Top 5 Adventure Sports in New Zealand

Adventure sports have been a trending activity for last a couple of years and those who found it interesting have been exploring the world to explore new heights of thrill and excitements while trying different ordeals and challenging the limits that can defy the very basics of nature. If you have been one of those who live to challenge the nature and feel like exploring the world, then you must take flights to New Zealand and discover a whole different and dazzling range of adventures that lies within the spellbinding country of Oceania. To give you some idea about the most exotic activities to indulge in, we have come up with top 5 adventure sports in New Zealand that you can try and dare yourself to perform with excellence whilst using the expert skills required:

  1. Sky Diving at Fox Glacier

Sky Diving at Fox Glacier

Defying the very basic that have been helping to sustain the humanity on earth, gravity is something that is not the cup of tea for everyone. Whilst flying miles high in the sky and jumping off from the plane with the buffer of nothing but a parachute is something that requires a whole lot of courage as well as a special set of skills that allow you to anticipate the required height and route your path to touchdown to earth without making any hazard. And when we speak about the best places for skydiving, Fox Glacier have made its name in the top of the list for providing a magnificent view of glaciers as well as the horizon which can be admired from the plane as well as while you are on your way performing the ordeal and experiencing the power of gravity.

  1. Whitewater Rafting, Rotorua

Whitewater rafting

New Zealand have always been acknowledged as one of the most promising adventure sports hub in the world, offering a variety of activities to participate in. In case, you love to experience the rapids on whitewater bodies, you will find Rotorua whitewater rafting quite an adventure to participate in. A route that offers the most exotic and thrilling rapids, variety of wilderness in the way and a spellbinding view of surrounding while you are attempting to not get sunk in the splashing water waves is something that can easily tickle your adventure bone and offer the most blissful experience of your life. Make your way from the dense forests and enjoy the panoramic views of exquisite variety of flora and fauna while fighting against the rapids and enjoying the adventure that is rare to be found with such beautiful surroundings.

  1. Bungee Jumping, Queenstown

Bungee Jumping, Queenstown

Kawarau Bungee Jumping is a recently trending thing for those who are taking flights to New Zealand and exploring the beautiful conurbation of Queenstown in search of some exquisite experiences comprising thrill and excitement. Featuring an artificial cliff, latest equipment and striking view of the city, this activity is something that requires only a sheer courage and you are ready to experience the fall with an after-effect of bouncing back and enjoying the view of the horizon upside down. Enjoy taking a leap of faith at either Kawarau or Nevis that are the pioneers in bungee jumping in the New Zealand and have a blasting time exploring the new metal in you with tons of exciting thoughts processed in a fraction of a second while you are experiencing the G force.

  1. Caving, Waitomo

Caving, Waitomo

Caving is one of those adventure sports that are rarely followed yet have an extensive variety of adventure comprising hiking, climbing, trailing and more to explore landscapes that are yet to be discovered and witnessed by the rest of the world. Discover the path that were created by the liquid volcanoes and made the surface hollow to give you a view that is something hard to describe. And when you are in Waitomo Caves, you can experience a whole lot of different attributes such as ecosystem that may look entirely different from the surrounding areas with many unseen and unknown phenomenon, giving chills to people who are not fond of darkness and expect a little than usual in the deepest sinkhole at the southern island of New Zealand.

  1. Heli-Skiing, Cecil Peak, Queenstown

Cecil Peak, Queenstown

Unlike normal skiing experiences, Heli-Skiing is a latest tending phenomenon experienced at the most extensive and remote areas of the world when you are carried by the helicopters to the peaks and you head your way to the bottom of the trails using your expert skiing skills on the snowy slopes. Cecil Peak is one of the most exciting places to perform such an ordeal and offer a remarkable view of the city and its surroundings whilst giving skiers the opportunity to test their skills at the area that is not ordinarily accessible by foot. An adventure that is meant for only experts, Heli-Skiing is an advanced version of expert skiing comprising a ride to the top of the mountain and skiing to the bottom at a pace that is rare to be seen at anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand is a nation that have been the home of many unseen and unusual phenomenon, making it a completely different world where you can not only explore many scenes to capture the good moments, but also test your skillset at the extreme circumstances. So, if you have what it takes to be an adventure sport lover and performer, then all you need to do is book your flights to New Zealand from Travelation and enjoy many adventures like canyoning, Zip Lining, Jet Boarding, Jetpack rides, Zorb Rides and other activities above with a class and style.

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