Top 5 Destinations for Winter Vacations in Europe

Winter comes with many shades of white and as we speak of Europe, the shades brings more impeccable experiences than ever. Comprising northern countries that holds weeks without sun, Alps, dense snow and deadly winters whereas the southern Europe brings shining skies and astounding weather conditions. So, if you have been planning a visit to Europe during the winters for a pocket-friendly getaway, here we are to help you plan your winter vacations in the Europe with top 5 destinations to visit with the advantages of winter travel deals. So, if you haven’t come across with a perfect destination by yourself, following options will help you clear the picture and plan your getaway as per your preferences.

  1. Athens, Greece


Athens is one of the most exquisite and desired destinations when it comes to winter vacations. A city that have been treasuring centuries old relics of culture, history and religion, Athens makes a perfect place to visit with family and friends. With its astounding beaches and spellbinding outdoors, apt to be explored in the winters, you can also enjoy a solo or couple getaway to this sprawling conurbation nestled close to the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover many exquisite attractions including old town, Citadels, historical architectures and more whilst savoring on the scrumptious food and astounding range of potations served at the restaurants in the city.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


Nestled on the shores of Oresund, this sprawling Danish capital have been considered as one of the finest European getaway destinations during the winter season. Comprising many fairytale castles, historical sites and adventure parks, this exquisite destination makes a perfect getaway for family, solo or couple getaway. Featuring progressive contemporary architecture, exquisite range of historical sites and many more places, Copenhagen makes an ideal place to explore especially during the winters as you may find shorter queues due to low season whilst being capable to explore the outskirts due to mild and moderate temperature. Ride on the gondola boats and make your way through the fantastic canals that are no lesser than Venice.

  1. Venice, Italy


As we speak of Venice, this Italian marvel have never let anyone down especially to those who have planned and visited during the winters. A spellbinding and romantic getaway destination, ideally visited by couples and families to enjoy great canals, medieval architecture and superlative horizon views, Venice makes a great option for voyagers. The shoulder season for being a European destination, Venice becomes much more charming and attractive among voyagers and offer the tourists one fantastic and awe-inspiring getaway experience in the Italian nation. If you are traveling in the month of the February, you can also enjoy the world famous Venice Carnival that have been a highlight for decades.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland


The exquisite cultural hub of Switzerland, Zurich becomes much more enjoyable and shining during the winters and travelers tend to head their way to the sprawling city and its plains. With a close proximity to the Swiss Alps from the city, travelers make Zurich as the gateway and enjoy their vacations at the Alpine resorts while the city center remain easily available for accommodation as well as sightseeing. So, if you are up for sightseeing and metropolitan delights in Zurich, you are in luck during the winters as you can explore as much outdoors as you can during the day time and get delighted by the nightlife of the city after dawn.

  1. Seville, Spain


In case you are planning a vacation to skip the chills and looking for much warmer destination in the Europe, Seville comes as a lifesaver. Not so famous city when compared to other marvels of the Europe, Seville is a delightful option during the chilling winters. With an average temperature of 75 degree Fahrenheit during the winters, the city offers a spectacular getaway experience with loads of exploration to the castle complex, marketplaces, exquisite landmarks and more. Learn a few steps of flamenco dance style and enjoy your nights in the pubs of the city, trying your new moves with the person you love and savor on the most exquisite cultural dishes of Spain.

Europe is immensely vast and exquisite with loads of varieties and dynamics, making the continent much more enjoyable and full of options. When it comes to winter, the drastic change in climate conditions and tourism can easily be seen. So, if you are done with all your research and looking for cheap winter travel deals then all you need to do is contact Travelation and you can get your hands on some of the finest travel deals and offers available in the market at present.

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