Last Minute Valentine Day Getaways

Among the most prominent days among couples, Valentine’s Day tops the list and for a good reason. The time when you cherish your togetherness by spending quality time with each other and exchanging priceless thoughts as well as gifts, Valentine’s Day is much more than just a day of dinner date for most of us. Since, the day is not so far away from now and you might have forgot to book your travel plans for this Valentine’s Day, we are here to save you from the trouble. Despite being many cities are all sold out for the big day of Valentine, some of them are still available for last minute planners. So, here are the last minute Valentine’s Day getaways that can suit your date and give you an exquisite experience on such a joyous occasion:

  1. Cancun


Cancun is among the most thriving and enthralling places in the entire Mexico region and has been boasted with wonderful natural bliss and captivating attractions. Being nestled on the coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula, this city has plenty of things to offer. The tempting beauty of culture and nature existing in this region is simply spellbinding and you can easily have a quality date here in Cancun with loads of chocolates, roses, candlelit dinner and more. Being a lesser known place for Valentine’s Day, you can easily get your flight tickets and hotel stays here in Cancun from New York, Georgia and other parts of the USA. Additionally, the hotel stays here will give you a tempting delight and the much needed pampering whilst asking for fewer money as compared to other hyped cities.

  1. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is arguably the most scenic and engaging place in the entire country especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Because being a less preferred place due to cold temperate conditions, this region is absolutely perfect to plan a spectacular Valentine’s Day on the last moment. There are loads of flights bound from Boston, Seattle and other parts of the northern USA available for Nova Scotia at discounted airfares and you can easily make your vacations even more magnificent thanks to less occupied hotel resorts that are really gorgeous and can give you some quality and cozy moments to cherish a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  1. Panama City

Panama City

The enthralling beach destination of the Panama, Panama City is among the most desired yet neglected places in the region for a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. Featuring a bewitching range of sandy beaches, extraordinary culture and array of traditional activities that can set your mood for a romantic day, Panama City has everything you need for such a gorgeous getaway. The incredible range of fantastic restaurants here are perfect for a romantic dinner and you can explore the fantastic places across the city whilst savoring on the delicious Strawberry Festival that is organized for two days i.e. February 12 and 13th respectively. So, if you are planning to make a gorgeous getaway with sandy beaches and alluring attractions, Panama City can be your last minute getaway option for Valentine’s Day.

  1. San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

The landlocked city of Costa Rica, San Jose is a fairy tale world featuring loads of scenic architectures and spellbinding culture which has made it a perfect place for couples. Thanks for being not so popular for Valentine’s Day vacations, this city remains wide open and available for tourists from the rest of the Americas. The Latin American charm blending with the outstanding culture on the day of Valentine’s Day will definitely give you a spectacular delight to enjoy with your love. Additionally, the wide array of restaurants and luxurious dining options will give you a much needed dinner date with your love. So, if you are thinking for a sensual and captivating getaway with much more to explore, San Jose can be a right choice for you.

  1. Bahamas


Just when you think you can’t get a perfect Caribbean beach getaway on Valentine’s Day just because you are late, we have found you a perfect life saver. The marvelous beaches of Bahamas are wide open for you. Though it’s always unclear why people don’t plan for a Valentine’s Day getaway in Bahamas, the city is really stunning and enjoyable for couples. Witness the charming beaches, extraordinary culture and bewitching Caribbean lifestyle whilst savoring on the delicious delicacies during a candlelit dinner for a thriving getaway experience on Valentine’s Day. The hotel accommodations here are really wide and diverse and you can easily chose from the options as per your budget, needs and availability which definitely makes it a perfect life saver for last minute Valentine’s Day planners.

Finding a perfect getaway destination for your Valentine’s Day celebration isn’t as easy as it sounds especially when you are running late for the preparations. Though, there are plenty of places out there that can be your host for a wonderful and tempting Valentine’s Day getaway, and you can easily find your preferred place just by sorting things through. So, make this Valentine’s Day special for your love by simply going through our last minute Valentine’s Day flight deals and book your getaway with ease whilst saving more with Travelation.