Top 5 Memorial Day Getaways

Memorial Day, a federal holiday which is observed across the America to honor the martyrs of the wars in various eras and considered as a federal holiday in the entire country. A day which is generally arrives at the beginning of summer season, Memorial Day is a hint to enjoy a beautiful weekend with friends and family. This year, make Memorial Day celebrations much more enjoyable without sitting like a duck at home and step out of the house to enjoy the beauty of the world as well as cultural celebrations across the country. Following are the top 5 Memorial Day getaways that are best suitable for your vacations as per your preference of an ideal holiday to enjoy with friends and family. So, if you are ready to make this Memorial Day different than usual, here are some hints for you to enjoy the Memorial Day like never before:

  1. Washington D.C.


To those who find Memorial Day as a time when you feel patriotism pumping through your veins, Memorial Day is perfect to enjoy in Washington D.C. that changes itself entirely to give the respect and honor the martyrs deserve for giving the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. On the occasion of Memorial Day, there are plenty of parades, events, galas and ceremonies available to attend and feel the patriotism to the realistic manner. Start your day by reaching to the Tomb of the Unknowns where the U.S. Navy band host a ceremony and give show the respect and honor for the people who sacrificed everything for their country and fellow Americans when needed.

  1. Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island

If you wish to enjoy your Memorial Day vacations far away from home with the twist of beach extravaganza and joy of parties, Catalina Island in California is the best suitable option to avoid huge crowd and have the best time with your buddies. Featuring a fine quality of beaches, everlasting parties and fabulous array of events organized by the locals, Catalina Island is the best choice for a beach getaway on Memorial Day. All you need is to find some great Memorial Day flight deals for Catalina Island and get going on a spellbinding vacations where you can soak up some sun and enjoy surfing at the North Pacific Ocean. The tropical beaches and fine snorkeling points are ideal to be explored during the weather conditions and offer the finest traveling experience with loads of joy and adventure in your trip.

  1. Phoenix, Arizona


If you are running short on budget yet you like to have an opulent getaway experience with some adventure and excitement on the Memorial Day, visiting Arizona is the finest option for you. A time when the temperature begin to run towards north and prices of hotels go south, Phoenix makes a great place to enjoy with some mild weather conditions and some excellent events and offers taking place in the city. Pamper yourself by enrolling yourself at some body treatment centers or get going for Wet’n’Wild where the city organize an event named under “Salute to our Heroes” and bring forth a great firework show, dining experiences, stalls, rides and more.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

If you like your Memorial Day full of enjoyment, parties, poolside fun and adventure, visiting Las Vegas is the best option to have a getaway experience like that. A time which matches the number of visitors on the New Year’s Eve and can surpass easily any other event, Memorial Day in Las Vegas is a peak season time and every year, thousands of travelers take Memorial Day flight deals for Las Vegas and enjoy the fabulous parties that includes loads of booze, cabanas, DJ sessions, rides, games and a lot more beginning from the day time itself. During the time of Memorial Day, Las Vegas also becomes the home of many outstanding carnivals and adventure parks that have ferries equal to the London Eye and have some of the finest rides to enjoy as a teenager as well as adult.

  1. Denver, Colorado


Denver enjoys Memorial Day in the most different, artistic and enjoyable manner. If you fond of art and music and wish to have a Memorial Day celebration among the finest artists of the country, visiting Denver will be the best decision of your life. A time when dozens of bands, artists and performers gather at Denver Performing Arts Complex, you will find the most exquisite event going on, filled with hundreds of talented, innovative and inspiring people, showcasing their talent among others and giving the most thriving experience of all time. During the vacation of Memorial Day, the marketplaces in the downtown of Denver becomes the biggest highlight for shopping lovers and give them a spellbinding experience of stepping out of the house and fulfilling their wishes of cartful of shopping.

Although, your celebration of Memorial Day is entirely based on your budget, taste of vacations and estimated time you have to get back to jobs and to match those requirements, there are dozens of getaways that will be perfect for you. So, if you are ready to step out of your house and enjoy this Memorial Day to the fullest, all you need now is to consider Travelation for your future travel bookings and select your favorite destination to book Memorial Day flight deals and start plunging on some great savings with our Memorial Day offers.

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