Top Destinations for Columbus Day Celebration

Columbus Day which is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year in the memory of arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas on October 12, 1492. Christopher Columbus is the often portrayed as the first European to sail to the Americas.


Public Life:

Columbus Day is not celebrated all parts of America. But, it is a public holiday in many parts of United States. Government offices are generally closed; business and schools may be open.

History of Columbus:

Columbus believed that the world was round and you could sail around it safely. In 1492, Christopher Columbus started his journey to discover new lands for the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. The whole team of sailor divided in three ships: the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria. Columbus had sailed to faraway lands before including Guinea and Iceland. Some problems with the Nina and the Pintaship, they caused a month-long delay in the Canary Islands. Columbus set his sail again on September 3, 1492 and 33 days later on October 12, 1492 he discovered the new land (America).

This year Columbus Day will be held on 13 October. It is a long three day weekend holiday and people celebrate it with different activities. Instead of going to some annual Memorial functions or picnic, make some travel plans. Because this is the best time to travel. You can often get cheaper flight deals, cheap hotel deals also. So, are you planning for long weekend? Here are some top destinations for Columbus Day celebration:

New York City: - From the fall foliage in central park to Halloween events all over the city. October is a wonderful time to visit Big Apple. NYC is the top spot for Columbus Day because of massive parade, Haunted Pumpkin Garden and many family friendly events.

San Francisco:- San Francisco is the oldest Italian-American celebration in the country, the San Francisco Columbus Day Celebration and Italian Heritage Parade is over 140 years old.

Boston: - There is never a quiet weekend in Boston or Beantown and Columbus Day is no exception. You were guaranteed to get several holiday themed events, killer sales and Parades.

Miami: - Miami hosts the Columbus Day Regatta, where party lovers from around the world grab any seafaring vessel they can find and sail to Key West. What results is a nonstop three-day party that puts Mardi Gras to shame. If you were more interested in drinking and dancing than hiking and history this is the destination for you.

Denver: - Denver’s Italian-American community throws one of the largest Columbus Day parades in the country. The fun doesn’t stop after the last marching band crosses the finish line, however; there’s also a post-parade celebration with plenty of Italian food and drink.

Lake Placid: - If the beauty of Lake Placid wasn’t enough for you then the area also hosts Flaming leaves festival. It is also the home of ski jumping competitions, horseshoe tournaments, dye-your-own tie dye, and plenty of live blues music.

The Poconos: - Escape to the rugged Pennsylvania Mountains on Columbus Day to enjoy perfect weather for autumn hiking, apple picking, and pumpkin carving.

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