Top 5 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

When visiting to a city that has been explored by millions of people every year, you might find it difficult to believe that you can find your adventure at affordable price or free of cost. And when it comes to Las Vegas where people can lose their fortune in just a roll of a dice, it is essential to know that there are ample of perks that can be availed while exploring the Sin City and you can keep your budget toned without getting into serious gambling. To give you a treat of exploring Las Vegas on low budget, we are here with some insight related with top 5 free things to do in Las Vegas that will help you to keep your trip toned on budget as well as explore the key elements with a hunch of adventure and excitement expected during a voyage to one of the most amazing cities of the world:

Las Vegas

  1. Fall of Atlantis Show

One of the most enthralling experience for free in Las Vegas a person can have after visiting Ceasers Palace Forum Shops that is one of the finest collections of statues from medieval eras. A picturesque presentation of incidents that lead to the fall of Atlantis comprising enactment of statues and usage of great amount of lights and sounds. Whereas the stroll around the Ceasers Palace Forum Shop is itself a delight, reaching down to the show stage early and getting some quality seats to enjoy the show will make your tour much more delightful. Kindly be noted that as of now there is no entry fee to the forum as well as for the show.

  1. Mirage Aquarium

One of the most prominent accommodation options in the Las Vegas as well as a big landmark in the region, Mirage resort has a beautiful and immense exhibition of aquatic fauna since the inception of the hotel property and has been offering the guests from across the world a free tour to explore the fabulous flora found across the Aquatic region. A collection of over 20,000 aquariums, this wide exhibition has been one of the biggest attractions of the resort apart from the volcano show and many more delights that are kept for both the hotel guests as well as outside visitors to give an enthralling experience of being in such a dramatic and dazzling conurbation of Nevada. Take pictures of eels, fishes, sharks, stingray and many more faunas from deep waters to enjoy with kids and family.

  1. Bellagio Musical Fountain Show

A trip to Las Vegas is considered incomplete unless you have visited and experienced the fabulous and heavenly fountain show in front of Bellagio Hotel. A prominent property of the Las Vegas that is also a big landmark in the region has been offering a free view to the pedestrians to enjoy the blissful light and music show synchronized with the fountains. Spend some dreamy moments with your love whilst standing aside the boundaries of the dancing fountain and enjoy the picturesque view of clear water with myriad lights and mild music setting up the mood and giving a pleasant view of Bellagio’s building in the backdrop. Spectators of this show always wants more of it whilst standing there and often visit every night to experience such a pleasant delight.

  1. Chocolate Factory Tour

If you got a sweet tooth, you will definitely fall in love with the free perks Las Vegas has to offer as the city offers a delightful experience of visiting the chocolate factory of Ethel M where you can not only enjoy some great sights of botanical cactus, but also have a detailed tour to the famous chocolate maker in the region. The best part of the tour is that there is no entry fee and you can get some free samples to set your mood and get re-energized from a long walk that is filled with the picturesque and heavenly delight of gourmet in the Las Vegas. Travelers with kids or ladies with them often find this tour the biggest highlight of their trip to Las Vegas.

  1. The Arts Factory

Las Vegas is commonly popular for its casinos, dazzling nightlife, the Mob Museum, but the people who have visited here more than once know that the gambling epicenter of the United States is also a great hub of arts. The Arts Factory have been playing a vital role to allure art lovers to this astounding city of Nevada and offer a glimpse of rich artistic eye and spectacular masterpieces comprising great exhibitions of illustrations, paintings, abstracts and much more. If you are fortunate enough to plan your trip that includes first Friday of the month, then you can join the incredible street festival that sums up with great band performances, artistic displays and live performances from myriad art genres.

Las Vegas is full of surprises and thrills that are nearly impossible to explore in one go. However, if you have been frequently traveling in flights to Las Vegas and have been thinking on what is left in Las Vegas that you can enjoy with a fortune, there are dozens of things that don’t require heavy pockets. So, next time you plan your trip to Las Vegas and get worried about the budget, think of free perks the city has to offer and give your trip a go with our outstanding travel deals and offers.

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