Tips to Make Your Road Trip Successful

Holidays and vacations are a great way of rejuvenating yourself, introspect and connecting with our loved ones in an effective manner. It is rightly said that the journey is important than the destination itself as we enjoy the journey more than that we do the trip. No matter who you travel along or how far do you wish to go, you’ll always learn something new and get new memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Road trips are also one such thing experience that is not only liked by everyone, but also has the power to make you feel happy and fall in love with the journey itself.

Most of us love taking road trips, whether alone or with a group of friends and sometimes even our family. There is no perfect time to take a road trip and the pleasure of taking one is hard to describe in words. But there are times when these road trips become a blunder and instead of the fun, we put ourselves into trouble. The reason behind that could be bad planning and implementation. Though situations may not always remain the same, but to stay safe, it is necessary to follow certain tips and tricks. Keeping this in mind, we have created some tips that will make your road trip successful.

    Road Trip

  1. Plan your destination and route before leaving: The first step towards planning a road trip is choosing a destination where we can spend our holiday. Take mutual decisions and then take your route, accordingly. By doing this, you can easily start your journey and take an alternative route in case of any emergency. Carry a map for your help and you can even rely on the GPS of your smartphone if you don’t know the route.

  2. Set a Full-Fledged Budget: Setting a solid budget is another step towards the success of your road trip. Make a note of all the expenses (including eating, staying, etc.) and prepare your budget in such a way that even if the expenses are higher than the expectations, then also you are able to manage them and make the best of your trip. This way you can easily enjoy your journey without any troubles.

  3. Give your car a check-up: Before leaving for your trip, do not forget to take your car or the vehicle you are taking for the road trip for a check-up and get the things fixed right away. The reason behind doing this practice is to ensure the safety of the travelers and any problem that might occur during the journey. You can save on the expenses that may incur if the problem arises in the middle of the road.

  4. Keep some cash handy: It’s good to have plastic money (credit cards and debit cards) with yourself during the journey, but keeping some cash along can save you from many more hassles. There might be chances that you may or may not find an ATM or your card may not get accepted at a restaurant, in this case, the extra kept cash will ease your stress. Keep loose money for the tolls and services at the pumps too.

  5. Pack Smartly: The luggage that you are taking along also decides the success rate of your road trip. Always try to pack lighter and smarter, carrying the most important things first and then the other later. Packing like a pro will help you save a lot of space in your car that can be further utilized for relaxing and sleeping by the co-travelers. Do a research about the weather of the destination and pack accordingly.

So, the next time you plan a road trip, don’t forget to follow these travel tips and make your travel a hassle-free and memorable experience.

How to Protect Your Bags from Theft at the Baggage Claim

Traveling via plane is the easiest and convenient way of reaching your destination. The journey becomes simpler as the duration of the travel reduces quite a lot. While there are so many advantages of these commuting mediums, there are many disadvantages too. One of the major problems that the passengers face while traveling though plane is the theft of their baggage at the claim counters. Many of them even don’t get it back and lose their valuables too.

Since it is a very important issue and requires special concern, here are the top tips that can be followed to protect your luggage from being stolen at the airport.


1. Choose a Colorful Bag: This is a very clever trick that can save you from losing your luggage. A study says that bright and colorful bags are a thief’s enemies and taking them during your journey can make your luggage safe. So, choose the brightest color of the suitcase and travel without any fear.

2. Keep your valuables handy: Now this is another important thing you need to keep in your mind. Never put your valuables in the luggage, in fact keep it in the bag that you are going to keep with you all the time. This way you can save them from getting lost as they will always be with you.

3. Pack Light: Taking less luggage not only makes your journey easy but helps it from getting stolen. Thieves usually target the bags that are huge in size and are heavier, so the next time you travel, do remember to pack less and limited. Also, shift your important stuff to your handbag.

4. Use Cheap Luggage: Carrying a bag with branded tags and imported stuff can increase the chances of your baggage being stolen. These bags easily get caught by the eyes of the thieves as they are attractive and are considered to have valuable stuff. Taking a cheap bag/luggage can help it from getting stolen.

5. Keep an eye on your luggage during security check: There are chances that your luggage might get stolen during the security check too. Keep a watch on the luggage till it comes out of the scanner and ensure that it is locked properly. In this way, you will be able to identify the thief easily.

6. Look for your bag immediately after coming down the aircraft: This is another way in which you can protect and save your bag from getting stolen. As soon as you come down the plane, rush down to the baggage claim area and grab your luggage before anyone does.

7. Lock your baggage with a luggage lock: Locking the baggage with a lock is the best way of saving it from being stolen. Use a unique lock for better security. You can even go for a GPS enabled lock so that the luggage can be easily found even if it gets stolen.

8. Avoid switching flights: Your luggage may get stolen or misplaced if you check in for a flight from one airport and then go on to other later. There will be no one to look after your luggage and hence you may lose it. So, always take the flight from the same place even if you miss it.

9. Go for Non-Stop Flights: Flying non-stop is yet another brilliant way in which you can save your luggage from getting stolen, especially in the case of international flights where the phenomenon of connecting flights is too common. The more you will change, the more are the chances of losing your luggage.

10. Get Travel Insurance: Last but not the least, taking a travel insurance is one such remedy that can cure all your wounds. Before traveling to a destination, always buy a travel insurance so that you can get the refund of your loss in case it happens. It is a good way of becoming secure.

Always make a list of the luggage that you are carrying, this way you’ll be able to track it. Follow these travel tips and save yourself from getting stolen.

Steps You Go Through While Planning A Vacation

Traveling and taking trips is always a fun-filled affair. We all love exploring new places and destinations sometimes alone and most of the times, with our loved ones. It is a wonderful way of connecting with people, knowing them and is also a great way to introspect. The pleasure of traveling cannot be compared to anything else but the pain of planning hid behind this pleasure cannot be defined at all.

A major part of enjoying our travel and vacation depends on the planning that we do while going for the trip. We all face some kind of problems while making plans for our trip. And the struggle is almost the same. Let’s take a look at the steps we through while planning a trip and see how many of us are able to relate to them.

  1. Deciding where to go:

    where to go

    Finalizing a destination is the hardest decision to make. Choosing a place to visit is a bit difficult task, especially when you have a huge group of friends who is traveling with you. The choices are different and the process of picking one becomes challenging. But once it is finalized, the joy we get is out of the world. The feeling of this sheer joy becomes double when we get a good deal.

  2. Thinking why we should travel:

    why travel

    Now this is another hurdle that we need to cross each time we plan to take a trip. The reason why we need to travel is, the question is either we ask from ourselves or someone else asks us. Though the answer is simple, but we fail to explain it mostly and end up staying in the state of dilemma. But we shall never forget to listen to our heart because it is worth sometimes.

  3. Duration of the trip:

    trip duration

    Taking a step forward, when we finally prepare our mind to proceed further, a cloud of thoughts about the duration of the trip, pops up suddenly in our head. If we travel with a group, the trip automatically becomes longer, but if the number of people is less, thinking about the time to be spent becomes hard. The hardest part is knowing that there is a lot to discover but the time becomes a constraint.

  4. Estimating the cost of the travel expenses:

    travel expenses

    Managing the budget is yet another challenge that we face during the planning of the trip. Setting a limit and carrying cash are the most vulnerable situations that put us in confusion and make us re-think about our decision. A big slot of time gets wasted in creating an estimate of the money that we need to spend on the trip. The more we think the more we get confused and it becomes complex.

  5. What to Pack and what to leave:


    This is yet another problem that we have to face every time we are planning for an excursion. The excitement of visiting the place and taking our favorite set of jeans and sweatshirts becomes tragic when we look at the size of our bag that we have packed for the trip. What to take and what to leave is a headache that leads to heartbreak when we forget to take our favorite one.

The scenario may change, but the difficulties would be the same always. So, the next time you plan a trip, do not forget to take travel tips from an expert and book a ticket through Travelation to enjoy great discounts.

How to Stay Healthy While Flying

Traveling in an airplane leaves us all in a certain type of pain and illness, which is generally termed as Jetlag. The air pressure and many more factors create an unusual ambience that makes the journey sometimes unbearable for us. While we all think it is normal and we have to suffer from it, a research says that there are many things that can prevent us from this phenomenon and help us taking a happy journey.

To help ourselves from the ill effects of flying, here are certain tips that we have collected down that will definitely ease up your travel and make it a lot more convenient.

  1. Strengthen your immune system:

    immune system

    When we travel in an aircraft, we are prone to germs and various diseases that spread easily through the air because of the low pressure of the flight. To protect ourselves from getting caught in these, it is very important for us to build up the immune system and make it strong enough to fight with the germs and illnesses that attack us constantly. Eating healthy and staying healthy are the major factors that affect our immune system. Get a check-up before flying, if possible.

  2. Carry an empty bottle:

    Empty Bottles

    This might sound somewhat weird to you, but actually is a good thing that can rescue in case of any danger. If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that while being in the air, you are likely to feel dehydrated and you might not get the water or required beverages all the time. Carrying your own bottle can make you deal any such situation and save from any kind of emergency. So, carry it with you whenever you are flying.

  3. Use restroom before boarding:


    It is advised to use the restroom before boarding as it not only helps in taking a comfortable journey, but, even saves from the germs that are transmitted while using the loo. Also, you’ll be able to stay away from the air pressure that builds up in the washroom during the journey. Waiting in the queues is yet another problem one might have to face, so using it before boarding is much better. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any kind of germ infection.

  4. Eat a healthy meal before you board the flight:


    It is assumed that eating before the flight may get into the condition of nausea during the journey. But, if you eat right and in the perfect quantity, you’ll be able to make the most of your travel. Since the food served during the journey is usually packed and pre-cooked, there are chances that it may contain bacteria and germs. Hence, eating a self-prepared and healthy meal will give you a better experience. So, the next time you fly, carry or have good food.

  5. Carry a Sanitizer:


    The airports, flights and toilets might look clean but they are not all the time. Using a sanitizer is the best way to fight with the germs that get transferred to us by various mediums. A sanitizer should be kept handy while shaking hands, using the restrooms and even eating during the flight, doing these things will not only give you a good habit, in fact, will also ensure your good health, which is hard to manage while flying, especially on long-haul flights.

Follow these travel tips when you fly the next time and help yourself in taking a happy and hassle free journey.

Best places to visit in 2016

With the New Year, the quest to explore new things and places also arises. The beautiful weather, amazing ambience and the various sightseeing opportunities make traveling an unforgettable experience. Many of us like the calmness of the nature while there are some who want to get lost in its wilderness. There are different places that can be visited according to the mood; whether you wish to relax on a beach or want to hike a mountain, there are abundant of places that will satiate your desire of wanderlust.

Stepping into the New Year, it is time to set a new resolution and find some new destinations that have not been visited yet. Keeping this in mind, we have picked up top 5 destinations that you should visit in 2016. Have a look at all of them and see which one you would visit first.

  1. London:


    London happens to be among the top tourist destinations in the world that has an impeccable charm to captivate your eyes with its iconic landmarks and attractive sights. This globally renowned city is altogether a different world in itself. With a plenty of places to discover; it makes an ideal destination to visit this year. Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, etc. are its famous attractions that can be seen while being here.

  2. Bora Bora:

    Bora Bora

    If you have been longing a beach vacation, then its take one to Bora Bora. Situated in the French Polynesia, this paradise island is a wonderful destination to enjoy water sports, scuba diving, swimming, etc. The turquoise blue water, beautiful lagoons and the whimsical charm of this wonderland is going to steal your heart away and make you leave awestruck. You can enjoy cruise rides, go for scuba diving and spend amazing time at the beaches while spending a vacation here.

  3. Barcelona:


    This Spanish city is yet another destination that we have picked up for you to visit in 2016. Rich in historical and cultural heritage, this lively city has gained fame for its football teams as well. Numerous beaches, parks, museums, historical sights and monuments add charm to its grace and elegance. Sagrada Família, Park Güell, Casa Milà, Montjuïc, Museu Picasso, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, etc. are the major attractions of this city that will complete your trip and give you magical memories.

  4. Paris:

    Paris- France

    Known as the ‘City of Lights’, Paris happens to be one of the most popular cities of the world that has been on the list of many frequent travelers for decades. The magic of this city is incredible and can make you fall in love with it. The attractions and spots like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, Louvre Palace, etc. make it a wonderful place that has to be on your bucket list of 2016.

  5. Sydney:


    Last but definitely not the least, Sydney completes the list of best places of 2016. This ultramodern city is a lively and beautiful destination and is one of the largest cities of Australia that has a charm which can make you spellbound. Harbours, skywalks, gardens and Opera houses are the assets of this alluring city that make it an amazing pace to be at. Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Harbour Bridge, etc. are few of the places that can give you a never before experience.

Since 2016 has started already, it’s time to plan an excursion soon by picking up a destination from these above-mentioned places to travel. Pack your bags and get going!

10 Ways to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Traveling generally takes you through various roads, paths and flights. It is either a fun-filled experience and might even end becoming a huge pain. This usually happens to the long-haul flights that we take while flying to far-fledged destinations. There are many passengers on the flights who have to witness the difficulty of traveling to a far away destination, no matter how exciting the destination is.

A long journey might take you to your destination, but it requires a lot of patience to bear the same. Taking an 18-hour flight might not be an easy task, but taking care of certain things can make your journey convenient and comfortable. So, if you are a frequent traveller or traveling for the first time on a long-haul flight, here is the list of a few things you should follow:

  1. Choose your clothes carefully:


    Clothes play a major role in making your journey comfortable. The more loose and comfy attire you take, the lesser problems you’ll bear. Sweat pants, T-shirts and slippers can be worn according to the type of season and destination you are traveling to.

  2. Eat Light Snacks/Food:


    Taking a long haul flight becomes easier if you take light snacks and food. The success of your journey depends on the type of food you eat, so avoid eating too much. Eating carb-rich foods can prevent the jet lag.

  3. Stay Hydrated:

    Stay Hydrated

    It is very important to drink a lot of water during a long-haul flight as the moisture and the air travel may cause dehydration. Drink even if you are not thirsty and you’ll never feel nauseatic. Green tea is a good option too.

  4. Carry a Neck Pillow:

    Neck Pillow

    The seats of the flights can be comfortable but not in every situation. There might be chances when you get neck sprains or pain in the shoulder, so carrying a neck pillow can definitely help you in surviving the flight.

  5. Bring Noise Cancellation earplugs & headphones:

    Noise Cancellation

    The noise of the plane’s engine and the background noise can cause severe problems in the ears that eventually makes us restless. Listening to music during flights or putting in the ear plugs during the journey can help you take a better journey.

  6. Wear an Eye Mask:

    eye mask

    This is the best way of catching sleep during a long haul flight. Carry your eye mask during the long travel and get instant relief from the disturbances of the surroundings and have a sound sleep.

  7. Carry your own entertainment:


    Killing time on a long-haul flight, sometimes, becomes difficult. Though many aircraft are equipped with all sorts of in-flight entertainment options, but carrying your own entertainment will make you feel good and make the journey easy and comfortable too.

  8. Keep a Moisturiser/Lotion handy:


    The air pressure in the aircraft during the flight can directly affect your skin and can make it dry and irritating. Keep a lotion or a moisturiser handy all the time and use it to avoid any kind of skin problems.

  9. Be extra careful about your health:

    stay healthy

    If you are traveling for the first time and are nervous for the air travel, carry all the medicines as you might get some health problem due to this nervousness. Even if you have experience of traveling, do not forget to carry the major medicines.

  10. Snag a Window seat:

    window seat

    Not that the window seat is more comfortable and gives you the pleasure of sneaking outside, it also saves you from the disturbance of the passing crew and people that can irritate you.

Follow these tips and have a comfortable journey. Do not forget to book a cheap flight through Travelation for your next trip.

4 Incredible Ski Resorts in the Asia

Skiing is one of the most popular and exciting winter sports that are liked by all the adventure freaks. Riding amidst the snow-capped mountains and rolling down the huge mountains has its own pleasure and fun. Though for many, it might be a dangerous and life-risking activity that is totally a waste of time. But those who know the worth of this adventure, know how to make it best. If you too are among those who wish to spend a vacation at a ski resort, here is the list of the best ski resorts in the Asia that are going to make your vacation a memorable affair.

Since the region is not much popular for this adventure activity as the winter season isn’t much prominent here as compared to other parts of the world, but there are certain hidden gems that are worth exploring. Here is the list of the top ski resorts that will not only give you a breathtaking experience, but will comfort you with the best amenities and services.

Incredible Ski Resorts in the Asia

  1. LOFT Niseko, Japan: Located in the Hirafu village in Niseko that happens to be one of Asia’s best ski resorts. Situated on a cliff, it is surrounded by alluring and panoramic views of the Mount Yotei that make it a wonderful place to be at. You can enjoy skiing within the resort that has occupied a portion of the mountain and have endless fun. Apart from this, the interiors and architectures of the resort are so beautiful that you will fall in love with it.

  2. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, India: Based in the lap of the Himalayas, this amazing resort will take you to an altogether world of skiing where you can enjoy an adventurous ride. Spread in an area of 7 acres of huge forests and lush greenery, the Khyber resort is situated in the Gulmarg region of the Srinagar state in India. The luxurious suites and the amazing hospitality of the staff will make you enjoy your vacation whole heartedly. You can also enjoy the serene beauty of the alluring city of Gulmarg while staying here.

  3. Alpensia Resort, Korea: While planning a trip to Korea, no one can ignore to stay at the Alpensia Resort that serves you with some of the best cuisines, lavish stays and the best skiing adventures that you have imagined in your dreams. The resort has been picked as the official destination for the Winter Olympics in 2018 and has an amazing charm that can give you an awe-inspiring experience. The resort boasts 6 ski jumping slopes, cross-country passages and many more adventure activities that are worth exploring.

  4. Club Med Yabuli Ski Resort, China: The Yabulli Ski resort happens to be the largest ski resort in China with a 23 sq. km long area of mountainous region that has been converted into a skiing spot. It has been appreciated by many magazines and websites for its brilliant services and has been named as one of the best resorts in China. It has its own ski domain on the Yabuli Mountain and makes its customers experience some of the breathtaking views of its surroundings. Get ready to witness adventure and luxury together by visiting it soon.

So, as the winter season has already spread its wings in the region, book a cheap flight to Asia and enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Do not forget to browse through Travelation to grab great discounts on your travel.

5 Places Every Traveler Should See at Least Once

Traveling is an activity that lets you explore the hidden vistas of various destinations and knowing them to the depth. It is a process that helps you find a new way of thinking and analyzing the situations and people, resulting in an improved you. When you travel, you eventually give a chance to yourself to discover something new, something wonderful and increasing the area of your mindset that gives you endless opportunities to introspect. Apart from this, it is an amazing way to connect with different people and places too.

Since there are numerous places that can be visited again and again, but some destinations are so good that you just can’t afford to miss them. Here is the list of such places that shall be visited at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey: A city that straddles between Asia and the Europe, Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey that has been among the top influential destinations for the last so many decades. This fascinating city has everything what you want as a tourist and a traveler. From food to sightseeing and cultural heritage to perfect weather; Istanbul gives a wonderful experience to all its visitors. You need to be here soon to feel the magic yourself because the charm of its beauty cannot be expressed in words enough.
  2. Istanbul

  3. Rajasthan, India: This amazing place in India is considered to be the most beautiful destination that has more historical heritage than the country itself. Vibrant palaces, ancient towns, remote deserts and a wide range of heritage museums and architecture prove that the city is a treasure trove for explorers. Nothing can replace the charismatic beauty of this awe-inspiring place that will leave you spellbound. Add it to your travel checklist and visit it once for sure to know more about its history, culture and magnificence.
  4. Rajasthan

  5. Bali, Indonesia: Bali has been known for its volcanic mountains, extraordinary beaches and coral reefs. This ultra-modern destination has the blend of religious, architectural and historical sites that will make you wonder in surprise. The authentic culture of this island nation and the exquisite grace is something you’ll lose your heart for. No matter what kind of vacation you seek, Bali won’t leave a single chance to impress you. There isn’t any reason to delay anymore, pack up your bags and head straight to this alluring destination.
  6. Bali

  7. Rio de Janerio, Brazil: There isn’t a person in the world who wouldn’t have heard about this most seductive and seaside city of Brazil. The vibrant culture, exotic locations and the Brazilian culture together make up a stunning place called Rio de Janerio that has to be on your list of must see. Golden beaches, lush mountains, lively festivals and parades add magical charm to this city. Don’t go with our words, there is a lot more and of course the photographs never lie. Escape to this wonderland soon.
  8. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

  9. Barcelona, Spain: This cosmopolitan city has the power to make you fall in love with it totally. Quirky art architectures, delicious food and vibrant street life make it a must visit destination. There are many eye-catching attractions to discover, including the Park Güell, Casa Batlló, Montjuïc, Montserrat, Casa Amatller, Torre Agbar, Casa Vicens, and the famous tapas bars that cannot be missed at all. Enjoy a world-class vacation experience by visiting it soon.
  10. Barcelona

Book a cheap flight with Travelation and fly to any of these destinations at highly affordable prices.

America Most Beautiful Landmarks

50 states on 1 continent make the most powerful country of the world, USA. This huge country is famous for many things, such as the New York City, White House, Hollywood, etc. There are a large number of places that add a magical charm to the beauty of the country but exploring them all at one time is a bit difficult task. Though there are some important and amazing landmarks that can be watched easily and will definitely make your trip worthwhile. To ease your journey, we have picked up the top 5 landmarks for you to give you a never like before experience. Get ready to delve into the majestic world by planning a trip soon.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge: This unique structure is a three-mile long channel between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It acts as a link connecting the U.S Route 101 and California State Route 1. Apart from being a bridge, the surroundings of this amazing architecture make it a scenery for the explorers. The best way to enjoy the sights is to either take a ride by a bicycle or walk along the road that has some dramatic views spread all around.
  2. Golden Gate Bridge

  3. Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is a collective name given to the three falls that hedge on the international borders of the Canada and the U.S. The breathtaking view of water falling from a 167 foot high mountain is something which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is a well-known landmark in both the countries and has made its mark in the history too. A trip to the U.S. is incomplete without watching the dramatic views of this awe-inspiring spot.
  4. Niagara Falls

  5. Mount Rushmore National Memorial: This is yet another famous landmark of the U.S, which is situated in the South Dakota region of the country. The granite sculptures carved into the face of Mount Rushmore is an extremely different and unique place that will make you wonder in surprise. This historic place witnesses 2 million visitors each year from different corners of the world. Spend an evening here with the astonishing light works that are amazingly beautiful.
  6. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

  7. The Wave: The sandstone rock formations located near the Arizona-Utah border is one of the top landmarks to be visited in the United States. The colorful formations created by the wind back 190 million years ago make it popular among photographers and hikers. While you plan a trip to Arizona, spare some time to give a treat to your eyes with the spectacular views of this natural wonder. Hiking this three-mile long trail is something you’ll like if you are up for some adventure.
  8. The Wave

  9. Havasu Falls: Located in the Grand Canyon, these falls are quite popular among the visitors because of the turquoise blue waters falling from the top of the cliff. It has been a part of many movies, magazines and makes a perfect spot for the photographers who have a keen interest in photography. Despite of located in a remote area, it is very much famous throughout the world. You can enjoy a hiking and camping tour with your friends while being here.
  10. Havasu Falls

Many more such places can be seen and enjoyed by planning a trip soon. Book a cheap flight to U.S with Travelation and fly at ultra-low fares.

5 Reasons to Visit London

The capital city of England, London is a leading global city that has been famous in the world since ages. Vibrant culture, colorful ambiance and friendly people of the country make it a well-known city in the world. There are a large number of sights to explore and activities to do that you just can’t get enough of it.  No matter for which purpose you are traveling to this amazing city, you’ll definitely be attracted to something or the other which will make you fall in love with the city. But if you still haven’t visited it and still looking for a reason, then here are some of the reasons that will make you plan a trip to London soon.

  1. Shopping: Being the most popular city in the world, London has a large number of shopping stores, boutiques, retail outlets, fashion brands, etc. Westfield London, Westfield Stratford, Museum of London Shop and Oxford Street are the famous landmarks where you can shop till you drop. From street shopping to elegant and classy designer clothes, accessories and anything which is on your list can be found here. So, switch on the shopping mood and head straight to get the best shopping experience of your life.

  2. Exotic Food: London is a foodie’s paradise. The multicultural cuisines will make you relish your taste buds with some phenomenal dishes. There are many restaurants that serve all types of foods including Indian, Chinese, Italian and Cantonese, which is most popular and special type of food found in the city. You can find dynamic variety of mouthwatering dishes that are nothing less than a heavenly experience. Ethnic cuisine is yet another reason that will urge you to take a trip soon.

  3. London

  4. Large number of tourist attractions: London is a multicultural city that has number of historical and tourist attractions that are a pleasure to watch. No wonder you’ll be taken away with the charm of the miraculous sights that will make you spell bound. There are a large number of museums, art and architectures, historical figures, etc. which are quite popular in the city. The amazing skyline and the skyscraper buildings are enough to make your trip worthwhile. Need to know more? Pay a visit soon and explore them all.

  5. Theatres: Art is the soul of the capital city of England. You’ll find a number of artists playing different instruments, doing plays and much more. If nothing else inspires you to be here, then your love for art will surely do. There are many theatres around the city that keep hosting many events and activities which shall not be missed at all. Lose yourself to the harmony of music, dance, paly or any form of art while being in London. Satiate all your art desires by planning a trip soon.

  6. Something is happening all the time: The best part about the city is that never stays monotonous. You’ll find it moving, changing and something or the other will be happening here in this wonderful city. You need to be here to get lucky and witness the most amazing and unique activities, places and people that add charm to its grace. The event calendar of England is always busy and you need to mark the dates according to your choice and desire. You’ll definitely not like to miss the other, if you attend one.

Still confused? Leave everything aside and look forward to visit this vibrant city by booking a cheap flight to London with Travelation. Good times are waiting for you!