Top 10 Life Changing Travel Experiences

Once the great philosopher Lao Tzu said, “If you are always busy doing something, you cannot enjoy the world.” means everything if you have a slight interest in traveling. We all share the same passion of exploring the world and see the vividness in the creation of the almighty while adoring the myriad hues of the earth. Hence, here are the 10 travel ideas that can be the life changing experience for you, giving an exposure of how beautiful the earth is and what makes this planet special.

1. Join at least One Festival in the Europe


Festival in Europe
Europe is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world, and celebrates a big number of cultural and traditional festivals throughout the year. Join any one of the best and the biggest festivals of the continent like Venice Carnival (Venice, Italy), La Tomatina (Valencia, Spain), Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany), St. Patrick’s Festival (Dublin, Ireland), San Fermín (Pamplona, Spain) Notting Hill Carnival (Chelsea, London, England) and a big number of other festivals that are not just the best festivals of the respective region, but expose the spectators with the most unusual experience of their lives.

2. Visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World


Seven Wonders of the World
Exploring something ages old can be the most stunning experience one can have and if you have the Seven Wonders of the World in your travel bucket list, you might feel the real excitement of visiting such gigantic structures that were made centuries before the invention of the modern technology. Be it the Great Pyramids of Giza, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China or any other place, visiting these places are the finest experience to have and travel the world. The exciting beauty of these places is unmatched and you can thoroughly enjoy as well as having an exposure of such a huge, beautiful architecture filled with tons of surprises and hidden jewels.

3. Be a part of New Year Celebration in Australia


New Year Celebration in Australia
Australia is the first continent that welcomes the New Year every single time and enjoys the day with great pomp and show. Welcoming the New Year whilst enjoying the finest firework show of the world is something that can be cherished for the rest of your life and the overwhelming experience of those moments when the ball drops is simply superb and priceless. The New Year is ideal to celebrate in Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane where millions of tourists gather and cherish the first night of the New Year like no other.

4. A Ride of Glacier Express in Switzerland


Glacier Express in Switzerland
Swiss Alps are the most beautiful Alps of the world and give away the most stunning and scenic experience with opulent luxury. And if you are riding the Glacier Express to witness the eternal beauty of this stupendous place, you can have the most stunning experience of riding between St. Moritz and Zermatt that comprises a total trip of approximately 8 hours, crossing 291 bridges to cover the distance of more than 2000 miles. This journey can be the most enlightening experience when you can not only admire the beauty of these scenic resorts, but can also find your place in this big and beautiful world.

5. Nature Expedition in Indonesia


Expedition in Indonesia
Indonesia has been a melting pot for flora and fauna that has brought the attention of millions of tourists each year. Whether you like the sandy beaches, rainforests or Komodo dragons, this picturesque and culturally rich island is something that you will never forget. Home of the largest living lizard and one of the finest national parks in the Asia, Indonesia is a unique and blissful experience to have. The resorts, coconut trees, boardwalks, endless ocean and exotic beaches are the second most beautiful natural attraction to amaze you.

6. Visit Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat
The most renowned and important archaeological site of Southeast Asia, Angkor Wat is much more than a historical architecture. The soothing complex is the home of countless relics of the history and culture of Cambodia. A day trip to Angkor Wat is insufficient to explore even the half of the complex and you might need a real guide to explore and understand the relevance of this stunning architecture that has surfaced many enthralling stories and from Cambodian culture in last a few years. The simplicity of the architecture and a sunrise view in the Angkor Wat Complex is the best thing for spiritual enlightenment.

7. Join the Festival of Holi


India is considered to be the kaleidoscope of cultures and is the most bustling subcontinent in Asia. Among the huge list of the festivities celebrated in the country, Holi is the most exquisite experience you can have in India. The festival of colors celebrated every year in March, is the most fascinating thing you can come across. Where people throw colors and water on each other, this festival symbolizes the unity without color, contrast or religious discrimination and offers an equal chance to everyone of enjoying this charming and colorful festival.

8. Go for African Safari


African Safari
The African continent is globally renowned for its huge array of flora and fauna and East Africa is proudly leading the world with an impeccable range of faunas. Explore the a whole new world of wildlife, while visiting the finest wildlife sanctuaries safaris of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia, that are very well renowned across the world and shares a priceless experience of discovering and knowing the behavior of wild animals, reptiles, birds and more while these creatures vulture around in their natural habitat.

9. Northern Lights Tour in Reykjavik


Northern Lights Tour in Reykjavik
The magical city of Reykjavik, Ireland is globally renowned for its tranquillizing culture along with a splendid view of Northern Lights every night. The coldest habitat city and the nearest town of North Pole, Reykjavik shares an experience of a lifetime where at one point, there is an endless stretch of deadly freezing landscape and on the other hand, you can actually look up in the sky to witness this serene view of northern lights and understand the unique creativity of almighty.

10. Go Everest Trekking in Nepal
Go Everest Trekking in Nepal
The summit of the highest mountain on our planet can be the toughest thing a human can come across. However, if you are trying to taste the thrill of such a dangerous, adventurous and picturesque summit, you can go and join the climbers at the base camp in Nepal which is a great hotspot for tourists to admire the remarkable beauty of this gigantic structure, standing alone to kiss the sky. Fly till Lukla and join the trekkers at the base camp, which is accessible by the helicopters and can save a lot of time and energy for trekkers planning for further trekking.
There are several more incredible travel tips and journeys that can give you a lifetime experience as well as offer you the spiritual enlightenment like diving Great Barrier Reefs, Walk on the Great Wall of China, A visit to Taj Mahal and more. So, next time you seek a getaway really bad, don’t forget to look at your travel bucket list and enjoy the beauty of travel and book cheap flights with Travelation.

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