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Top 5 Solo Weekend Destinations for November

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Weekend travel is probably one of the most amazing things that have happened to the travel industry for giving everybody a chance to ooze out the pressure of daily affairs and enjoy the life in the best possible way. People from around the world practices the habit of weekend travel occasionally, to enjoy some quality time away from home, work and all the honking of the busy streets for the betterment of mind, body and soul. Although, finding companions to join for the trip is a tricky task, but if you are determining to take the necessary break, then you can always plan a solo weekend trip. In case, you are wondering about the best places for solo weekend trips this November, here we are with a few best options that are extremely beautiful, engaging and enjoyable at an affordable price:

  1. Denver


The largest city of the state of Colorado, Denver is best known for its simple and laid-back lifestyle that have been alluring many holidaymakers to enjoy a splendid weekend away from home. The refreshing surroundings including the Rocky Mountains and outstanding culture have been the biggest catch of the city to enjoy a pleasant weekend getaway in the city of Denver. Some of the most amazing attractions such as Botanical Gardens, Museum of Nature and Science, Art Museum and more are the key elements for holidaymakers to spend some quality time in understanding the culture and natural bliss of the city. Besides, the affordable accommodations and discounted flight fares are sufficient to compel you for a great voyage to Denver.

  1. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

The spellbinding city known for the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is one of a few picturesque weekend getaway destinations of the West Coast that can complement the enthralling vacation far away from home. The superlative delights of exquisite attractions, refreshing landscapes and beautiful vineyards are the reason behind the spiking demand of flights to Santa Barbara throughout the year. The mesmerizing hills, beautiful beaches and superlative range of vineyards are enough to give you a much-needed weekend getaway with loads of spellbinding attributes to discover in the most famous wine county of the West Coast. Have a stroll at the beaches or go for a tour to the wine county and you can understand much more about the culture and natural beauty of this splendid city.

  1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

For people who prefer natural landscapes over anything else on a laid-back weekend getaway, Colorado Springs can be a great option to enjoy in the municipal of Colorado. The spectacular caves, falls, trails and natural landscapes are some of the most awesome things that can mesmerize you with their refreshing sight and offer a spell of experiences that are much more than just sightseeing tours. Visit the Manitou Cliff or go for Seven Falls and you can understand why people prefer to plan their weekend getaways to the Colorado Springs and get delighted and refreshed by just one simple trip. The affordable hotels and discounted airfares available in the season of November can also contribute to encourage a needed weekend trip to Colorado Springs.

  1. Vancouver


People seeking a vacation away from the United States on a weekend can find an amazing getaway experience once they book the flights to Vancouver. A superlative conurbation of the province of British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver is a perfect place to enjoy a quality vacation with freshness of Canadian natural bliss that consist of hiking trails, biking circuits on mountains, natural landscapes, rafting areas and much more. Vancouver is known to be one of the most versatile places in the region and is visited by thousands of people taking weekend flights to Vancouver throughout the year. So, if you need a break with something international, Vancouver can be a great choice.

  1. Napa Valley

Napa Valley

For people who are looking for a weekend destination that remain less crowded and offer more fun and adventure, Napa Valley can be considered as a wise and appealing option. With its outstanding natural beauty and superlative charm, you can enjoy a quality vacation whilst exploring a wide range of natural landscapes near the Bay Area in California and explore the fantastic wine regions both within and in the outskirts of the city. Napa Valley is also a famous place for its gastronomy and the same can be experienced easily by visiting a wide range of restaurants scattered throughout the city.

In case you are looking for some other names and options to choose from, you can always find many places like Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, Yellowstone National Park, san Diego, Long Island and more that are really stunning and enjoyable as a weekend destination, but if you seek something that can fall within your budget in the month of November, you have the best options to choose from the list above. Or, you can go through the weekend travel deals of Travelation and choose from a wide range of travel deals and offers available online for an affordable getaway experience.

Top 5 Weekend Getaways for July!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Taking a break from the monotonous routine is a must to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Traveling and visiting new places is the best way to get rid of the stress and give a kick-start to a new phase. A quick getaway not only makes you happy, it also infuses new energy that charges up for the next week. Some people like to spend their weekend with family while others prefer to spend it with their friends. No matter what company you have along, there are some destinations that make a perfect escape for a weekend getaway. Relax, enjoy and spend some quality time with your loved ones by visiting them on a weekend. To ease your travel, we have picked top 5 destinations that should be on your bucket list for the next weekend getaway.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina: This largest city of Western North Carolina is home to a large number of scenic landscapes, incredible restaurants, artistic mountains and many more exciting things. Hike the trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoy the street performances of the local artists, visit the colorful art galleries, explore the wildlife or take a ride to the downtown market; this amazing city happens to be the perfect spot for your next getaway. Pack your bags and head to this amazing land on for your next break.
  2. Asheville, North Carolina

  3. Cannon Beach, Oregon: Famous for its long stretch of sandy beaches and beautiful state parks, Cannon Beach makes a perfect destination to spend a relaxing and memorable weekend. The visual treats of the beaches and mountains will make you forget all your worries and leave you awe-struck. All you need to do is, book a cheap flight to Portland and drive to this alluring city and spend a lazy weekend here with your favorite people. You’ll surely love to be here.
  4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

  5. Finger Lakes, New York: This bio-region is made up of a group of 11 long, narrow north-south lakes that are located in the west-central section of New York. The natural scenic beauty will take your heart away and you’ll like to spend some more time here. The region is steeped in history, and tradition that make it a popular tourist spot. From water sports to wineries, the Finger Lakes are truly an appealing destination that can take away all your stress and worries. To feel the charm, visit it soon and experience the magic yourself.
  6. Fingerr akes, New York

  7. Florida Keys, Florida:  The Florida Keys are a 112 mile long chain of islands that begin at the very bottom of Florida’s mainland. They are often referred to as America’s Caribbean. Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, The Lower Keys, Key West are the top attractions of this destination. The blue waters and fresh wind will freshen up your mood and make you feel in heaven. Delve into the beauty of these islands by planning a trip soon. You can easily book a cheap flight and fly to this incredible destination at affordable prices.
  8. Florida Keys, Florida

  9. Austin, Texas: The “live musical capital of the world” is one of the most popular and exciting destinations in the world. Legendary live music, a burgeoning restaurant scene and unique culture of this city make it the center of attraction for most of the visitors. The place has so much to explore that you just can’t get enough of it. Explore the elegance and the magnetic charm by visiting it yourself soon. Get a cheap flight to Austin to make your travel more convenient.
  10. Austin, Texas

Strike off all these places from your bucket list by visiting them soon. Book a flight with Travelation to get amazing discounts on your travel.

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