Top 4 Hotels of America to enjoy the Colors of Fall

The Fall season is an amazing time of the year when the weather is simply perfect and the colorful ambiance adds a pinch of magic to it. Taking a vacation at this time and exploring the vibrant vistas of nature and its surroundings isn’t a bad idea. And a holiday cannot be complete without staying at a comfortable and beautiful place to enjoy the vacation fully. But have you ever heard that an accommodation that doubles up the fun of your holiday? If no, then here is the list of the hotels you should be staying at, during your fall trip and enjoy the wonderful aura which is definitely going to make your trip memorable.


  1. Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH: Surrounded by the white mountains of New Hampshire and the Mount Washington, this grand hotel tops our list because of the stunning panoramic views, beautiful landscapes and the numerous activities that can be enjoyed here. The eye pleasing beauty of the surrounding areas of the hotel is nothing less than a beautiful scenery. A stay at this hotel will not only give you a warm hospitality experience, but will also help you witness some of the wonderful sights that are hard to find anywhere else.

  2. Ashby Inn, Paris: Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ashby Inn has been a favorite stopover place for the tourists who are on a visit to the Sky Meadows State Park. The homelike culture of this hotel will make you enjoy your vacation fully and the exotic food is going to steal your heart away. The pleasure doesn’t stop here, the rooms facing the Blue Ridge with wood burning fireplaces and amazing ambiance of this place are the few more things to look forward to.

  3. Chebeague Island Inn, ME: Who would not like to stay in a king size room that faces the ocean? Well, if you too are dreaming for such kind of accommodation, do not look further than the Chebeague Island Inn. Located in the Maine’s island, Casco Bay, this extraordinary hotel is a place that will add joy to your vacation. Queen size-beds, ocean-view room with a private bath and a fireplace, all this can be found here under a single roof. Take a tour to the Deer Point to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island.

  4. Stonover Farm, Lenox, MA: If you are in a mood to relax and seek isolation and peace, Stonover Farm is the place to be at. Surrounded by an area of 10 acres of open land with a duck pond, this alluring place is nothing less than a dream destination. With over 8 luxury suites, a gallery with beautiful paintings and photographs, fireplaces and cozy rooms; this hotel is a perfect place to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay together. There are even rock cottages and school houses that make it a unique place.

The pictures are just a synopsis, you need to visit them in order to give a treat to your eyes and savor the bliss. Take benefit of the cheap fall travel deals on Travelation and fly at highly affordable prices.

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