Things to Do on Columbus Day

A celebration of discovery of Americas, the Columbus Day is among a few renowned and indulging national holidays in the United States and various parts of the world. Comprising Italian and American culture, the day has been observed since 1929 and ever since the festival is celebrated on worldwide level. Comprising Columbus Day Parade, enthralling festivities, fabulous celebrations, events and cathedral services, the day is celebrated with big heart and loads of happiness. If you are up to make the forthcoming Columbus Day an event to cherish for eternity, following are the things to don Columbus Day and make this festival an enthralling experience of your life:

Columnus Day FLights

  1. Church Service

Being an Italian-American event, Columbus Day is celebrated in many ways. Most of the people who are acquainted with both culture prefer the day utilized in church services, praying in front of god and enjoying a meeting with people they know. A day in church is the most apt way to spend the Columbus Day and is quite popular as well as traditional manner to make the day a time to get connected with the god. Either go to a church and join the special ceremonies take place or enjoy some charity work by donating stuff to the people who need the most and make the Columbus Day a holy, pure and serene day of your life to gain some virtues.

  1. Joining Columbus Day Parade in New York City

Columbus Day is vastly celebrated across all the Americas and if you are planning to enjoy the celebration in the most renowned way, you must fly all the way to New York City where the Columbus Day parade take place every year comprising thousands of marchers, shopkeepers and people gathering around the parade route and enjoy a spellbinding experience of one of the finest gathering held in New York City every year. With sparkling dresses, exquisite flag formations and displays of Christopher Columbus.

  1. Celebrate Columbus Day with Music and Dance Events

The day of Columbus Day is often comes with myriad events and celebrations across the Americas that comprises various stage shows, concerts, music festivals, dance competitions and theater performances. Join one of the events at any city of the United States and feel delighted by witnessing some of the finest performances and understanding the artistic diversity spread across the world. Be a part of Columbus Day Gala in Philadelphia and rejuvenate your weekend with a whole different experience and surreal pleasure whilst tasting some of the finest cultural dishes and potations served at the stalls around.

  1. A Get Together at Home

What could be better than celebrating such an auspicious festival than a gathering with people you know around? A magnificent get together with acquainted people and home-made food and loads of chit chat and fun. In recent days, when people don’t get much time to get along with relatives and friends, such occasions are the perfect time to rejuvenate the old memories and get indulged in the funniest and most memorable conversations of all time. Also, you can all sit tight together and watch the Columbus Day parade shown on the television whilst tasting some of the scrumptious dishes and great potations.

  1. An Extended Weekend Trip to Some Place Nice

This year, when Columbus Day is bringing an occasion of extended weekend, people can plan a long trip to some of the exotic locations across the world. No matter whether you are living alone, with family or friends, a trip is always the best idea to make things right after such a hectic time of work, studies and other daily affairs. This time is also great to bag some hefty savings by using Columbus Day flights and special offers on travel deals available online. Book your tickets and pack your bags to brace some of the greatest memories of all time at the finest destinations across the United States and beyond. Whether you have a keen desire of visiting Europe, South American beaches, Caribbean islands or any other place, this time is perfect with great weather conditions to explore your dream destination.

Although there are several other ways through which you can spend this legendary day in the history of America, yet if you are planning a visit to a relative, a friend or at your home, you can go for Columbus Day flights from Travelation and start pouring in savings.

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