5 Signs That Make You the Worst Passenger on the Flight!

Traveling is always a fun-filled and adventurous activity that makes you feel elated. But does this fun make the co-passengers, air-hostesses and the flight attendants hate you? If yes, then here are the 5 reasons that make you the most hated/worst passenger on the flight. You might be so keen to read them, but they will surely be beneficial if at all you pay heed and follow them carefully.Follow the travel tips and enjoy a happy and enduring trip.

  1. You sit almost in the lap of the person behind you: No matter whether you are traveling in a business class cabin or an economy class, or on a long-haul or a medium-haul flight, you want to enjoy your journey with comfort. While doing so, you relax so much that sometimes you stretch your seat and unknowingly push it into the lap of the passenger sitting at your back. To avoid getting into this awkward situation, try to look around while relaxing and making yourself comfortable.
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  3. You smell bad: Bad breath, farts, and smelly feet are the few other reasons that could bring you in the bad books of the people. Make sure that you don’t remove your shoes if your feet are not cleaned or managed properly. Also, don’t eat any kind of food that gives you a bad breath and becomes a reason for the unexpected farts that make you the reason of being hated by everyone else in the flight.
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  5. Your Kid is out of your control: Kids are usually feisty and love roaming around in joy. Most people love these type of kids unless they shout and sit on their nerves. If you are not able to take care of your kid and he/she is constantly annoying the passengers with their mischievous behaviour, then probably you will be the victim of the anger-filled stares of the whole plane. Take a control on your kids before they put themselves into an unexpected situation.
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  7. You are loud: It is generally observed that people traveling with their family or friends talk too loud and disturb everyone else in the flight. Not only this, the loud music is another culprit that brings bad fame to you from others. So, it is advised to keep a check on the frequency of your voice and your earplugs too. You can save yourself from feeling ashamed of by keeping these small things in mind while traveling.
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  9. Your Private things are Public: There are certain things that shall only be done in private, you definitely know what to do where and what not. Use your imagination here. This could include anything from picking at your bare feet to examining your split ends. You can get enough time for all this stuff after you are out of the flight, so think before you do as you are being watched many others.

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You are traveling to your destination for a motive and would definitely not like to spoil your mood before reaching it. So, it’s better to follow a decorum that would not only help you to enjoy the journey, but will make the travel easier for the other commuters too.