomenon of taking respect by giving it. You cannot expect the passengers traveling with you to co-operate with you or help you unless and until you do the same for them. Respecting them will not only make them happy, it will make you a good person in their eyes and they will make you feel comfortable in return. Follow it if you want to be respected.

  5. Practice Good Behaviour: A good human being knows how to behave on a flight and during the journey. Showing good behaviour is the last etiquette tip that is advised by most of the experts. A person is always judged by his/her behaviour and to maintain the same, it is important to know about the surroundings and act accordingly. Whether you are at the airport, in the taxi or in the flight’ never forget to behave in a kind and good manner.

Though there may be several more tips that could be followed, but an individual acts and reacts different according to various situations, so its better to follow the travel tips, in order to witness a memorable journey,

Tips to Make Your Road Trip Successful

Holidays and vacations are a great way of rejuvenating yourself, introspect and connecting with our loved ones in an effective manner. It is rightly said that the journey is important than the destination itself as we enjoy the journey more than that we do the trip. No matter who you travel along or how far do you wish to go, you’ll always learn something new and get new memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Road trips are also one such thing experience that is not only liked by everyone, but also has the power to make you feel happy and fall in love with the journey itself.

Most of us love taking road trips, whether alone or with a group of friends and sometimes even our family. There is no perfect time to take a road trip and the pleasure of taking one is hard to describe in words. But there are times when these road trips become a blunder and instead of the fun, we put ourselves into trouble. The reason behind that could be bad planning and implementation. Though situations may not always remain the same, but to stay safe, it is necessary to follow certain tips and tricks. Keeping this in mind, we have created some tips that will make your road trip successful.

    Road Trip

  1. Plan your destination and route before leaving: The first step towards planning a road trip is choosing a destination where we can spend our holiday. Take mutual decisions and then take your route, accordingly. By doing this, you can easily start your journey and take an alternative route in case of any emergency. Carry a map for your help and you can even rely on the GPS of your smartphone if you don’t know the route.

  2. Set a Full-Fledged Budget: Setting a solid budget is another step towards the success of your road trip. Make a note of all the expenses (including eating, staying, etc.) and prepare your budget in such a way that even if the expenses are higher than the expectations, then also you are able to manage them and make the best of your trip. This way you can easily enjoy your journey without any troubles.

  3. Give your car a check-up: Before leaving for your trip, do not forget to take your car or the vehicle you are taking for the road trip for a check-up and get the things fixed right away. The reason behind doing this practice is to ensure the safety of the travelers and any problem that might occur during the journey. You can save on the expenses that may incur if the problem arises in the middle of the road.

  4. Keep some cash handy: It’s good to have plastic money (credit cards and debit cards) with yourself during the journey, but keeping some cash along can save you from many more hassles. There might be chances that you may or may not find an ATM or your card may not get accepted at a restaurant, in this case, the extra kept cash will ease your stress. Keep loose money for the tolls and services at the pumps too.

  5. Pack Smartly: The luggage that you are taking along also decides the success rate of your road trip. Always try to pack lighter and smarter, carrying the most important things first and then the other later. Packing like a pro will help you save a lot of space in your car that can be further utilized for relaxing and sleeping by the co-travelers. Do a research about the weather of the destination and pack accordingly.

So, the next time you plan a road trip, don’t forget to follow these travel tips and make your travel a hassle-free and memorable experience.

How to Protect Your Bags from Theft at the Baggage Claim

Traveling via plane is the easiest and convenient way of reaching your destination. The journey becomes simpler as the duration of the travel reduces quite a lot. While there are so many advantages of these commuting mediums, there are many disadvantages too. One of the major problems that the passengers face while traveling though plane is the theft of their baggage at the claim counters. Many of them even don’t get it back and lose their valuables too.

Since it is a very important issue and requires special concern, here are the top tips that can be followed to protect your luggage from being stolen at the airport.


1. Choose a Colorful Bag: This is a very clever trick that can save you from losing your luggage. A study says that bright and colorful bags are a thief’s enemies and taking them during your journey can make your luggage safe. So, choose the brightest color of the suitcase and travel without any fear.

2. Keep your valuables handy: Now this is another important thing you need to keep in your mind. Never put your valuables in the luggage, in fact keep it in the bag that you are going to keep with you all the time. This way you can save them from getting lost as they will always be with you.

3. Pack Light: Taking less luggage not only makes your journey easy but helps it from getting stolen. Thieves usually target the bags that are huge in size and are heavier, so the next time you travel, do remember to pack less and limited. Also, shift your important stuff to your handbag.

4. Use Cheap Luggage: Carrying a bag with branded tags and imported stuff can increase the chances of your baggage being stolen. These bags easily get caught by the eyes of the thieves as they are attractive and are considered to have valuable stuff. Taking a cheap bag/luggage can help it from getting stolen.

5. Keep an eye on your luggage during security check: There are chances that your luggage might get stolen during the security check too. Keep a watch on the luggage till it comes out of the scanner and ensure that it is locked properly. In this way, you will be able to identify the thief easily.

6. Look for your bag immediately after coming down the aircraft: This is another way in which you can protect and save your bag from getting stolen. As soon as you come down the plane, rush down to the baggage claim area and grab your luggage before anyone does.

7. Lock your baggage with a luggage lock: Locking the baggage with a lock is the best way of saving it from being stolen. Use a unique lock for better security. You can even go for a GPS enabled lock so that the luggage can be easily found even if it gets stolen.

8. Avoid switching flights: Your luggage may get stolen or misplaced if you check in for a flight from one airport and then go on to other later. There will be no one to look after your luggage and hence you may lose it. So, always take the flight from the same place even if you miss it.

9. Go for Non-Stop Flights: Flying non-stop is yet another brilliant way in which you can save your luggage from getting stolen, especially in the case of international flights where the phenomenon of connecting flights is too common. The more you will change, the more are the chances of losing your luggage.

10. Get Travel Insurance: Last but not the least, taking a travel insurance is one such remedy that can cure all your wounds. Before traveling to a destination, always buy a travel insurance so that you can get the refund of your loss in case it happens. It is a good way of becoming secure.

Always make a list of the luggage that you are carrying, this way you’ll be able to track it. Follow these travel tips and save yourself from getting stolen.

Steps You Go Through While Planning A Vacation

Traveling and taking trips is always a fun-filled affair. We all love exploring new places and destinations sometimes alone and most of the times, with our loved ones. It is a wonderful way of connecting with people, knowing them and is also a great way to introspect. The pleasure of traveling cannot be compared to anything else but the pain of planning hid behind this pleasure cannot be defined at all.

A major part of enjoying our travel and vacation depends on the planning that we do while going for the trip. We all face some kind of problems while making plans for our trip. And the struggle is almost the same. Let’s take a look at the steps we through while planning a trip and see how many of us are able to relate to them.

  1. Deciding where to go:

    where to go

    Finalizing a destination is the hardest decision to make. Choosing a place to visit is a bit difficult task, especially when you have a huge group of friends who is traveling with you. The choices are different and the process of picking one becomes challenging. But once it is finalized, the joy we get is out of the world. The feeling of this sheer joy becomes double when we get a good deal.

  2. Thinking why we should travel:

    why travel

    Now this is another hurdle that we need to cross each time we plan to take a trip. The reason why we need to travel is, the question is either we ask from ourselves or someone else asks us. Though the answer is simple, but we fail to explain it mostly and end up staying in the state of dilemma. But we shall never forget to listen to our heart because it is worth sometimes.

  3. Duration of the trip:

    trip duration

    Taking a step forward, when we finally prepare our mind to proceed further, a cloud of thoughts about the duration of the trip, pops up suddenly in our head. If we travel with a group, the trip automatically becomes longer, but if the number of people is less, thinking about the time to be spent becomes hard. The hardest part is knowing that there is a lot to discover but the time becomes a constraint.

  4. Estimating the cost of the travel expenses:

    travel expenses

    Managing the budget is yet another challenge that we face during the planning of the trip. Setting a limit and carrying cash are the most vulnerable situations that put us in confusion and make us re-think about our decision. A big slot of time gets wasted in creating an estimate of the money that we need to spend on the trip. The more we think the more we get confused and it becomes complex.

  5. What to Pack and what to leave:


    This is yet another problem that we have to face every time we are planning for an excursion. The excitement of visiting the place and taking our favorite set of jeans and sweatshirts becomes tragic when we look at the size of our bag that we have packed for the trip. What to take and what to leave is a headache that leads to heartbreak when we forget to take our favorite one.

The scenario may change, but the difficulties would be the same always. So, the next time you plan a trip, do not forget to take travel tips from an expert and book a ticket through Travelation to enjoy great discounts.

How to Stay Healthy While Flying

Traveling in an airplane leaves us all in a certain type of pain and illness, which is generally termed as Jetlag. The air pressure and many more factors create an unusual ambience that makes the journey sometimes unbearable for us. While we all think it is normal and we have to suffer from it, a research says that there are many things that can prevent us from this phenomenon and help us taking a happy journey.

To help ourselves from the ill effects of flying, here are certain tips that we have collected down that will definitely ease up your travel and make it a lot more convenient.

  1. Strengthen your immune system:

    immune system

    When we travel in an aircraft, we are prone to germs and various diseases that spread easily through the air because of the low pressure of the flight. To protect ourselves from getting caught in these, it is very important for us to build up the immune system and make it strong enough to fight with the germs and illnesses that attack us constantly. Eating healthy and staying healthy are the major factors that affect our immune system. Get a check-up before flying, if possible.

  2. Carry an empty bottle:

    Empty Bottles

    This might sound somewhat weird to you, but actually is a good thing that can rescue in case of any danger. If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that while being in the air, you are likely to feel dehydrated and you might not get the water or required beverages all the time. Carrying your own bottle can make you deal any such situation and save from any kind of emergency. So, carry it with you whenever you are flying.

  3. Use restroom before boarding:


    It is advised to use the restroom before boarding as it not only helps in taking a comfortable journey, but, even saves from the germs that are transmitted while using the loo. Also, you’ll be able to stay away from the air pressure that builds up in the washroom during the journey. Waiting in the queues is yet another problem one might have to face, so using it before boarding is much better. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any kind of germ infection.

  4. Eat a healthy meal before you board the flight:


    It is assumed that eating before the flight may get into the condition of nausea during the journey. But, if you eat right and in the perfect quantity, you’ll be able to make the most of your travel. Since the food served during the journey is usually packed and pre-cooked, there are chances that it may contain bacteria and germs. Hence, eating a self-prepared and healthy meal will give you a better experience. So, the next time you fly, carry or have good food.

  5. Carry a Sanitizer:


    The airports, flights and toilets might look clean but they are not all the time. Using a sanitizer is the best way to fight with the germs that get transferred to us by various mediums. A sanitizer should be kept handy while shaking hands, using the restrooms and even eating during the flight, doing these things will not only give you a good habit, in fact, will also ensure your good health, which is hard to manage while flying, especially on long-haul flights.

Follow these travel tips when you fly the next time and help yourself in taking a happy and hassle free journey.

England’s Best Christmas Markets

With the beginning of the winter season, the preparations for the Christmas season start gearing up rapidly. People of all age groups eagerly wait for the event to come and take active part in the arrangements. Most of them start creating plans for the same while others are busy in shopping. Christmas has always been among the top celebrated and the favorite festivals which is renowned globally. The enthusiasm and joy the festival brings along cannot be described in words. But one thing that gives immense pleasure to all of us is the Christmas shopping through the special markets.

Taking a stroll through these markets has its own bliss and if you love being in the colors of the festivities, let us take you through the best Christmas markets of the England that are going to leave a glitter in your eyes. Create your shopping list and head to them to commemorate the beginning of this wonderful event.

England’s Best Christmas Markets

  1. Birmingham: Each year during the Christmas season, Victoria Square is lit up with colorful lights and other decorative items because the Christmas Market is all ready to set here. The market begins from November 14 and stretches till December 22 and has a treasure of things, articles and food cuisines that are worth exploring. This German-style market is a wonderful way of shopping different items for the Christmas. Visit it with your family and friends and have fun.

  2. Southbank: Considered as one of the world’s largest markets and art centers, Southbank is a market set on the southern banks of the River Thames. With more than 80 stalls the market boasts a vibrant and amazing range of products that will make you fall in love with it totally. Special stalls are organized for children where they can play and win games as well. The market starts from 16th November and continues till Christmas Eve.

  3. Manchester: The Manchester Christmas Market has been one of the most popular markets in the nation. With more than 300 stalls, it displays a wide range of attractions and products since 1998. The market has been recognized by the National Association of British Market Authorities and has been recognized as ‘Best Market Attraction 2010’ .You can get almost everything here without any hassles. The market has already started from 18th November and will be live till December 22, so shop till you drop.

  4. Hyde Park: Hyde Park is one of the largest and royal parks of London that shines like a diamond during the Christmas season. The Christmas markets beginning from 22nd November make it a wonderful place and add grace to its impeccable charm. The colorful lights, lively ambiance and the perfect weather make it all the more charming and amazing. No matter what kind of thing or gift you are looking for, this traditional market gives you the freedom of choosing from a wide range.

Since Christmas is just round the corner and the markets have already set up, how about taking a trip to them? Take advantage of the Christmas travel deals and fly to any of these destinations without any problem. These cheap Christmas day travel deals will double up the fun of shopping and exploring.

Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road. This quote by Jack Kerouac depicts the beauty of a trip one experiences while being on a road. There are many things that change when we take a trip. From people to feelings, everything takes a new face while you take time to explore and discover new things. Same is the case with road trips, you never know what you are going to see or experience unless you take one. But have you ever taken a road that make you felt like the road to death? If no, then here is the list of such roads and if yes, then, you’ll find them more interesting and scary than your previous experience.

Travel Tip

  1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia: Known as the Road of Fate or Death Road, North Yungas Road is 56 km long stretch of road that connects Coroico to La Paz in Bolivia. It has been named as the most dangerous road in the world as annually 200 to 300 travelers die while driving through this road. The breath taking twists and turns will make you scream out loud if you are afraid of heights. The location of this road is in such a way that 2 vehicles cannot pass at one time and if they try to do so, one of them falls down.

  2. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan: Connecting the Sinkiang Uighur of China and Gilgit–Baltistan of Pakistan, across the Karakoram mountain range, Karakoram Highway is one of the highest paved international roads in the world. Named as the “Friendship Highway” by both the nations, it plays a major role in the trade and other connections between them. The reason why we have added it to this list is because it is highly prone to floods and landslides that has caused many destructions. Though there are certain views which are spectacular but overall it is a very dangerous route and shall be taken at own risk.

  3. Dalton Highway, Alaska: This 414-mile long road in Alaska is yet another road that has managed to take its place in this list of the most dangerous roads. If you are wondering that the pictures are so serene and amazing yet we have kept it in the list, then take a drive through the road and experience the flying rocks and potholes, you will understand yourself. It starts from Elliott Highway in north of Fairbanks and stretches up to Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. While you plan to take this road, remember that you will find yourself nowhere.

  4. Zojila Pass, India: Located on the Indian National Highway, between Srinagar and Leh, Zojila Pass is a high mountain pass that sets in the Himalayan mountain range. It is major road that connects Leh and Ladakh to rest of the world and is at a height of 3,528 metres. The dangerous paths and the scary mountains are enough to prove its virtue. Though many travelers have tried to get over this risky road but several have even failed to survive with the nightmares. This 9-km long road is both a lifeline and a death road for people.

Now when you have the list, keep it handy so that you don’t take them on your next road trip. And if at all you are planning to put your life in risk, carefully follow some travel tips for a better experience.

Things to Beware of When Traveling Abroad with Credit Cards

Traveling to a foreign destination is a dream of many of us. Planning the same takes a lot of time and resources. Apart from staying excited and enthusiastic, there are many more precautions that need to be taken care while packing up your bags for that far away destination. One of these is taking care of your expenses and credit cards that can put you in great trouble fi not handled properly.

Here are the few things that need to be taken care while traveling abroad. Follow the tips and give yourself a good overseas vacation experience.

  1. Know about the Transaction Fees:

    Know about the Transaction Fees

    Taking hard cash to abroad is a bit difficult and using the debit cards can make us pay double for certain things. In this situation, credit cards become a savior and save us from the trouble. But have you ever wondered that your credit card can also generate a huge bill while being in abroad? Well, if you haven’t checked it yet, then do not forget to collect information about the transaction fees of your credit card before traveling. This will help you in saving a lot of money.

  2. Fraud Protection:

    Fraud Protection

    Suppose you made a transaction in abroad without intimating to your bank, assuming it as a fraud, your credit card will be blocked by the bank. It is important for you to understand the same and inform the concerned authorities about your travel and usage to ensure a better experience. If possible, tell them about the places you’ve been planning to visit and stay so that they can help you in locating your credit card in case it gets stolen. Make sure the information is recorded properly.

  3. Acceptance of Cards:

    Acceptance of Cards

    It is advised that before traveling to a foreign destination check the international usage of your credit card with your bank. You might not know about the fact that not all the cards can be used at every destination. If your card is among the non-acceptable ones, try to use an alternate card or talk to your card provider to give you some privilege in using the card globally. Doing so will not only help you in knowing about the card, but will make you aware too.

  4. Insurance of Card:

    Insurance of Card

    Not to be confused with the travel insurance, this insurance policy will help you in getting rid of the losses that might occur if your card is lost or stolen. Many of the companies do not provide any kind of protection for the card while you purchase their travel insurance so making a note of this thing is very important. The insurance of the card depends on its limit, so check the limit and apply for the insurance accordingly. This step will help you in saving yourself from irrelevant stress.

Since there are many uses of the cards so we often use it almost everywhere. Taking benefit of the cards is good, but along with that following some travel tips can help you stay smart and active too. Follow this list of things to beware of when traveling with your credit cards and have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

5 Things That You Should Never Do In a Hotel

Traveling involves a lot of hustle and bustle, moving from one place to another and much more. While we are on a hunt of finding a good place to explore, there is also a need of finding a good accommodation that helps us to relax and get charged up for the next expedition. Staying in a hotel is the best way of taking a break from the journey and finding a suitable one makes the trip even more memorable. We usually strive to crack a good hotel deal in order to have a budget-friendly vacation, which is not a bad idea, but there are some more things that need to be taken care of. Here are the few things that you should always keep in mind at the time to checking into a hotel.

  1. Hiding Illegal Stuff: You might be able to pass the security check at the hotel entry with your special stuff, such as liquor, drugs, etc., but you don’t be glad and thankful as you might get caught afterwards too. There are certain sensors fitted in various corners of the hotel that can easily detect the presence of some illegal stuff and hence can put in a major trouble. There are some places which secretively allow the use of hard drinks, but carrying other things is not advisable at all.
  2. Hiding Illegal Stuff

  3. Never Lean on the Window: According to a report by the CNN, 11 people got injured while leaning on the window during their stay at the hotel. Most of the people have the habit of leaning on the window, especially when the room has a balcony with some amazing views. Doing so can put your life at risk as you cannot rely on the window panes, so it’s better to stay away from them. Even if you are likely to sit on it, ask the hotel staff to check it.
  4. Never Lean on the Window

  5. Careful Use of Hotel’s Wi-Fi: While traveling to a far away or an international destination, many travelers do not have access to the internet, but when they get one in their hotel, they usually start using it excessively. Though there is no harm in doing so, but for some reasons, it should be operated carefully. While browsing through the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you are giving them a chance to peep into your personal accounts. So, make sure your important information doesn’t gets leaked. Many hackers use these sources to attack on various sites.
  6. Careful Use of Hotel Wi-Fi

  7. Don’t Tell Your Room Number to the Outsiders: Imagine that the guess you just met at the reception is at your doorstep asking for you to come for a coffee? You’ll definitely be shocked to see him/her in your room, right? Well, this could probably happen if you the receptionist announces your room number too loudly. Before taking your keys, it is better to keep an eye on the surroundings so that nobody else is having an access to your room. You should ask for another room if you think it’s already heard.
  8. Dont Tell Your Room Number to the Outsiders

  9. Never Open the Door Before Confirming: Suppose that you got a knock at your room’s door at 2 am. You’ll definitely be surprised, but do not open the door at all. Just ask for the person who is outside and open only if you know and trust the person fully. Never open the door before checking the see-through hole on the door as you never know what’s waiting outside for you, a guest, and a stranger or may be a ghost. Taking precautions can help you save from a lot of problems.
  10. Never Open the Door Before Confirming

Following the tips can surely make the best of your trip. You can enjoy comfortable stays at highly affordable prices with cheap hotel deals on Travelation and save huge on your vacation with these hotel deals.

10 Most Bizarre Driving Laws From Around the World

Traveling to various cities can be fun and adventurous, but sometimes the excitement can make you pay higher for your less knowledge about the various rules for that particular place/city. Have you ever been caught for using GPS while driving in an unknown city or for not carrying an extra pair of glasses with you in the car? Don’t be surprised because there are many more strange laws that could make you scratch your head in surprise. Here is the list of some bizarre driving laws in different parts of the world that you need to follow strictly whether you like them or not.

  1. Sweden’s 24-Hours Headlight Law: While driving a car in Sweden, it is mandatory to switch on the headlights even if you are in the broad daylight. Following the law is important as might be charged a fine if you are caught.

  2. Driving Rules

  3. Drink & Drive in Costa Rica: While other countries urge their drivers to don’t drink while driving, a law in Costa Rica asks people to drink a beer before starting their journey. It is strange but can be good for those who love beer!

  4. No Shirtless Driving Law of Thailand: So if you are driving just after the party and are too tired that you feel like taking your shirt off, then probably you are inviting the cops to charge you for the same as it is considered to be a punishable offense.

  5. Don’t Raise a Hand in Russia: What if you met an old friend of yours while driving? You’ll definitely raise your hand to say hello to him/her. But unfortunately you can be fined as it is an illegal act and can’t be done in the country.

  6. The Car Number Plate Law in Philippines: There is a law in Philippines that says you cannot take your car on a high traffic road if your car’s number plate ends with 1 or 2. There is no other option other than getting a new number instead.

  7. You Can’t Drive to a Historical Site in Italy: While you are planning to pay a visit to a local historical site in Italy, do not take your car along unless and until you have a permit for the same. You could be charged heavily if you are caught.

  8. Drive Faster or Pay a fine in USA: This might sound abrupt, but it is actually true. You cannot drive slowly in the country else a cop will follow you to charge a fine. Take a control on your speed or pay for your slow driving skills.

  9. Clean Your Car Before Taking it on the Road: A dirty car on the road in Russia makes you eligible for a fine of $55. You cannot afford to take the dust along or else you’ll be charged for the same.

  10. Check under the Car before Leaving in Denmark: A law in Denmark says that, before setting on for your destination, it’s compulsory to check under your car for people. Doing so can help you from getting fined or even arrested. So, check before you leave.

  11. Female Drivers Can’t drive in a Gown: A law in California has been regulated for women that states that they cannot drive while wearing a gown. Consider taking a taxi while you are going to a party, next time or carry a dress to be worn after your driving.

Though there are many more strange and weird laws in many countries, so it is advised to read the travel tips before driving at a new place.