The Cheapest Cities in the Europe That You Need To Visit!

It is commonly observed that if you are traveling to the Europe, you might require a lot of funds and savings in order to enjoy the fullest. However if you have been planning a trip to the beautiful cities of the Europe, you might need to understand, that there is no such thing as expensive destination. It all depends on how you plan your itinerary and what sort of luxury you opt on your getaway. There are plenty of destinations out there that are buried under the myth of being expensive and are quite affordable like any other part of the world. To blow the huge bubble of myth, we have jot down a list of the cheapest cities in the Europe that you need to visit:

  1. Budapest, Hungary


The picturesque land of Hungary boasted with a tremendous amount of Gothic architecture, pleasant lifestyle, exquisite weather conditions and a heritage worth exploring. However, being a nation with rich heritage and architecture, people get misguided and consider the capital Budapest an expensive destination. Whereas the city is quite affordable when it comes to traveling. An average three star room costs around £50 per person for two nights near the central parts of the city. There are plenty of eateries that offer great amount of quality food at budget prices and have a big number of attraction that doesn’t charge a lot. Also, the local transportation is quite reasonable and falls within budget.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic


A budget-friendly version of Paris for romantic travelers, Prague is one of the most affordable destination in the Europe. With a total average expense of accommodation around £70 per person for two nights in a 3 star hotel, the city offers a tremendous amount of attraction and pleasant things to do. Besides, there are a big toll of budget restaurants that serve quite scrumptious food with great taste and hygiene level. If you are planning to take flights to Europe with your love, visiting Prague will give you a very budget-friendly yet equally dreamy getaway experience of all time.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey’s star city, Istanbul has been receiving millions of tourists throughout the year and has become one of the most thriving destinations of the region in last decade. The prime reason is considered to be the attraction and sum of heritage the city possesses, however frequent and smart travelers have found the city quite reasonable and cheap to stay for a week or so. So, if you fond of heritage and seek a getaway that don’t put a heavy toll on your pocket whilst giving you a splendid traveling experience, the cultural and financial epicenter of Turkey will welcome you with open arms.

  1. Riga, Latvia


One of the most bewitching artistic cities of the Europe and the proud Latvian capital, Riga has made its way to one of the most amazing and affordable destinations when searched in recent researches. A pleasant getaway destination with plenty of art galleries and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Riga makes a great destination for solo, couple and family travelers. With its enthralling variety of attractions and striking culture, Riga has drawn attention of thousands of tourists every month. Hence, travelers taking flights to Europe tend to search about great options to stay and find some of the finest accommodation deals for Latvian capital. Also, the cost of living here is really low and you can have the best time in Riga whilst spending a fortune.

  1. Warsaw, Poland


Poland holds the reputation of being one of the most elegant and stiff countries of the Europe and when it comes to the capital Warsaw, it is often considered quite an expensive destination for travelers. However, if you see a regular cost of living including accommodation, traveling, dining and sightseeing, you will find the city really cheap and amazing. The average cost of living for one person in Warsaw for a day sums around £160 and offers an immense quality of getaway experience. So, if you are planning to fly your way to the Europe and looking forward to a fabulous and elegant getaway experience, Warsaw is one fine choice.

Besides all the destinations mentioned above, there is a huge list of the destinations in the Europe that are really affordable and comes in a normal international traveling budget. All you need is do a research and you will come across plenty of destinations out there that awaits your gracious visit and to be explored by an expert traveler. So, next time you plan a trip to the European continent, all you need to do is consider Travelation as your preferred travel partner and find out the most affordable flights to Europe for a dreamy getaway.

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