Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip

Road trips, the most efficient and the most budget-friendly way to enjoy a family getaway and extract the best out of it. However, sometimes, in the excitement of traveling, we tend to forget the basics of planning and end-up either getting stranded on the road, getting sick or cranky at the end of the trip which unfortunately spoil all the fun and adventure we could have on the road. Hence, Travelation has brought some travel tips to enjoy a family trip on the wheels and some better ways to take the excitement and adventure on the next level. Follow the tips below and you will feel the beauty of your journey like never before:

Travel Tips

1. Map Your Route

Mapping your route is the key element that can either make your journey a memorable one or can turn into a disaster. Instead of considering a shorter route, try going the way where you can cover all the highlights and attractions on your way to your destination. This way, your kids will get to learn a lot about the neighboring cities/states as well as you can enjoy the best moments of your journey which will further make them the most memorable one. Making various pit-stops, finding new highlights and natural beauty in the outskirts bring a new collection of memories in your albums.

2. Impeccable Packing Style

Just like flying, skiing or any other expedition, light-carrying can help you a lot and with a systematic packing style, you can save a lot of space to add-on some more delights. Bring one bag and a carry along bag for each person on your trip which will allow you to both pack and unpack easily without wasting much of time and efforts and help to check-in at the various motels and roadside hotels. This way, you can also reduce the stress of handing over and finding needed stuff on your trip when you keep all the necessary stuff in the soft side bags and keep the heavy luggage in the trunk.

3. Food to Carry Along

It is a good habit to keep some healthy snacks in a small cooler and put the cooler among the kids to keep them indulged and stuffed all the time. With an easy reachability, kids won’t bother you and you can enjoy the pleasant sightseeing. Stopping at the local grocery market for a quick sandwich can be a good idea too. That way, kids can straighten up their legs and taste the different cuisines and flavors on the way to the destination. Kids tend to love junk food and stopping for a diner on the highway can cheer them up as well as give you some breather from constant strain of driving.

4. Not to Test your Driving Capacity

Sometimes, we try to reach to our destination without stopping for anything. We know that you can do that and no one wants and proof. But such habits can end-up spoiling the road trip fun for the kids. Instead of driving straight to the destination, try taking a break of 30 minutes after driving for 2-3 hours. Find some natural pools or lakes on your way and take a nice dip to ooze-out the heat and give children the chance to get drenched in the ultimate fun in the surroundings of natural bliss.

5. Opting for Car Travel Safety

Car travel safety is the key element for every safe road trip. To ensure your safety, opt for the basic road travel safety. Get your car thoroughly checked for oil, fluids and engine tune-up along with a working jack and spear tire. Getting yourself enrolled for an emergency road service or a club that provide such services. Keep your cellphone charged and toped up to make emergency call in remote areas. Also, keeping your insurance card and having a prompt information about the reach of respective insurance company will keep you secured during a medical crisis.

There are several other things that require your attention to make your trip more enjoyable like getting some storybook CDs, car games and more for kids. This way, you can enjoy a nice family travel trip and cherish the memories of your road trips for the rest of your life.

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